Oman Air cleared for Zagreb

Croatia and Oman ink Air Service Agreement
Oman and Croatia have signed an Air Service Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding paving the way for Oman Air to begin flights to Zagreb and other cities in Croatia. The agreement was initiated by the Government of Oman. Croatia Airlines, which has also gained rights to operate flights to Muscat, says it is unlikely that either of the national carriers will begin flights between the two countries anytime soon. However, according to Croatia Airlines, the two sides will enter into cooperative marketing to develop and liberalise the regulatory framework for air services and promote tourism, commerce, trade and faster economic growth between the two countries.

Croatia designated Croatia Airlines, Dubrovnik Airline and Trade Air as its official airlines while Oman designated Oman Air. Under the agreement, the designated airlines from both countries can operate an unlimited number of passenger and cargo flights using any type of aircraft. The two countries also agreed to adopt an open skies policy in order to include third, fourth and fifth freedom passenger rights on intermediate routes and beyond. This would, for example, allow Oman Air to operate flights between Croatia and another country other than Oman.

Croatian media have stated that Oman Air could bring many affluent tourists to Zagreb and Dubrovnik, which would have a positive effect on the country’s tourism industry. Croatia Airlines does not have a developed Middle East route network. However, the airline does operate a three weekly service from Zagreb to Tel Aviv in Israel. On the other hand, Oman Air has recently established itself as a fast growing and award winning airline. It operates a combination of Airbus and Boeing aircraft with its fleet also including Boeing 737-700s and -800 series jets. In Europe, the airline operates flights to Frankfurt, Munich, London, Paris and Milan and will soon launch flights to Moscow and Zurich.


  1. Anonymous11:15

    Hi everyone!

    I believe a flight once per week Muscat-Dubrovnik during summer months would be a hit in Oman! And could get the plane full. At least a charter flight could work.

    Look at all these airline opening DBV flights - latest to many Finnair starting three times weekly in 2012!!!

    Muscat-Zagreb uuuhh this would be very difficult route.

  2. Anonymous14:58

    Good news. Would be great to have a flight from Muscat to Zagreb but this is unlikely. Dubrovnik during the summer would be a possibility.

  3. One would think it would be first DXB or AUH. Well, I guess a connection with MCT could have some potential too, at least from the tourism point of view.

  4. VisitBengaluru!16:23

    Let us pray that flydubai flights
    to BEG will be a success...
    because then flights to Zagreb
    will be a possibility !
    If four times per week to BEG
    is possible
    then it will be three times per week to ZAG also !

    about Oman Air ..Im not sure.

  5. Anonymous17:11

    There are also rumours that Qatar Airways will start a weekly service Doha-Skopje!!
    All the necesarry documentation is already fullfilled for such step..
    Will see how much of these Middle East routes materialize!

  6. Anonymous23:50

    haha,this is the funniest topic i ever heard in my life!!!

  7. Anonymous08:32

    No, I think when they announced the same thing for Malaysian and Sarajevo!

  8. Anonymous13:57

    Keep on dreaming!!!!

  9. Anonymous14:04

    No full service airline will ever start long haul or even mid haul flights to any city in Croatia. I hardly doubt there is enough J class pax that travel b/w CRO and Oman and hardly any cargo either. That's how airlines make money and not from cheap Y class tickets...Unfortunately all former Balkan countries will never get to enjoy the luxury of major world airlines from all over the world flying there! At least not for a very very long time like 20 years! So, get used to the idea of seeing all those cheap budget airlines flying in and out of Balkan ports during the high season mainly!

  10. Anonymous19:38

    That's not true, a charter flight would work very good, through the sommer season you can fly from Zagreb to Tokyo and Seoul directly (the hole city is full of them). And Malysian flew to Zagreb via Vienna till the Asian financial crisis in 1997. So I think its a possibility.


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