New Priština terminal on schedule

Future look of Priština’s new terminal
The construction of the new multi million Euro terminal at Priština Airport is on schedule with the ground floor currently under construction while building work has been completed on the underground floor. Government officials praised the Turkish-French consortium, Limak Holding and Aeroport de Lyon, which are overseeing the construction of the new terminal and will run Priština’s airport for the next twenty years.

The investment is worth 120 million Euros and will see the construction of a new terminal stretching over 42.000 square metres, a new control tower, an apron able to accommodate nine Boeing 737 jets, three air bridges, a car park for 1.750 vehicles, a new access road from the city to the airport and the widening of taxiways. A total of 150 people will work inside the new terminal, expected to open in January 2013.

Construction of Priština's terminal progresses
This year, Priština is battling for the title of the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia, competing against former place holder Ljubljana and the surging Dubrovnik and Split. Priština Airport has recorded strong growth this year. In 2010, Priština Airport handled 1.305.532 passengers.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    This would have been the righ size for SKP airport, not that megalomania that will be empty for the next 50 years or so.

  2. Anonymous10:50

    @ Anonymous.

    Shut up, please. All people like you do is complain. It's f***ing annoying. Be positive for once!

  3. Anonymous11:06

    It's not about being negative just being a realist.
    Plus he didn't say anything wrong just a statement based on the market potential.

  4. Anonymous11:20

    Some anonymous from Smedereva Palanka knows better than the airport professionals who invested in the project. Only in Serbia.

  5. Anonymous12:12

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  6. Anonymous16:05

    Very good! A concession to run the airport for twenty years.

    You can not buy an airport, you can only lease an airport but the government always remains the owner.
    So the company also avoids problems with international law,
    because in this case it is not of importance if the government is Albanian or Serbian.

  7. Anonymous18:44

    It's actually around the same size as Skopje. Skopje is around 40000 m2 and pristina is 42000 m2. By the way when is the airport supposed to be finished

  8. Anonymous22:00

    In case of Skopje it may be megalomania but Prishtina is already number three and will grow even further !

  9. Purger00:55

    Why for the name of God you make such a problem of size of SKP or PRN. Tax payers did not pay for it but Turkish private company. They can do with their money what they want. For country that is perfect because after 20 year when Turks will go away the will still have big airport with capacity for growing. So, that is perfect for Macedonia/Kosovo, good for traffic, and it is not their money. What can be better than that?

    I think that you are just jealous.

  10. Purger,

    It has nothing to do with jealousy but rather in stating the obvious. A city like Skopje does not necessarily need such a massive airport. Especially not when there is not even a carrier based there.
    If MAT was still around that would make sense as they could grow organically out of there. But let's not forget that Skopje is located between two rather strong airports (traffic-wise), those being Pristina and Thessaloniki. These two have far more lowcost carriers which will most likely have an impact on the future traffic in SKP.
    It's worth mentioning thta even if Wizz Air opens a base in Skopje, it will take a loooong time before they will be able to position their 2nd aircraft there. Look at Belgrade, it's a much bigger market but it's hard for them to add a second one. They will eventually, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon.

    Like I said, nothing to do with jealousy, just stating the obvious.

  11. Anonymous08:54

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  12. Purger09:27

    One more time

    Tax payers did not pay for it but Turkish private company. They can do with their money what they want.

    So, where is the problem?

    Why jealousy? I thing that all of us can just congratulate to ones who make TAV to build terminal so big, no to criticized that!

  13. So just because the tax payers didn't pay for it makes it impossible for us to make comment on it? So according to your theory any kind of private investment is impossible to criticize. That just doesn't make sense.

    Tax payers will end up paying for it if it proves that the terminal is too much for the needs of the population. Also, who will finance the survival of this project? Getting two weekly flights from here and there will not be enough to sustain its working and with it profitability .

    The fact is that Skopje market is a small one and on top of that it has two far more attractive airports in its neighbourhood.

    I have congratulated them when they opened it but I do not have to agree with you that it's a needed investment. They could have built a smaller airport with the possibility of expansion.

    They should have first lured an airline into opening a base there before making a massive airport. What do you build first, the foundation or the roof?

  14. SKP airport is fantastic.

  15. Purger15:01

    Listen, if I am Government of Macedonia I will also ask for terminal that will fit in 20 year when TAV will go out, and not to have problems than again and to be blackmail by TAV or some other company for anther concession.

    Because of that I salute to Macedonia that they could find partner make this goal.

    Of course you can say that it is stupid to spend so big amount of money for too big terminal, but it is private money and they can do whatever they want. What more TAV is really one of the biggest companies to conduct airports which definitely show that they know how to do things and that they are highest professional in that job. I will never be so antediluvian to doubt in their perspective.

  16. Tu-16016:26

    Is not clear what are the Air France and Turkish mini-747 doing on the picture LOL. I just wonder they didn't put a JAT 77W or 388 :))

  17. Anonymous16:39

    Maybe the new terminals in Skopje and Pristina are too big,
    but the intention of its builders is to impress and show off.
    In the end it is a monument of Turkish potency and economic power
    in a country whichs lacks all of that.As some Turks told to me is,
    that when you enter the new terminal you should get an impression of how it feels to be already in Turkey ...
    the same impression you get as when you cross the checkpoint at a border .
    That of course explains why no money was saved ...also dont forget that Macedonia and Kosovo are
    totally dependent on Turkish imports and investions!

  18. It's amazing to see all the jealousy of Macedonia and Pristina.

    They made good deals to get these airports. This is the best example of a PPP and the rest of the balkans should look to this example to fund their own badly-needed infrastructure problems.

    This is a projection of Turkish power into the balkans? Really? ok, but if so, so what? The Macedonian people benefit without having paid a dime from their tax base.

    You know, it's perfectly normal for neighbouring countries to trade with each other.

  19. Anonymous21:02

    you are so stupid @ anonymous .... skopje need a new airport !!! and macedonia deserve an airport like this skopje is a changing city !!! with a new face .... tourist are start coming on vacation in macedonia , the albanian or shiqptar are a big diaspora that's why!!!!

  20. Anonymous21:07

    Turkey and Macedonia neighbouring countries ?
    Have I missed something ?

    For Kosovo-Albanians it is not normal to trade with its neighbours...
    and nobody seems to have a problem with that .

  21. Anonymous00:05

    Nobody can "deserve" an airport, you get what you pay for or, in this case, you get the best deal you can.

    Why not make an oversized terminal? It doesn't actually need more staff, just a bit more cleaning. If construction price is higher, well, infrastructure is more expensive than adding another hall or airbridge. I always hated cramped terminals, as BEG is becoming, but you can see the same thing at LAX, JFK, LHR (apart from T5), etc.

    So, nice going for SKP and PRN. Enjoy your terminals, but as you well know, harder part is attracting airlines with decent airfares.

  22. Geronimo09:13

    Belgrade airport will be refurbished and expanded/more space within 2 years. Its maximum capacity today is up to 7mil. pax. Maybe within 10 years they will build another terminal.I am happy for the new terminals in Skp and Prn.I am just waiting for Jat to change its fleet.

  23. I know Turkey isn't bordering Macedonia, but I mean neighbouring countries as "in the same neighbourhood". Turkey is a powerful economy and close to Macedonia. It's natural that they should trade.

  24. Anonymous19:09

    It amazes me how an article about the Pristina terminal turns into a Skopje bashing and Belgrade upgrading festival.

    Regardless, congratulations to Pristina for their new terminal.

    Also, the terminal is 27,000 m2 not 42,000 m2.

  25. Anonymous23:46

    Oh last anonymous ,Serbia the origin of all evil...where is no Serbia there everything is perfect !
    My condolence for all people in the world=victims of Serbian evilness !
    Milosevic is dead but he wants to destroy all countries even now !
    Even in hundred years Serbia is evil !
    Serbia is the reason we have bad weather and we are all idiots !

    Hello poor macedonians my condolence poor victims of evil Serbia !Serbia killed millions of macedonians they even want to destroy your airport ! Jealous,evil evil and also bad,bad,bad people !

  26. Anonymous20:40

    Just to be clarify it to some people who comment on the size of Prishtina new Airport terminal. I can confirm that the new terminal will be 42,000 meters square, meaning that it will be about 2000 meters square bigger than the new Terminal in Skopje Airport. Cheers.


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