Ryanair finalising Podgorica plans

Ryanair soon at Podgorica Airport
According to the Montenegrin Government, Europe’s largest low cost airline is finalising its plans to commence flights to Podgorica. The Montenegrin Government has been actively involved in talks with Ryanair in order for it to commence flights. While the services are to be subsidised (to an undisclosed amount), the government has laid out strict terms. The airline will be obligated to carry 100.000 passengers out of Podgorica in 1 year and carry 50.000 passengers during the low season, from October until May. The national carrier, Montenegro Airlines has lobbied for low cost airlines, starting up flights to the country, to operate all year round services rather than summer only flights. Their wish will be granted as Ryanair will be obliged to operate for a full year.

Ryanair and the government are currently negotiating the cities from which Ryanair will operate to Podgorica. Suggested earlier in the year are London Stansted and Glasgow’s Prestwick Airport. An official from the Montenegrin Government said, “We are currently in the process of agreeing on the first destinations and at this time we can not disclose those cities”.

However, some are sceptical that Ryanair will stay in Montenegro for too long. This is because flights will be operated to Podgorica, rather than Tivat on the Montenegrin coast. Furthermore, flights will begin during the low winter season.

In the EX-YU region, Ryanair currently only operates to Croatia. With an agreement for flights to Montenegro on the horizon, the low cost airline is also entering its final negotiations to commence flights to Ljubljana. Sporadic meetings are also taking place with the management of Tuzla Airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  1. Anonymous09:37

    Thats great news that at least somewhere ryanair would be operating a all year around route. I travel to Zadar frequently and its quite a shame that it is not an all year around route :(

  2. Anonymous09:59

    I could understand why seasonaly ZAD, PUY & RJK (even though RJK for example could do all year around), but OSI should definitely be all year around service. Podgorica is not that far from the coast anyway so summer should be more than fine, I am just looking forward to see winter flights. Anyway, cheap flights are cheap flights, so there will be people traveling when there is a good price. Look at Skopje and Wizziar, they are doing great on LTN-SKP route.

  3. Anonymous13:22

    You can see top 10 routes of Jat and Belgrade airport for August here:


  4. JU520 BEGLAX18:06

    off topic:

    JP News:

    Yesterday, unions had meeting with the management. Management is now using banks as an excuse to force unions to sign 20% lower wages on top of those 20% we already give. That means that some 50% employees (almost all in cargo for example) will have minimum wage.
    They were not successful.
    Today, management called a meeting with all the workers in desperate attempt to cause fear and to subdue them.
    I hope that some of us with clear mind had enough influence on people to stand firm against this proposal.

    If they can not pay workforce, then it’s time to close the doors. At least for a while, if/until they found someone to start fresh.

    Deadline is now Oct 4th.

  5. Anonymous18:59

    @ JU520

    The workforce in Slovenia is already overpaid and has very low productivity compared to other countries. People feel they are entitled to salary increases and numerous bonuses that are still leftovers from the Titoist era. If the employees of Adria (both management and regular workers)are not willing to work for the lower salary, let them go look for a job somewhere else. If they were really that productive and hard working, Adria would not be in such dire situation as it is now.

  6. Anonymous20:09

    @last Anonymous
    Please, come on. You actually do know labour situation in Slovenia and definitely not in Adria. Minimum wage cannot be a solution. And, please, regular workers are definitely not responsible for the current situation in Adria.

  7. Just compare % of money for wages/income with other airlines and you will see Adria has one of the lowest budgets for employees.
    So they are not the MAIN problem but according to CEOs, media and Slovenia popualtion, pilots should have minimum wages because they are "just" sitting there and watching the autopilot.

    I would love to see this people back when engine is on fire and in front is a pilot on minimum wages with an airline that is putting safety "first".

    After Corsica crash, many things went different in Adria - on better to say it loud.
    But people note bed things after they are hit by a big / tragical loss.

    See America, they changed their duty limitations I believe, for sure they changed the limitation for entery into the right/left seat after Buffalo crash.

    Europe is still years behind USA in this area though Spainair went down just becuase of pilot fatigue.

    Adria's pilots and safety team behind is responsible for the operation without accidents in the past decades as well for almost none incidents, and none serious incidents.

    The problem is that new CEOs would like that pilots fly like in Lufthansa for saleries like in East Russia. So max work for min wage.
    There is a limit wher you just cant afford being in the plane all the time for such a "low" wage. Low is relative, for some 1400€ is a lot, for others not so many.
    Pilots are not stupid, there are better jobs in the world they can manage.
    More experianced can get jobs elsewhere.

    The most tragic is that Slovenians are so against every company which is in need this times.
    Nobody thinks - what if I were working in that company.

    But I guess Ryanair will be good for them xD
    Read my words, Ryainair will be here for 4 months and than leave Ljubljana with just one flight per day remaining.
    There was Wizzair here, strangly it left??? It is LCC with cheaper tickets but you say Adria is too big competitor. Howcome if Adria is so expensive????
    Vueling was here, strangely not this summer??????
    Why, maybe because it canceled many routes last year because of low demand hmmmmmm it is LCC too.
    Easy flown to SXF, it stopped why???
    Ryanair flown to MBX, it stopped?????
    Why LOT left on the WAW route?

    We are just too small market, except this and be happy that we have Adria which at the moment will cancel some routes but in next seaons when hopefully it gets better, they will be back and maybe some more than we had in the past.

  8. Anonymous09:57

    There is no reason for fight here! Honestly Adria has a similar problem as all other ex-Yu countries - small market. Over that Adria has one of the most expensive fleet in Europe and all small countries have same need for "maintain national pride" with expensive small national carrier. Use the Challengers for short haul routes over ex-Yu!? Give me a brake!


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