Montenegro Airlines angry at government

Montenegro Airlines against privatisation
The CEO of Montenegro Airlines, Zoran Djurišić, has launched a scathing attack against the government for attempting to privatise the national carrier. “The government knows my stance regarding the privatisation which is why I have been completely excluded from the process”, Djurišić said. He added that privatising the airline will have long term negative effects on the country. Instead, Djurišić says the government should cover the airline’s losses and pressure Montenegro’s largest petroleum company, Jugopetrol, to reduce its unreasonably high costs.

Djurišić’s claims mark the first big rift between him and the government with which he has been in good relations since setting up the national carrier back in 1994. Under the government’s proposal, Djurišić was recently re-elected as the company’s CEO for another four year term, which will see him serve at the top of Montenegro Airlines’ management for 21 years. Djurišić also said that potential ownership by an Israeli or Turkish company would have a negative impact on the country’s tourism industry. “This year we saved the tourism season by carrying almost 300.000 passengers within three months, we filled the state’s budget and thanks to us many other companies have profited, including the airports, Jugopetrol and hotels. With a foreign owner none of this would be required of the airline”, Montenegro Airlines’ CEO concluded.

Meanwhile, Airports of Montenegro, which runs both Podgorica and Tivat airports, accused Montenegro Airlines for not making good on its financial obligations. The company claims Montenegro Airlines owes over 8 million Euros to Podgorica and Tivat. More than half is on airport taxes. Airports of Montenegro says its business is being seriously affected by the national carrier. Montenegro Airlines also owes millions to the country’s air traffic control and Jugopetrol with media sources adding that no one really knows the extent of Montenegro Airlines’ losses or debt.

Last month, the Government of Montenegro said it would soon begin tender procedures to sell a 30% share in Montenegro Airlines after which the new owner would have the ability to take a majority stake in the carrier. A similar attempt last year failed despite interest from El Al Israel Airlines, Etihad Airways and Arkia Airlines.


  1. Anonymous09:25

    I think Djurisic is just angry because he will probably lose his job if MGX is bought.

  2. Anonymous09:50

    Looser or not, if MGX gets a new owner...they will pay this Đurišić a big amount of money...
    only to get rid of him !

    If he gets sacked by the government
    ...he will earn money as "advisor"
    for doing actually nothing .

    This is common practice worldwide please dont
    come up with that balkan shit...

  3. montesky13:37

    Actually, I think that one of the aims of privatization is to get rid of him. There is widespread opinion concerning incompetence of this guy. You can even find hilarious clips on YouTube with his foolish interviews and ridiculous thoughts.
    I just say, don’t give them airports as a part of a privatization package, that’s all. There will certainly be someone more than delighted to replace MGX on their routes. Don’t get me wrong here, MGX is my personal favorite, however you cannot compensate patriotism with enormous high ticket prices from a customer point of view

  4. Purger13:44

    I really protest with name of this user "Mig29overZAG", because when Mig 29 was list time over Zagreb my very good friend, who was 19 years old student just walking from Law faculty, was injured because of bombing over Upper town and Presidential palace.

    This nick is not just perky but also offensive. I am deeply insulted with this.

  5. Anonymous14:07

    To MiGidiot :
    How can anybody be sick of
    privatizations which never
    happened ?!

    To montesky :
    Your first sentence is wonderful !
    I also must say that bringing in
    airports in deals related to
    airlines ,Montenegro A. or Jat,
    is a big shit of an idea !
    That should never happen !

    Also as a patriot I dont fly with
    a shitty airline only because it is a "national" one !
    First I would be an idiot,second most of these airlines are a disgrace to their nation .

  6. Anonymous14:53

    @ Purger:
    get over it dude. there's so much sensitivity in today's world. maybe the guy lives in zagreb and he likes mig's.

  7. CESSNAoverCETINJE16:45

    It is time for our proud national airline to order the Airbus 380 !
    Then our beloved leader
    HM Dr.Djukanovic and the members
    of his powerful clan can visit
    villages like New York or
    Washington nonstop !
    Everybody who is against our Monte-
    negro is JEALOUS !

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  9. Anonymous07:41

    Good news, Tarom is set to increase its presence in Belgrade from 5 weekly flights to 7 weekly!

    Equipment upgrade will occur with the Atr-72 operating the route in stead of the Atr-42!

    Fridays will see double daily flights, with Saturday being the only day on which there will not be any flight.

    So all in all great news, Lot is staying, Tarom adds frequencies, SkyWord and flydubai are launching Belgrade, Austrian Airlines and Niki are adding flights... fun winter ahead!


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