Jat surpasses million

Jat surpasses 2010 end of year result
Yesterday, Jat Airways carried its millionth passenger for the year, the carrier confirmed to EX-YU aviation news. Therefore, the airline has surpassed 2010’s end of year result when it failed to welcome its millionth passenger for the first time in five years. In the first twelve days of October, the Serbian national carrier has seen 43.899 passengers board its aircraft. Last month the airline recorded an increase of 18% compared to the same month last year, seeing a total of 125.431 passengers. Jat’s passenger results have improved on average by 15% compared to last year. However, the increase in passengers is not resulting in profit. By launching seven promotional ticket sales so far this year the airline has managed to fill its aircraft but has also managed to hurt it’s already less than perfect financial performance. Promotional ticket sales even went throughout the high season. A total of twelve out of fourteen aircraft are currently in operation.

Adria Airways is also expected to see its millionth passenger by the end of the month. Croatia Airlines, which will see a record breaking year, carried its millionth passenger on July 20, the earliest it has done so. Montenegro Airlines and B&H Airlines have never managed to surpass the magic million in one year, although the Montenegrin carrier is closer to achieving this goal than its Bosnian rival.

JAT Yugoslav Airlines carried the most passengers in 1987, flying a total of 4.531.000 people. In 1988 the airline carried over 4 million passengers for the last time and recorded a profit of 55 million US Dollars. Things went downhill from then on.


  1. Anonymous09:19

    congrats, but what is going on with dubai route? Jat should have trieste back again. Not only trieste. Jat should fly to palermo, malaga, lisbon, hamburg, lyon, nice, prague and many other destinations...

  2. Crew10:24

    Dubai route? Highly popular with money hungry crews who often fight who will work on it...

    Million pax, nice, but no use. JAT, Game Over.

  3. Anonymous10:55

    There is a roumor in Ministry of infrastracture of Serbian Govt. to do the same as Slovenian, Croatian and Montenegrin Govts did to the national carrier - direct finance or grant for loan, if negotiations with Azers fail.

  4. Anonymous12:56

    Adria's Winter 2011/12 timetable compared with previous (operated) one:
    Wi10 Wi11
    AMS 7 5 -2
    BNX 4 4 0
    BEG 6 8 +2
    BRU 13 13 0
    CPH 3 2 -1
    FRA 25 25 0
    IST 7 7 0
    LGW 5 0 -5
    MRS 2 0 -2
    SVO 8 9 +1
    MUC 21 21 0
    CDG 11 0 -11
    TGD 3 3 0
    PRN 7 7 0
    SJJ 6 6 0
    SKP 7 12 +5
    TIA 7 7 0
    VIE 21 21 0
    WAW 4 0 -4
    ZRH 14 17 +3

    PRN-MUC 7 7 0
    PRN-FRA 4 4 0

    BNX flights will now be flown during the night/morning.

  5. Anonymous13:03

    To Crew:

    Why is the Dubai route so popular among cabin crew?On a flying hours basis it is the longest and probably the hardest from that point of view!
    Are you smuggling something to UAE or it is because you get many days off:-)

  6. Crew13:23

    Both pilots and cabin crew are fighting for Dubai flights because you are paid in dollars for each date you work plus the salary in dinars. They always want as much layovers as possible because it means more money. You know, it's not easy to pay for all those shops, cosmetic studios and caffes in Belgrade whos owners are JAT crews...

    BTW, I don't work for JAT :)

  7. Anonymous13:36

    To Crew:
    I know it is undecent to ask about salary but do you know maybe how much do pilots and cabin crew in JAT earn on average?
    Thx for the previous answer!

  8. Anonymous14:41

    @last Anonymous

    there was an article about Crew wages, with many (90) comments on it in 2010. In serbian language. Even mr. Hudak (or someone pretending to be him) had his say... I think it was Blic or B92.

    Google is u'r friend.


  9. Aero14:56

    Congrats to JAT!
    Business approach to get more pax with more or less neutral impact on their finance is good move, and one of the very few manouvers left in hands, I believe.
    We should bear in mind position JAT is for a long time in. By this marketing approach they are getting back customers who intended to fly away, causing even greater hole in the books.
    If the task for the acting JAT`s management was to buy the time for owner to do something, I think they did a good job. They bought new time for the crucial decision, even opened up some new possibilities by assessing and prooving market potential.

  10. Anonymous15:35

    Ok, they have a lot of passengers flying with them who hopefully are turning into reliable ones - now shouldnt they increase the prices of tickets to try to turn a profit? Or have the Serbian Government pay for new aircraft ASAP so the quality go up, so they can increase ticket prices?

  11. Anonymous16:13

    Low prices are not problem of Jat...it is more management and government officials who are wasting and even stealing most of the money .
    Jat could be profitable already now...

    What do you expect of company where hundreds of people get salary although they never work there.

    Ex CEO earning 2000 eeuro per month for
    being "advisor" .

  12. Geronimo16:17

    Do anyone know something new about Tesla apt refurbishment starting this autumn. I know is off topic but anyway..
    Thanks in advance

  13. Illyrion16:20

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  14. BSL-BEG17:24

    So where are YU-ALP and YU-ANH?

    When they gonna fly again?

    Is AGX still flying for JAT?

  15. Anonymous17:31

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  16. Aerodrom Surcin17:57

    Why has Wizzair so crazy timetable for winter ?
    one week 3 flight next 2 then again 3.
    Melmo 5 a week then 4.
    Do they have problem with single aircraft utilisation ?
    Ex cuse for bad english !

  17. Anonymous18:26


    "by assessing and prooving market potential."

    youre sooo right. By now JU didnt even have the faintest idea of how many PAX they were loosing to LH, OS, AB/HG, LX (some time ago also to BT, MA, 4U, OK) etc. Now at least two things happened:

    - JU overtook some of the OAL PAX
    - opened doors to new market segment(s) - its cheaper to fly JU than taking a bus to BEG...


  18. Anonymous18:42

    New business lounge at Belgrade airport is completed and will be open in a week. It looks really great.

  19. Anonymous13:51

    It is unbelievable that JAT is not willing or able to introduce a flight BEG-PRG.
    @ Nemjee
    wouldn't it be interesting for CY to introduce a twice weekly flight LCA-BEG-PRG-BEG-LCA with traffic rights?

  20. JATBEGMEL04:50

    Nice to see that there is an increase of pax, but what would be nice is also an increase in cargo being transported on these flights. JAT has some weird scheduling and random destinations, sad to see that the management doesnt focus on upgrading the fleet with at least 'newer' aircraft.

    I think the saddest loss for the winter timetable will be DXB. Instead of increasing flights to at least 6 p/w they will remove it from their list of destinations, thus handing over pax mostly to OS.

    JAT could improve their service by doing random inspection of crew considering they have more than they need, and fire the crew that are not to standard. Was impressed with their PA in German when flying to FRA. I last flew JAT a few months back to FRA and had a great flight, and would prefer JAT to LH! JAT could also improve on it's ground staff at BEG, as they are pathetic, stupid and lazy.

    @ crew

    I wonder how much was the layover allowance was for JAT crew at DXB :) any idea as to which hotel they were staying at while in DXB? i heard that the DXB layover was good considering it could mean a few days in DXB :)

    @ anoymous

    JAT will stop flying to Dubai at the end of the month (i think the last flight will be on the 29th october). flydubai will start flying to BEG from the 11th november 4 p/w, increasing capacity from JAT's 378 seats p/w to their 756 seats p/w! EK might next year open BEG with their A332's as QR is expanding in the region (BUD, OTP and now SOF). EK has seem to be expanding a bit in Europe with CPH, now LED to open next month, PRG to be upgraded to the B777 aircraft and another north eastern european destination to open ;)

  21. @ Nemjee
    wouldn't it be interesting for CY to introduce a twice weekly flight LCA-BEG-PRG-BEG-LCA with traffic rights?

    Well that would be hard because CSA operates the route 10 times per week. So no one would fly via BEG.

    One possible outcome would be LCA-SOF-BEG-SOF-LCA.
    Then again LCA-BEG would see quite a lot of passengers upfront thus making a direct flight a possibility.


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