Jat overtakes Adria

Double digit September growth for Jat
Jat Airways recorded strong passenger growth in September, continuing its positive run which began late last year. In September, Jat carried 125.431 passengers, an increase of 18% compared to the same month last year. If the fledgling charter traffic was to be excluded from the statistic, growth in September would reach 21%. The airline’s average cabin load factor increased eight points on last September and stood at 74%. The national carrier saw passenger figures improve by 33% on flights to and from Montenegro, although it should be noted that the number of flights operating from Belgrade to Podgorica and Tivat increased by 22%. With the number of flights increasing only by 1% on Euro Mediterranean routes, Jat saw passenger figures increase an impressive 19%. Despite the number of charter flights increasing by 4%, passenger numbers declined by 8%.

So far this year Jat has welcomed onboard 956.101 passengers, an increase of 15% compared to the same period last year. The airline should surpass the one million passenger mark this month. During September, Jat surpassed Adria Airways as the second busiest airline in the former Yugoslavia. By the end of September Adria carried 942.856 passengers, with numbers sliding on recent rumours of debt, bankruptcy and cost cutting. Croatia Airlines remains unbeatable as the busiest airline in the former Yugoslavia. The Croatian national airline carried its one millionth passenger back in July.

You can review all of Jat Airways’ results from this year in the table below.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN70.788 3
FEB67.635 24
MAR79.408 20
APR88.597 33
MAY96.466 17
JUN116.105 18
JUL156.508 8
AUG155.163 6
SEP125.431 18


  1. Anonymous09:39

    Those figures are the bright side of story. But if we can see balance sheet of the airline we will see huge losses for Serbian tax payers. Same as in Croatia and Slovenia.

  2. Anonymous10:21

    It's a good thing this blog is currently about passenger statistics and not about losses made by the airlines, which might I add is happening with majority of airlines around the world.

  3. BSL-BEG11:01

    Congratulations to JAT, keep growing.
    Can somebody tell me in wich Year Jat had the most passangers and how many? THX

  4. JU520 BEGLAX11:41


    JAT had between 4-5 mio passengers in the late 80s but at that time they covered the world from MEL to LAX and Yugoslavia from SKP to LJU.
    I think in the last 10 years, OU was more or less the leader in pax figures.
    I m sure there is stats avbl, ex YU can u help?

  5. January - July 2011:

    Croatia Airlines 1.065.913
    Adria Airways 677.205
    JAT Airways 675.507

    JAT's best year was 1987 when 4.5 mil passengers used its services. It flew to 17 domestic (exYU) destinations, all over Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America.

    Croatia Airlines' best year was 2008 with 1.87 million serving only 5 domestic destinations and flying only to European destinations (Tel Aviv in summer only).

  6. Adriatic14:04

    From JAT Annual Report

    1985 3,530,000 LF 64.8
    1986 3,862,000 LF 65.0
    1987 4,531,000 LF 69.3
    1988 4,491,000 LF 68.6

  7. Purger14:05

    In 2008. Croatia Airlines served 8 domestic airports, not 5:

    domestic: BWK, DBV, PUY, SPU, ZAD
    international: AMS, BRU, CPH, DUS, FRA, LGW, LHR, MUC, CDG, FCO, SJJ, SKP, TLV, VIE, ZRH
    code-share on: BLQ, FRA, IST, LIS, MUC, VIE,

    domestic: DBV, OSI, PUY, ZAG
    international: AMS, BRU, DUS, FRA, LGW, LHR, LYS, MUC, CDG, FCO, VIE, ZRH
    code-share: FCO, VIE

    domestic: OSI, PUY, SPU, ZAG
    international: AMS, DUS, FRA, LGW, CDG, FCO, TLV, VIE, ZRH
    code-share: FCO, VIE

    domestic: DBV, ZAD, ZAG
    international: AMS, LGW,

    internatinal: LHR

    domestic: PUY, ZAG

    domestic: DBV, SPU

    domestic: ZAG
    international: GRZ

    CTN didn't fly only to LSZ.

  8. Purger14:18

    You are always very welcome

  9. Adriatic14:27



    Domestic 2.255.000 LF 68.4
    Euro Med 1.431.000 LF 62.3
    EM Charters 539.000 LF 71.8
    Long Haul 291.000 LF 74.0
    LH Charter 15.000 LF 68.1
    Total 4.531.000 LF 69.3


    Domestic 2.109.000 LF 67.6
    Euro Med 1.448.000 LF 60.7
    EM Chart 555.000 LF 70.6
    Long Haul 363.000 LF 73.5
    LH Chart 16.000 LF 66.0
    Total 4.491.000 LF 68.6

    In 1985 Jat cariied 3.530.00 with a LF of 64.8 and in 1986 they carried 3.862.000 with a load factor of 65.0...

    In the same statement the profits in USD are as follows....

    1985 15.506.330
    1986 25.144.348
    1987 19.403.618
    1988 2.168.832 (Notice the loss of profit from 1987)

  10. Purger14:33

    In 2013/14 Croatia will get 4 new A319. In same time all 3 A320 will leave fleet and that meens CTN will have 7x Q400 and 8x A319, 2 more planes and 7,6% more seats than today (1.476 today / 1.588 in 2014).

  11. Anonymous15:46

    I bet the Croats burn their Airbus 320 before selling them to Jat !

  12. Purger16:12

    Of course that is far away from truth! Far, far, far away! Trust me, Croatia will sell those planes to whomever for good price, and for sure they will sell it to Jat for bigger discount than to someone else. I think that you are in past at least some 10 years from today.

    The only problem is that Jat does not have money to buy those 3 planes which are compering to Jat planes very young. They are 11, 12 and 19 years old - much too expensive for Jat at this moment.

  13. Zvonimir16:29

    To..last Anonymous
    Instead of spreading hate and rage try to give a good and fair contribution to this blog.

  14. Anonymous17:01

    hello guys !
    i think Croatia should sell their A320 to Qatar airways !
    Yesterday someone wrote they ghave to cancel flights because of fleet shortage!

  15. FlyingJack18:19

    After having read figures posted above regarding traffic in late 80's by JU the impression i got is that 25 years later, cumulative score of carried passengers for OU, JU and YM is still lower as compared to JU only in that period. I did not count JP as it is the carrier with its own market share both now and then.

    Such a score should be a shame for each tiny airline that exists here as with minimum growing rate of 2% only and 25 years in the meantime traffic should be around 7,5 milion today and all of them did not reach what a single carrier had. That's the cost of our stupidity

  16. Anonymous20:39

    There was big fuss about AZAL
    and Air Bulgaria starting flights to Belgrade...but at the end nothing seems to happen ?!
    Does anybody have information about them ?
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Anonymous21:30

    ^Air Bulgaria cancelled flights to Belgrade just like they did in 2008. They couldn’t get a code share agreement with Jat. Not sure about AZAL.

  18. Anonymous23:30

    Sad but expected...the same will happen with Azal !


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