Belgrade continues impressive growth

September growth for Belgrade as Kraljevo opens its doors
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled 316.711 passengers this September, an increase of 15.4% compared to the same month last year. As a result, September was the airport’s third busiest month after July and August. The number of flights operated to and from the airport was virtually the same as last year. The September growth can be attributed to several factors. They include a growing number of people travelling and several major international events which took place in the city. During the month, Belgrade was host to the summit of the Non Aligned Movement which saw over 100 delegations and members of the press. Furthermore, the city hosted a European Union forum and the European Volleyball Championship for Women. So far this year Nikola Tesla Airport has welcomed 2.419.163 passengers.

Serbia’s main airport received good news during the week after LOT Polish Airlines decided to extend its flights from Warsaw to the Serbian capital throughout the winter. Originally, the airline planned to suspend the flights during the winter period due to highly seasonal passenger movement. Flights will operate three times per week and will be code shared by Jat.

Meanwhile, today will mark an important day for another airport in Serbia. Morava Airport in Kraljevo will handle its first flight. A Jat Airways ATR72 is expected to land in Kraljevo sometime during the day, carrying government officials and investors. More about this on the blog later on in the week.


  1. Anonymous09:12

    I love Kraljevo but there's really no sense to have an APT there. What's the code for it, anyway?

  2. Anonymous09:55

    IATA code for Kraljevo(Morava) airport is KVO

  3. There is a possibility for Cyprus Airways to launch two weekly flights from Larnaca to Belgrade on board their A319s.

  4. well, its about time for CY to land at BEG :)
    I wonder would it be profitable for JU to make a daily overnight flight with ATR the same as for SJJ, SKP and TGD? :)

  5. Anonymous11:46

    Well, ATRs are scarce and perhaps they can be better used by increasing number of flights to SKG having in mind realtively high demand there.

  6. You mean the Atr to Larnaca?
    The flight is 2:30 on a B737-300! Imagine being stuck on an Atr for 4 hours! Been once for 2:45 from BEG to MUC and it wasn't funny at all!!

    The only airline that flies its ATRs into Larnaca is Israir.
    Next smallest family is from Embraer, operated by Royal Jordanian and Lot.

  7. Nikola11:57

    it would. actually, i think that it might be possible for JAT to operate both INI and KVO with one ATR per airport, 3 times a day to BEG, with several more destinations (VIE, LJU, TGD, TIV, IST, FCO)

  8. Oohh, no, no, no, I meant BEG-KVO flights to be operated by ATR! Sorry for being unclear :)

  9. FlyingJack12:00

    Hey Nemje

    Since you're always well informed and a reliable resource do you have any figures on business class loads for various operators or destinations to/from BEG? Thx

  10. Anonymous12:33

    Hey NEMJEE

    this info would be great to have about loads in biz class.

    Anyway if you have more info about Cyprus starting flights into BEG pls share with us :))

    And what loads from ZAG on OU flights? which is is best / worst performing route?

  11. Nikola13:24

    @ JU500
    yeah, i know what you meant. it would make sense, and profit, but it'll have to be at least 2 flights a day

  12. Anonymous14:16

    A bit off the topic, but TAROM will add 2 extra weekly frequencies to BEG-OTP route this winter.


    09:10-09:45/ 10:15-12:35

    12:10-12:45/ 13:15-15:35

    16:15-16:50/ 17:25-19:45

  13. Great news for BEG. Congrats.

  14. It's one frequency more than now as RO operates 5 flights a week (Monday to Friday) and the additional frequency will be on Sunday. However flights on Monday and Friday will be operated by a larger aircraft (AT7).

  15. Nope, 2 more flights - on day 5 and 7, pay attention - 2 rotations on Friday:)

  16. That's a great news. So, I guess the 3 mil mark for this year should be easily achieved. Hopefully, the passenger numbers keep increasing. For the city of it's size, BEG still has a lot of potential and 5 mil figure isn't that unrealistic.
    Good luck.

  17. Anonymous19:37

    Today Belgrade airport made a statement announcing Tarom's additional flights. It is interesting that they officially expect for the Airport to surpass 20% growth for next winter season. Sounds optimistic, does anyone think it is realistic ?

  18. Anonymous19:47

    As you know route DBV-BEG was opened this summer. OU recorded LF of only 52%, while JAT Airways had 85% on the same route.

  19. VisitBengaluru!20:41

    20% is optimistic.BEG can be
    happy about anything above 10%.
    BEG has to grow in quality first, then quantity !

    I read that there were more pax,
    while number of flights stagnate.
    Which I think means that
    loadfactor must have increased on most flights...which would be very good !This is what I call quality !

    Also a lot of bigger aircraft !

    Interesting will be performance of
    flydubai especially jan-march !
    If JAT would cease flights to DBX ,this could help flydubai a lot!
    If JATs service goes further,
    it will be bad for both of them !

    Thats only my opinion...we
    will see what the future brings.

  20. Anonymous20:59

    Wrong estimation. BEG should be unhappy with anything less than 20%. Their forecast is moderate and decent taking into account the number of offered seats from November on.

  21. Anonymous21:56

    tell us more about cyprus airways nemjee.thanks!

  22. Anonymous22:14

    JAT will suspend DXB without any doubt. In ten days or so one will be able to book connected flights via Dubai directly through

  23. Anonymous22:18

    Wizz will open BEG-LCA route rather than Cyprus, they will simply be faster.

  24. Last anonymous,

    Your agument is based on what? I was at a meeting with Cyprus Airways yesterday and the whole thing has been put into consideration.

    No one is happy with Jat here in Cyprus. Not to mention that from now when they axe Dubai we are going to be stuck with 03:15 arrival in Belgrade, no thanks. PLUS the average ticket price I pay to go to Belgrade is around €370.

    Cyprus Airways has impecable service and good airplanes.
    For example on a 3:00 flight to Belgrade (longer than Jat's flight since they are not allowed to fly over Turkey) they would serve a hot meal, put a movie serve drinks twice PLUS have a bar with all sorts of drinks ranging from campari to vodka.

    So I fail to understand how will W6 launch the route before CY when they have not even based a plane in Belgrade.

    Now the only thing is if they will have an A319 available to operate the route.

    I do not have the numbers for Business Class, the only ones I remembered to take are the following:

    Tarom: 84%
    Lot: 74%
    airBaltic: 76%

    If i have some more i will share them with you.

  25. This just in: The "Belgrade is good for business" signs all over Belgrade airport are officially a joke

  26. Anonymous09:45

    Please help person Doot !!!

  27. interesting how in Croatia we've been fed with the news on Croatia's free fall in the area of attracting business, esp. when compared to others in the region.


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