B&H to launch new Banja Luka flight

From Banja Luka to Copenhagen
B&H Airlines CEO, Altan Buyukyilmaz, recently announced that the Bosnian carrier will launch several new flights over the next few months. The first new service to be introduced is from Banja Luka to Copenhagen, in order to aid the struggling direct service from Sarajevo. Flights from Sarajevo to Copenhagen will no longer operate nonstop, instead, they will make a stop in Banja Luka. B&H Airlines will operate the service twice per week using an ATR72, meaning that passengers will endure a three hour trip to the Danish capital. Flights commence on October 31. This will come as good news for Banja Luka Airport which is experiencing financial problems.

Due to lower passenger numbers one of B&H Airlines’ ATR72s is now serving both the airline’s Amsterdam and Copenhagen flights, resulting in longer flight times. The Airbus A319 is currently being used for the evening Istanbul flights while another ATR72 (registration E7-AAD) has been out of service for weeks.

B&H Airlines has had a difficult year with the carrier suspending several key routes including Frankfurt, Vienna, Stockholm and Gothenburg. However, it has managed to maintain passenger growth throughout 2011. The Bosnian carrier is yet to officially announce its 2011/12 winter season timetable.


  1. Purger09:46

    This is definitely the most stupid solution in history of ExYu aviation, and there concurrence of stupidity is extremely high

    - SJJ-BNX-CPH, SJJ-CPH with one stop
    - ATR on that route with 3 hours filing
    - 2 flights per week – how can that be concurrence to OS, LH, OU?

    To fly this route every day with ATR will be stupid but will make some sense (concurrence to others), and 4 of every day SJJ-CHP to stop in BNX, but this is definitely the most stupid thing ever…

  2. AT72 E7-AAD is not out of service, in fact this has arrived a few minutes ago at ZRH, on flight BON306 from SJJ ...

  3. Nikola10:32

    disaster. and then they want to sell JAT to Turks. never!

  4. Anonymous11:48


    All I can say is Oh My God!!! With ATR 72 to CPH via BNX...the same flying time gets you to Casablanca or almost directly to DXB!!!

    Unbelievable! Why they have A319 in the first place?

    Really no comment...

  5. mike12:03

    Out of contest
    Does anybody know if all ex yu airports reached pre war( 1991 year ) number of passengers and what was that number in millions.

  6. I usually support defend and try to help BH Airlines. But this time, I can only laugh or cry..

    With all the respect to Mr. Buyukyilmaz, but WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING :)..

    hope that my AMS flight remains unchanged..


  7. I am not going to defend JA, but let's face the facts. The only other option for passengers ex BNX is to drive to ZAG for 2 hours and take an OU flight to CPH operated by DH8 for another 2 and a half hours. As ridiculous as it may seem, BNX-CPH will save quite some time in spite of everything. :-)

  8. Anonymous13:29

    Even though that I thought it was a disaster idea, Lento has a point on that, time wise, I live in London, from Banja Luka originally, flew to BNX with Adria via LJU in August, paid little bit extra, with waiting for almost 3 h at LJU airport, still came home than I would have arriving at ZAG, and being given a lift from ZAG to BL.

  9. Purger14:19

    BNX-CPH have sense, but SJJ-BNX-CPH 3 hours and more with AT7 is supidity of 1st class!!!

  10. Zvonimir15:49

    B&H could arrange a Metro-flight:
    Sarajevo-Banja Luka-Zenica-Mostar-Sarajevo by ATR72

    :) :)

  11. Anonymous17:13

    there is no airport to land/take off in Zenica :-)

  12. Anonymous17:18

    Bosnias problem(or advantage)is,
    that it is a decentralised country.
    Banja Luka,Tuzla and Mostar are all like little capital cities of their own.
    So everybody wants to have the airport not far away from home instead of riding to Sarajevo to catch a flight.
    Roads are not highways and landscape is very mountainous .
    I think this is the main reason for weakness of aviation in Bosnia even if there may be incompetence !

  13. JATBEGMEL04:59

    the only good news here would be for BNX. other than that, would hate to see JA go down the same path as Air Bosna. Maybe they could save themselves the trouble and rebrand as TK! oh wait, im guessing the turkish flag and registration on their aircraft is a start.

    maybe they could do better by investing in expanding the ATR fleet, maybe with ATR42?

    @ Nikola

    JAT isnt going to the Turks. they wont buy it and the Serbian government is just desperate to sell it off (just like everything in the country, even tree's if they could) as it has no plan for it. Maybe the Belgrade City government should take control of it, at least we would see something better come from it as seen when BG:voz became operational.

  14. Why shouldn't Turkish Airlines, one of the most successful airlines in Europe buy JAT?

    Oh right, because it's not worth anything.

    JAT would be lucky if Turkish bought them. The only way they can do this is if they throw in the airport.

  15. Anonymous16:21

    Serbian government should sell Jat to Turks and also throw in airport of Belgrade and territory of Kosovo !
    If this is not enough ,they could also throw in ten thousand sheep and
    some thousand cows .
    If the Turks dont want the cattle then the government could throw in
    Kragujevac and surrounding landscape plus Zastava company !

  16. Anonymous17:39

    What was the point of the last anonymous?

  17. Anonymous10:36

    Doing this way BHA maybe will gain some passengers from BNX, but will certainly loose more from SJJ, since I believe there no one likes idea to have completely necessary landing...

  18. @ last anonymous.

    There wasn't a "point" as such, just a minor tantrum from someone that doesn't understand how the world works.

  19. Anonymous20:19

    Once again, a typical news from the ex-yu aviation. They say that CEO Buyukyilmaz announced CPH with BNX touch but did he really? It is a fact that JA will fly CPH through BNX in the winter schedule since it is loaded in the system but why haven't we seen any announcement from him in any other news portal? Could it be because he never made any such announcement.
    Also, if you are familiar with BNX numbers, you can easily deduce that ZRH did not share the same destiny with VIE or FRA because of the BNX.

  20. ^ Mr. Buyukyilmaz did not announce the route and neither does it say so in the article. He said that B&H will be launching several news flights as is written in the article (at the service launch of the Mostar – Pescara flights). The Sarajevo – Banja Luka – Copenhagen service was announced by B&H’s head of marketing Melika Hadžiahmetović on 14.10.2011. Several news portals reported it.

  21. Anonymous14:18

    Lucky to have any flights...the Balkan region will never have a highly profitable market for airlines to launch and increase their flights. So be happy that you even get a Copenhagen flight..Not even 10 yrs ago ppl used to catch buses to cities in Western Europe with trips up to 24 hrs! So sht the f up and stop complaining..lucky to even have an airline!


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