Jat tender extended

New deadline October 31
The Serbian government has extended a tender call to find a potential strategic partner for a new national carrier, to be set up as a successor to Jat Airways. Although officially the government said the tender is being extended upon the request of interested parties, media speculate that no airline has bought the tender documentation. A similar move was made during the last attempt to privatise Jat back in 2008, when no interest was shown either. The new tender call will last until October 31. The tender originally began back on August 1.

A month before tender procedures began, the Ministry of Infrastructure sent letters to a total of sixty airlines across the world hoping to get companies interested before the tender got underway. Experts say that there are no set guidelines to the tender, that it is unreasonable to ask for an airline company to be a part owner of a still nonexistent future national carrier and that Jat should have been restructured and then put up for sale. Statements made by the government that Turkish Airlines interested in purchasing the Serbian carrier (or setting up a new one) have turned out to be false. The only condition for the future part owner of Serbia’s national carrier is that it must have handled 1.5 million passengers in 2010.

Over the past month, media has speculated that airBaltic was interested in purchasing the tender documentation as well AZAL from Azerbaijan.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:12

    Since we have some BEG or JU insiders within the blog, what is your suggestion on JAT?
    What could JU bring back in business. What would be your business plan/model for JAT and how would you get rid of the debts etc

  2. Almost a non-event. Turkish soap operas are far more interesting than JAT's saga. Unless something really happens, I would drop JAT from the blog.

  3. Anonymous09:27

    Slow news day...

  4. Anonymous10:11

    As someone that is close to JU the first thing that should be done is a complete change in management. I can not say how bad the current CEO is,like the last 3. His company is falling apart but his never in the office.His always “on a business trip”.Unfortunately, all things he is doing no one cares because of his powerful aunt. This extended tender will fail as well and its just a waste of time and gives more opportunity for the management to destroy the airline further. They just started another promo sale which will increase passengers but finances are getting worse. Government needs to approve a bank loan for a few new planes, change management and things will start getting better.When you have dumb people at the top who are scared of anyone that knows something in aviation they surround themselves with even dumber people which leads to the current situation in Jat. Also last CEO Srdjan Radovanovic who was declared incompetent by the government to work at JU is still getting 2.000 EUR per month from JU because he has been named advisor to JU. He hasn’t shown up to work once.

    Also I read how people have the delusion that JU gets tax payers money. JU gets NO money from government at all. It has to borrow money from privately owned banks and has to pay off those loans from money it makes. All salaries are also payed by JU itself. The only thing the government do is give guarantee so Jat can get bank loan. That doesn’t cost them anything. Always in the media they write how JU gets public money which is not true (not since 2001 anyway).

  5. Riječanin10:19

    The JAT ought to be offered to 1,00 EUR and the counterpart could make sure a significant investment in order to rejuvenate the fleet and give a fresh windblow and getting rid of the painful aircrafts.

  6. b73710:54

    Get rid of top management. Get rid of major part of middle management, who are do not change and survive on every new CEO. Introduce regional jets and start direct flights to every destination which has decent demand. Be active, active and proactive 24/7.

  7. Anonymous18:15

    The government should do this ,
    should do that...should appoint intelligent
    people...should ...the government..

    Excuse me but this is the main problem at JAT : THE GOVERNMENT !
    In economy a government should do nothing !

    The only solution is SELL Jat!
    If nobody wants them ..sell it
    for a symbolic price of 1 $ !
    If even then nobody wants them
    then you should close them !

    I guarantee..as long Jat is government owned ..it will NEVER get better ! 100% !

    I am not bashing JAT !
    This airline could do as good as other ones.Also there is a need for them...there are enough people
    who want to fly with them !

    The airline is not the problem...
    it is the OWNER ...the government.

    Imagine the nephew of Angela Merkel as Ceo of Lufthansa !
    Then Lufthansa would be ruined as
    Jat is !

    Dont ask the government for something to happen !
    THEY ARE THE PROBLEM ...not the solution !

  8. Anonymous19:06

    boring story!

  9. Anonymous20:43

    Let us do nothing and wait till Tito comes back from the dead and saves us...

  10. Anonymous20:47

    haha, last comment is hilarious!!!!

  11. Anonymous20:58

    No,no...let us vote the government !
    The government will save us ...the same it did with Jat !

    Our government will bring us in EU...
    then EU will save us !
    When in EU,we will all be rich and dont have to work !

    If you dont vote for government
    then you are evil and bad fascist,
    nobody loves you ...then you are
    pro dictature ,pro Miloshevich !
    Then you dont come in EU...then
    you have no money...no big car,
    then you are a murder!
    Then you are stupid ...a peasant !

    We must prohibit all other
    parties...because they are against
    democracy !

    (Attention: this is a joke !
    What has this to do with Jat ?
    Well Jat and the government are the same !Didnt you know that?)

  12. Anonymous21:16

    Hi folks !
    I am flying Wizzair a lot,they do
    a better job then Jat!
    Maybe they are a Hungarian airline,
    but only on paper.. in fact they are the new Serbian national airline !
    The same as Adria ,on paper Slovenian
    in fact national airline of Kosovo.
    But difference is :
    Hungarians are happy ,they dont have to pay anything for Wizz..
    because it is private business !
    Jat and Adria as long as they are state owned companies are
    parasites !
    We dont pay taxes for Jat and
    Adria ,we do so for corrupt politicians = bandits.

  13. Anonymous21:20

    Oh I forgot to say!
    That guys joke about politics is
    true !Sad how this is reality.

  14. Anonymous21:39

    Yeah,lets wait for Tito...
    vote against Milosevic ...these
    people are long dead,
    when people in Ex Yu will ever notice that ?!

  15. JU520 BEGLAX22:06

    S5-AAT goes Mondaymorning to ZAG for C-Check and than from there it leaves to the US and wont come back anymore to JP
    Bytheway the pilots of JP signed the new contracts, their new monthly blockhours are going up from 60 to 85 hours. Some of the senior captains which earned up to 16000 EUR agreed to salary cuts
    F/A did not sign the agreement and their conditions wont change until next July.

    Cancelled destinations are not known yet.

  16. JU520 BEGLAX22:14

    @ex Yu-Aviation:

    where do u get this nice shots from ex YU Aviation, such as for example the JAT cabin in the 80s.
    Would you know where old JAT destination posters are available?

    good night and Nemjee thanks for the Sep posts.

  17. Mig29overZAG02:58

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  18. Anonymous06:13

    What does the Serbian government not understand, no one wants to buy their crappy airline... Adria and Croatia airlines have a better chance of being taken over by another airline.

  19. Anonymous07:45

    Are we ever going to get an update on pristina airport.

  20. Anonymous08:44

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  21. Anonymous09:39

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  22. Anonymous10:14

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  23. Anonymous13:25

    I am really curious what will happen tith JAT after the elections. Some decisions cannot be postponed forever, since the fleet is almost falling apart. I think that a new national carrier has potentials to fill the niche ex BEG with a fleet of lets says 10-12 E-jets and 3-4 B737-700. Fix the network to operate only major hubs and kill all destinatiosn with less than 4 frequencies.


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