Adria announces route cuts

Adria farewells Banja Luka, London, Paris, Toulon and Warsaw
After months of speculation, Slovenia’s Adria Airways has finally announced its list of suspended destinations for the upcoming 2011/12 winter season. The airline will bid farewell to Banja Luka, London Gatwick, Toulon, Warsaw and Paris and will suspend its Vienna - Frankfurt route along with flights to Dusseldorf originating from Priština. Despite heavy losses on the route, Adria will maintain flights to Istanbul. Over the past few months, Slovenian media have suggested that the airline would suspend flights to Turkey’s largest city as well as Copenhagen. Some routes will see a reduction in frequencies. According to a press release from the carrier, during the winter season (which begins October 30), Adria will operate a total of 163 scheduled flights per week to fifteen destinations.

Adria Airways will operate up to four daily flights from Ljubljana to Frankfurt and three flights per day to Vienna, Munich and Zurich. It will connect Ljubljana with the Macedonian capital eleven times per week while services to Belgrade will be increased from six to eight per week. The airline will maintain flights from Priština to Frankfurt and Munich but will suspend flights to Dusseldorf.

Meanwhile, the airline has also begun shedding its fleet. An Airbus A320 (registered S5-AAT) has left the Adria flock. In its final months for the airline, the aircraft wore the Adria Aviopromet retro livery to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The destination and fleet cuts were brought on by a difficult financial situation which brought the airline to the brink of bankruptcy before being saved by the Slovenian government. The difficult part is yet to come as the airline will be forced to significantly reduce its workforce.


  1. Anonymous09:21

    JP has a quite good destination network. The main problem is not professional marketing staff and way of doing business!
    Regarding turkish truckers from MRS to IST, the same they could do from LIS to Bucharest with romanian once... The improvement could be in Dublin, Manchaster and of course in London!! They could cut frequencies on all major routes, but it is not smart to cut them totally. My opinion!

    Best wishes to MBX and Golden Air for the route MBX-VIE-LON for return ticket 150 EUR and 25 kg baggage allowance + free secure parking on MBX airport!!! Hope this will replace the sucess of Ryanair on the route MBX-STD!!!

  2. Purger09:28

    On first flight MBX-VIE-LON there was 2 pax, they anounced Embraer 135 instead 737 on route and at last they just came with little business-plane directly MBX-LON

  3. Totally agree with 1st Anonymous.

    Like 2-3 fligths peer week could still be flown to CDG, LGW, maybe osme week less, some week more (around New Year).

    About IST, it is still to be in question. As it might go from scheduled to charter, as well as TLN - Toluon as Adria is not flying to MRS since March!

  4. Anonymous10:21

    MBX-LON was business flight not ordinary commercial flight.

    Adria cuts are way small related to was is needed.

    I agree that management it was an it is totally uncompetent.
    With Adria management even Qatar airways would not survive.

  5. Purger10:48

    Not by my source. It was business plane instead 737.

  6. Anonymous10:50

    "A newly formed private airline, Golden Air, to be based at Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport is to commence scheduled flights to Vienna and London from October 6."

    So it was regular flight

  7. Anonymous11:30

    lets cross the fingers for MBX! For sure just Golden Air can not solve problems of the airport!

  8. Anonymous14:11

    Croatia Airlines will follow soon with bankrupcy. It might sell its surplus of jets to JAT at a discounted price :) I've also heard the Belgrade Airport being interested in purchasing the Zagreb airport which is soon to be privatised.

  9. Anonymous15:10

    I've heard recently that JAT wants to buy 51 percent stock of shares in Singapore Airlines and probably BEG Airport will buy London Heathrow by the end of the year:-))))
    As for JP I am speechless-I dont know whats the point of having such big fleet and big regional network when you dont offer connections to major hubs and cities like London or Paris!!
    According to my perceptions with these cuts they dont need more than 6 aircraft.There is so much cost cutting potential in this airline..
    Ridiculous that the slovenian national carrier cannot have a single flight to the most important and biggest european cities.

  10. Nebojša15:33

    Thanks God that we find good bloggers like Purger, Nemjee and somebody else.
    But..please get rid of the stupid comments of the last Anonymous.
    He's real childish, fit for Kindergarten..

  11. I can't believe they are getting rid of CDG and LGW. CDG was one of my first destinations I flew on an airplane back in 1996 on Adria's DC9. I truly hope this is only a temporary solution and they they get their act together and return to those hubs.

    Good luck Adria!

  12. How you got to 6 planes? You cant count to 10 ?

    For example just mid day flights/rotations:

    SVO takes one CRJ9/319
    PRN base one CRJ9/319
    PRN, SKP, SJJ, TIA four CRJ9/2
    from muc to LJU than VIE one CRJ9/2
    BEG/TGD one CRJ9/2
    FRA, ZRH two CRJ9/2

    and here we are, 10 planes
    1 A319 4 CRJ9 and 5 CRJ2, planned fleet for 2011/12.

  13. Anonymous16:23

    Dear Nebojsha,

    Thanks for the compliments, but if you had read the comment of the Anonymus at 2:11 you could have maybe uderstood the irony in my comment about BEG Airport and JAT.
    But however logic or understanding is not from everyone to expect!!

  14. Anonymous16:49

    yes guys you have right! we have to keep the fingers cross for MBX and Golden Air!

  15. Anonymous18:48

    An airline should keep its fleet flying. At least 10 hours of flight time daily per aircraft with load factor above brake even (which includes competitive fares, quality service, network...). Adria quit Banja Luka which was subsidised by 2500EUR per flight but they couldn't reach 10 pax average(please correct me if I'm wrong, but 900,000BAM per year was mentioned in media).

  16. VisitBengaluru!19:32

    Golden Air should fly direct to London ! The price and the other conditions are very good !

  17. Anonymous22:55

    adria is one of my favorite companies! Nemjee whats happening with Cyprus Airways flights ?

  18. There is a lot of talking about
    flying from ex-Yue destinations (namely Skopje, Priština, Podgorica, Sarajevo and Beograd) via Ljubljana (transit) to further destinations on the Adria network.
    BIG QUESTION; which are these destinations?
    I can't see many. from Beograd I can't see a single one (Tirana?).
    Anyone knows which transit lines ex-yu via ljubljana have some load worth to talk about it?
    Any infomation greatly appreciated.

  19. Anonymous12:23

    BNX route is another problem. A friend needed to come from Zurich to BNX and in the travel agency (she is Japanese, they still prefer paying for travel agencies) they couldn't offer her a ticket since there was no flights connecting those cities !!!
    At that time (last summer), BON wasn't flying LQBK-LSZH, so I told her to go online and buy the tickets separately LSZH-LJLJ and then LJLJ-LQBK...problemo solved...
    But how come the route wasn't there in Amadeus? Isn't in Adria's best interest to sell the rest of the tickets since they have a nice subsidy for part of PAX? Crazy and very unprofessional...

  20. Anonymous14:27

    Last month I flew JFK-Europe on AA, but due to cancellation of the flight, they had to find another solution to get me home. American Airlines was prepared to book us ticket with any airline but we could reach LJU by any chance. Both AF flight that day were full, while JP flights were all very empty, but they refuse to issue the ticket even at flights, where there were less than 10% booked seats and flights depart in 12 hours. I finished on Alitalia flight to Trieste (via Rome) and now I am asking myself, why should we have a national carrier if they work that way?

    They are getting millions from the government every year but refuse to take me home on the empty flight

  21. Anonymous15:10

    There is no need for "national" carrier, just for a carrier that functions well, e. g. taking me/you home on its flights when I/You or somenone for us pay for the ticket.

  22. Anonymous00:19

    Toulon is a seasonal destination

    VIE - FRA is still open for reservation and looks like it'll continue to operate 1 Daily service

    The rest of the routes are being cancelled as they're no longer available for reservation



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