B&H drops Amsterdam

B&H dumps Amsterdam and temporarily suspends Copenhagen
B&H Airlines will suspend flights to Amsterdam at the start of the 2011 winter season, the Dutch “Scramble Magazine” reports, leaving the airline with a total of three destinations. B&H recently removed Amsterdam from its webpage booking option and the service has disappeared from global ticketing systems. In recent weeks, flights from Sarajevo to Amsterdam were operated by an ATR72, adding additional flight time to the service. The final flight from Sarajevo to Amsterdam is scheduled to operate on October 27, just under a year since it was launched.

From October 30, B&H will also temporarily suspend flights to Copenhagen but those are set to resume on December 1 with the service rerouted via Banja Luka. Flights to Zurich will remain during the winter, however, all of the four weekly services will operate via Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city - Banja Luka. The only service which remains unchanged over the winter season is Istanbul. Turkish Airlines, which will be decreasing its frequencies to Sarajevo, will introduce its brand new Boeing 737-900 on the route from December 8, thus increasing capacity. So far this year B&H has suspended flights to Vienna, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Belgrade.

If any changes to B&H’s current winter operations occur they will be reported on Saturday along with all the changes being made by Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines over the winter season, which begins this Sunday.


  1. Oh wow... Why doesn't TK lease an E-jet for them and operate SJJ-IST three to four times per day?
    Apparently they can't make any other route work.

  2. Nikola09:14

    wow, and i tought JAT's management is retarded

  3. Anonymous09:25


    Yes they are but not on the same way. We will have daily connection with Azeri friends!

  4. Small correction, it's not Jat's managment that is incompetent but the government that dictates these retarded moves taken by the airline.

    It is because of the government that JU didn't lease those two B737-700s from AeroMexico and it was because of them that Jat didn't follow through in the talks with SkyTeam.

  5. Anonymous10:10

    I really cant believe that there is no 500 people who would fly to copenhagen, stockholm or amsterdam per week from sarajevo and these countries? is it possible? whats wrong with it? theres so many bosnians who live in sweden, holland and denmark... And to correct nemjee, its not only serbian government incompetent, but also jats management.

  6. When I say Jat's managment I am not talking about the CEO, that guy is a complete waste of oxygen.
    I am talking about some other people working in Jat.

  7. OT

    (link postavljam zbog cena i konekcija, ne radi "hvalisanja" oko uspesnosti linije ili bilo cega slicnog) http://www.aviokarta.net/vesti/745-veliko-interesovanje-za-letove-flydubaija/

    i jos bitnije :)
    @EX-YU Aviation
    Zar ova vest nije relativno bitna? :)

  8. Anonymous11:25

    I guess that the fact that they are going to have additional flights during the holidays indicate that the flight has become a success.

    Could we have some of the haters back here to tell us once again this flight will fail.

  9. Anonymous11:29

    Political airline. Established to promote flag and statehood and of course to accomodate friends and relative of Izetbegovic family. Business-wise not needed. TK hold grips on it, because its part of Mr Erdogan neo-osman dreams!

  10. Anonymous11:44

    TK will employ their brand new 737-900ER on flights to SJJ and PRN

  11. Anonymous11:53

    Yes but the 737-900 will not be operated daily.
    For example on Wednesdays it will fly to Dalaman and so on...

    They needed a destination not far from Istanbul so that the plane can make at least two flights per day.

  12. Zrak12:00

    ...and here we go again. Again outbursts of Serb nationalism. Hopefully last comment by anon will be removed.

    Anyways it is really simple. Problems are:

    1) Routes are not properly marketed. Hence many people are not aware of them

    2) Bulk of the passengers on these routes are Bosnians traveling back during summer and winter vacations. Hence it is hard to make money out of these people and sustain lines profitable during spring and fall seasons.

    3) BH Airlines doesn't fly often enough for business travelers. Hence these travelers avoid the company.

    4) Routes like the one to Amsterdam (KL hub) and Copenhagen (SK hub) could be propped up by transit passengers to North America (Amsterdam) and to Scandinavia (Copenhagen). However BH Airlines does not understand concept of code-sharing

    5) Inability to understand simplest of concepts in airline industry. Try to book ticket from CPH to IST through SJJ and you will see what will happen.

  13. Anonymous13:55

    I wrote this yesterday about the news considering Dubrovnik Airlines but the same text applies for today also:-)

    Aviation in ex-yu is appaling!All smaller airlines shut down and all of the national carriers would have been already shut down if the governments hadn't been injecting millions of euros.But however they are getting smaller and smaller-with less and less destinations, market share and aircraft.But put on other note-markets are rising and records in pax numbers are mounting!So the managers should ask theirselfs how is it possible in rising markets to lose market share!!!??
    And it seems that visa liberalistation didn't have any impact on bosnian aviation-neither new destinations nor huge pax growth?!Weird..

  14. Anonymous14:27

    Jebiga braca Bosnjaci...sto je ovo?! Ima vas na tisuce na ovome svitu! :(

    Srdacan pozdrav iz Zagreba! :)

  15. Anonymous15:29

    Fuck! I wanted to fly with them, but now there are so few destinations.

  16. Anonymous15:31

    This remarks have nothing to do with nationalism. We have plenty of political airlines worldwide. Eritrean Airlines, South Sudan, East Timor and if you want on larger scale Aerolineas Argentinas, Air India, Aeroflot etc. BH Airlines is non viable and a failure from scratch zero. Market to small, to seasonal, no hub, no alliance, no proper professional management. What to say more?

  17. Anonymous15:31

    JA must get 3 EMB190 or 3 CRJ900/1000 and operated daily connections to EU hubs CPH, AMS, PAR, ROM, leave BEG, ZAG, LJU, IST,MUC,FRA,VIE etc to JU, JP, OU, TK, LH, OS and get code-share on all flights! IST is only good for them because of aircraft maintenance and crew rotations nothing else. TK can operate two daily rotations to IST.

  18. Comment deleted17:50

    Anonymous 11:25 !
    What flight you are talking about ?
    What airline ?

  19. Anonymous18:00

    The photo shows the Turkish flag on "Bosnian"airplane -
    is this provocation intended or simply stupidness of some people ?

    Why not skip "B&H airlines" at all
    and make Sarajevo a secondary hub for Turkish Airlines...
    it would be honest at least ..

  20. At Zrak:
    You are are the one promoting nationalism by making unfounded and specific accusations of nationalism against Serbs in your post.

    About B&H:
    It is difficult to rationalize the continued operation of B&H Airlines given the latest trend. Indeed potential passengers are very likely to feel skepticle about purchasing tickets for fear of the airline ceasing all flights in the near-future.

    General comment about EX-YU aviation:
    It is difficult to see a return to profit for any of the carriers, as they are no match against the efficient economies of scale position that the "big boys" enjoy. With EU integration, continued mergers will be king in the airline business. Just look at the banking system in the United States.

  21. Igor S.19:20

    Ex-yu aviation is an excellent website but a forum or multiple forums are needed tht would be attached to the site. If not someone ought to create a forum, blog. Someone was astute enough to notice the trend of declining airlines in the Ex-yu area and the increase in passenger numbers. This might be the key to aviation in the region, develop the airports, ease regulations and reduce costs for airlines and the public to use them. Things will fall in place eventually with one or two players surviving and having a much better chance of survival.

  22. Anonymous19:21

    to Zrak :
    You are so right and first merger will be that of Adria and Croatia Airlines inside Star Alliance...
    We as passengers will only profit by this!

  23. Anonymous20:47

    Well I have to make a political statement, sorry guys. Now we discover in every segment that 6 small states are weak and getting weaker. That trade, transportation, production and banking has been taken over by foreigners and multinational corporations. I don't want to say that everything was good in YU, but at least JAT was in the top 10 of all european airlines. We should put hostilities aside and try to cooperate wherever possible. Is it really so good for JP and OU to be LH feeder and microscopical member of star alliance? Is it good for YM and JA to fool around and play national carriers? And JU like a grand old diva to lock up in her rotten villa watching old movies from the youth and cry? Get together and cooperate. ZAG could be the hub for western Europe and transatlantic, BEG for middle east, eastern Europe and Asia and Adria could be the neutral airline for the smaller states who cannot afford to have a national carrier!

  24. Anonymous21:28

    And if you put JU with enormous debt, JP with prebancrot, OU with bad situation and this banana-companies like YM and JA, you will make good company? Come on!!!

  25. Anonymous21:30

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Anonymous21:49

    "Oh wow... Why doesn't TK lease an E-jet for them and operate SJJ-IST three to four times per day?
    Apparently they can't make any other route work."

    No, TK should start operating the A380 to PRN and SJJ, once a month :)) - if they had the airports for. But for now the 737 is the maximum their airports allow.

    Would be more worth it to build a new high speed railway Sarajevo-Pristina-Istanbul called "Neo-Osman" :))

  27. @2nd to last anonymous.

    Please keep your political hatred against Bosnia out of this forum..

    Comments such as yours are not needed here, nor anywhere.

    Turkish flag on the fuselage is explained by the fact that the aircraft is sub-leased by Turkish Airlines and the 49% stake Turkish has.

    If you would not fly with an airline with a dumb livery then i suggest you skip JAT as well (old-fashioned), YM (dull), or Lufthansa (simple)..

    Bosnia is not an artificial state, maybe it is in your opinion. Luckily your opinion doesn't seem to be close to reality in anything you say.

    Just my 2cts.

  28. qurbobic23:23

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Anonymous23:27

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. CaliforniaDreamin02:18

    Hi Anonymous at 8:47 ,
    To give you a political answer:
    maybe the facts you wrote are right but...most people dont have any problem with it!
    Something like an Ex Yu aviation does not exist ...only Slovenian,Croatian aviation and so on .
    Why should Bosnians give up their
    national airline...maybe it is a mess...but you will see they will defend it as long as possible.
    The same with the others..no difference.
    Unfortunately the war never ended !
    Why should Slovenians cooperate with Macedonians ,Montenegrins, Bosnians or Serbian?
    They are not even neighbours ....since 20 years !
    Nothing was ever more dead than Yugoslavia is !
    It will never come back !
    I have the impression that you and
    a lot of the other users here on the blog are the divas watching old films..crying over the past !

    btw the old diva watching old films in her rotten villa is from the movie "Sunset Boulevard" ....one of the best films ever made!

    Katica from Santa Cruz,CA

  31. Anonymous07:21


    It's not about giving up it's about facing the reality that they just can't run an airline. They tried themselves they couldn't, the called the Turks they failed... so what, are they going to invite random people and fire them each time they screw up? Or maybe just send them to an ambassadorial position somewhere in the world.

    Bosnia is a mess, it's no secret. Next to Belgium it is the most disfunctional country in Europe. There are three ethnicities that hate eachother being forced to pretend to love eachother.

  32. Anonymous07:22




    Pozdrav svim Bosnjacima, Hrvatima i Slovencima! :D :D

  33. Anonymous09:13

    Порука администратору,

    Избришите коментар последњег анонимуса пошто је невезан за ваздухопловство и провокативне је природе.


  34. Anonymous09:55

    Indeed, BH Airlines does not understand the concept of code-sharing. That's a key thing here

  35. Anonymous11:03

    It seems that all of you forgot that when it comes to number of passengers, this 2011 is record one for BHA!

    So, I would suggest you to wait, and see what really new management is planning

  36. Last anonymous:

    you're right! Since the Turks took over the most important managerial positions, they've decided to look at everything with a fresh perspective. So sometimes it may look like a startup airline, because of the new management.
    I hope everything will work out fine for them.


  37. Comment deleted21:06

    As long as not people from Bosnia are involved in the whole thing,
    it will have chance of success!

  38. Anonymous21:51

    B&H Airlines needs smaller aircraft. Get rid of the Airbus and ATR and just buy 3 Embraer rj 145 or Embraer E-175 and that way with smaller aircraft all there flights would most likley be full and they can open more destinations and wont loose money on flying aircrafts that are empty.

  39. Anonymous22:34

    No way, for such big country like Bosnia, is a prestige to have a "big" aircraft. They're even considering leasing 777 from TK and paint it in the flag colors - for the service to Belgrade :)))

  40. Anonymous22:36

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  41. Anonymous22:37

    The 737-900 is for TK to test their aircraft on an insignificant route.

  42. Anonymous00:39

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  43. Anonymous07:13

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  44. Anonymous00:50

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  45. i work at Amsterdam Airport and saw the BH airlines 2 times a weak i belive. Why in gods name would you fly them when you can travel 2 times a day, via vienna with austrian to sarajevo & cheaper.

    Why then wait for there poor 2 times a weak flights :/ come on, they can better quit the whole company.


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