Adria on sale in March

Adria prepares for privatisation and keeps Banja Luka flights
The Capital Assets Management Agency of Slovenia has announced that it will begin Adria Airways’ privatisation process in March 2012 at the latest. Economists believe the Slovenian national carrier could attract interest from Qatar Airways, Emirates and the Air France-KLM group. Over the past year, Star Alliance partner Lufthansa has also been rumoured as a potential buyer as well as the financially troubled Air India.

Adria recently began its restructuring process by suspending several destinations, formulating a new fleet plan and composing a new collective agreement for its staff. However, the airline is still facing problems. Robert Vuga, the carrier’s Executive Director who has played a key role in securing a government bailout over the past several months has announced he will resign from his post. Furthermore, the airline recently endured negative publicity after it cancelled one of its Ljubljana - Sarajevo - Ljubljana flights due to poor loads. The few passengers were put on a bus and were driven to their final destination. They were not offered alternatives on other airlines nor were they offered a refund for having to travel by bus.

Meanwhile, Adria has reconsidered its decision to suspend flights to Banja Luka. The airline will continue four weekly flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city, operated by a CRJ200. However, flight times have changed with aircraft departing Ljubljana late in the evening while the return trip to Slovenia’s capital takes off at 05.30 in the morning the next day. The news will be warmly welcomed by Banja Luka Airport which will see direct flights to Copenhagen, Zurich and Ljubljana this winter.


  1. Zrak10:55

    IMO it would be great if AF/KLM purchased Adria. Expect of JAT all other companies working in the region are in one way or another associated with Star Alliance.

  2. Anonymous10:57

    Adria still flying to Banja Luka?
    How is average pax x flight?
    Anyone has recent data?

    By bus instead of airplane from Ljubljana to Sarajavo.
    Oh my God!
    If airports are open and weather is godd why the hell?

  3. Anonymous13:00

    Next will be Croatia Airlines, unfortunately.

  4. Anonymous14:11

    i agree with you Zrak, if AF/KLM purchased JP it would change quite a is a good company.and there's too staralliance in the region.

  5. Purger14:51

    Yes, I also think that next will be Croatia. And, unfortunatly, Adria and Croatia will finish as Dolomiti whan they were taken by LH:

    - base in Munchen
    - Turboprop to every little place in their country from MUC and FRA (from Maribor Pula, Zadar, Osijek, Brac-Rijeka to Munich, and from Ljubljana, Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb to Frankfurt, Munchen, Vienna and Zurich).
    - pilots and staff will work from Munchen and maybe little base in Zagreb with not more than 2-3 Q400

  6. I hope AF-KLM buys Adria too. I am so tired of the LH's monopoly in the region and inflated prices. Would be nice to have another important player get involved for a change.

  7. Purger15:51

    That will never happened!

  8. Anonymous15:54

    No no no I hope TP will buy JP so we would get much more interesting flight network picture :)

  9. Anonymous16:04

    Purger, I love your Dolomiti idea ,
    there shouldnt be any problem with this.
    Imagine every airport in Croatia with good direct connections to and via Munich to every part of the world .
    Main thing is that Croatian and Slovenian people are good connected with the rest of the world,
    not stupid national pride of being a small and meaningless country somewhere in Eastern Europe same as Serbia.

    Because of that Croatia Airlines should get merged with Adria to a new airline with neutral name Adria or Adria Express,
    whichs main hub is in Munich !

    Dont forget Star Alliance has the best connections with prestigious partner airlines such as United or Singapore and Thai Airways !

  10. Tu-16016:44

    Can we have some info about the Air Berlin pulling out of Pristina soon?

  11. Anonymous17:13

    Information about Air Berlin ?
    Well, Air Berlin in winter does not fly to Pristina on Mondays ,Tuesdays ,Wednesdays,Thursdays and Fridays.
    Also not on Saturdays and Sundays !
    Are you now informed ?

  12. Anonymous17:21

    Is JAT definitely dropping Dubai soon or is just a rumor? By the way, why did JAT choose Larnaca as a stopover to Dubai, instead of Beirut, thus being completely absent from the Middle-East region.

  13. I'd be pissed if they put me on a bus SJJ-LJU. That is a long way and it would likely mean missed connections. What in the world were they thinking?

  14. @ Tu-160:
    News about Air Berlin's pull out was reported in August. More info:

  15. Can you report where you read about SJJ and bus thing???


  16. Anonymous19:50

    I didn't know that JP is chaching from airliner to coach company! gr8 cutting of costs!!!

    and I almost pissed myself reading the news about Air Berlin not flying .... ha ha ha! gr8

  17. Anonymous02:52

    Has anybody heard whether or not they're going to go through with the Ljubljana - Niš flights?


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