Montenegro shrugs off safety concerns

Montenegro Airlines reassures over safety
Montenegro Airlines has said that all of its aircraft are safe after 2 incidents occurred in just 10 days, assuring the public that the carrier is not cutting costs when it comes to safety and maintenance. The first incident occurred when it was discovered that a chartered flight from Podgorica to Cardiff, carrying the national football team of Montenegro, had an electronics failure onboard. The aircraft in question was a relatively new Embraer E195 jet. Another occurred only several days ago after a Frankfurt bound Fokker F100 was forced to turn back to Podgorica and declare an emergency landing due to a hydraulics problem.

Due to a media frenzy regarding the airline’s safety performance, Montenegro Airlines has explained that its aircraft perform over 20.000 hours of flying time per year and that such technical problems are standard. Although it admitted that the airline is experiencing economic hardship it assured the public that no cost cutting measures are being applied to its safety and maintenance procedures.

Montenegro Airlines had an unusual incident earlier this year when an eagle flew into the nose cone of one of its F100s as the jet was on final to land at Tivat Airport. The bird strike damaged the aircraft’s meteorological radar. In February this year, an engine on the airline’s E195 was damaged in Vienna due to careless handlers.


  1. Anonymous09:39

    The other day when I was leaving Belgrade there was a YM F-100 at the gate A6 having it's landing gear repaired.

  2. Anonymous09:41

    I'm gonna cancel my ticket to TGD. God bless Jat, regardless of privatization.

  3. Well I think you are not the only one who is switching to Jat. Montenegro Airlines is seriously losing the fight in Belgrade. This year has been catastrophic for YM, however on the other hand it was amazing for Jat!

    Also, I do not see why they are so keen on opening up a base in Belgrade, back in the day when they used to operate as Master Airways they had an average loadfactor of 65%!

    Plus, remember the scandal with the faulty Helvetia F100 in Belgrade? If the Civil Aviation of Serbia was so strickt with them imagine what they would do to YM!

  4. BSL-BEG10:44

    Does anybody know how is AVIOGENEX doing?
    pax and flights?
    THX in advance.

  5. Anonymous11:57

    Jeste li vi narucili budjenje u 7:30.
    Ustaj jado dvaneaest proslo.

  6. For those interested, Olympic Air has a special fall promotion. You can buy tickets from Belgrade to Athens and back for €130, tax included.

  7. PRAGuc14:15

    Yesterday I've been on wikipedia BEG airport, it says there that JAT is reinstating the route to Prague from 1st of November? Really?

  8. crew15:16

    "back in the day when they used to operate as Master Airways they had an average loadfactor of 65%!"

    It was just the paint on the aircraft, you should know that, right? :)

    I'm sticking to Montenegro when I have to fly to Montenegro and other airlines for my european travels... I'm not montenegrin so it's not on "national pride" bases, it's simply safer than JAT which is a disaster waiting to happen with average incidents and failures every second day. No thanks, I'd rather live than fly JAT.

  9. Yeah I know it was just paint :)

    Well I guess that there is still a lot of people who have confidence in Jat since their numbers are up by 20% this year.


    Here is the average lf of Jat to Prague:

    2006: 51%
    2007: 50%
    2008: 40%

    I guess that there is no room for two airlines on the BEG-PRG market.

  10. @ Anonymous

    JAT and there 737-300 are safe(..) Matter of time until they start falling out of the sky 2.

  11. Anonymous16:58


    Really? I would be really interested in seeing where you got that information? Or is it based on your personal hatered of Jat?

  12. Anonymous17:17

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  13. Anonymous18:06

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  14. @ Anonymous

    No hate at all. the chanse to see a old 737-300 fall down are much bigger than a E195. I work for the Dutch Customs and we where last year in Sarajevo & Beograd for training the guys over there, i've seen how and with what they repair ther planes in the hangar 2 :)

  15. Anonymous21:56


    Well to be honnest I fly on Jat at least twice a month and have not experienced any kind of delay due to a technical malfunction.
    I completely agree that an old 733 has far more chance of crashing than a new E195, however here we are talking about a Montenegro Airlines' Embraer. That is where I have a problem... I do not trust them.

  16. Anonymous22:57

    Nemam živaca za engleski.

    Pomenuti kvarovi se dešavaju i nisu rezultat smanjenja troškova održavanja aviona. Dešavaju se i drugim aviokompanijama.

    Montenegro štedi na tehničkom održavanju i smanjuje troškove istog. Dalje, generalni plan je da se Montenegro polako liši bivših Jatovih i Genexsovih pilota i mehaničara i radi samo sa svojim crnogorskim kadrom, koji je većinom ili iz vojske, ili tek izašao iz škole.
    Sin pomenutog direktora Milića koji je dao izjavu o bezbednosti ima 24 godine i kapetan je na Embraeru. Koliko god bio "stručan" 24 godine je premalo za vodju vazduhoplova saobraćajnog aviona.

    U vezi bezbednosti leta.
    Jatovi B 737 su oko 24 godine stari i u dobrom su stanju i dobro se održavaju. Piloti i mehaničari ga znaju u prste. Embraer 195 je nov avion "fly by wire" tehnologije, koji košta dva puta manje od Erbasa iste klase. Relativno su nepoznati i za pilote i za mehaničare, ma koliko oni bili dobro utrenirani.

    Zaključke izvucite sami.

  17. Anonymous02:02

    Whats happening with Flydubai flighs to Belgrade?

  18. Anonymous08:14


    Одличан пост, један од ретких на овом блогу кој пише своје мишљење основано на чињеницама а не на личним осећањима!

    Да је Јат у таквом стању, као што га овде представљају, ваздхоплови би им већ падали!

  19. William09:02

    @PRAGuc: Jat Airways will not start flying to Prague this season. As a matter of fact Jat flew the route ages ago only cause of CodeShare witk OK.

    @Ved: "...the chanse to see a old 737-300 fall down are much bigger than a E195..."
    The chance of me being killed in a car accident is higher then flying, and yet -I'm still here. I'm sure 'the chance' has nothing to do with your comment regarding Jat safety.

    @Anonymous : Flydubai will commence flying Dubai-Belgrade route very soon. Announcing the route is just a matter of time.

    Regarding TIV/TGD JU flights, it was absolutely amazing summer season for Jat Airways, taking over the lead for market share with 51% in July. Not impressive figure, but considering previous years, it surely is a good result for Jat.

  20. Anonymous10:50

    @second last anoanymous
    You write an e0mail to Jat CEO and ask him about flydubai since he’s the one that negotiated their arrival at the expense of his own airline

  21. Anonymous17:52

    Everybody wants to fly dubai nonstop
    So when jat is not able to do this ..
    someone other does .
    Imagine Australia to Belgrade ..
    with a single shopping spree stopover in Dubai !


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