Ryanair to skip Montenegro

No Ryanair flights to Podgorica this winter
Ryanair won’t be commencing flights to Montenegro this winter, despite earlier announcement from the government that the no frills airline would do so. It is believed the Government of Montenegro and Ryanair couldn’t find common ground on the strict terms laid out to the low cost airline. Ryanair was expected to commence flights to Podgorica at the start of the 2011/12 winter season and was obligated to carry 100.000 passengers out of Podgorica in one year and carry 50.000 passengers during the low season, from October until May. Furthermore, the airline was required to fly to and from Podgorica throughout the year, rather than during the high season only, so as not to receive special treatment over the national carrier Montenegro Airlines.

The two sides negotiated for the airline to operate flights to Podgorica out of Glasgow Prestwick Airport and London Stansted. The Montenegrin government is now hoping to sell Montenegro Airlines by the end of the year and then grant licenses to low cost airlines to operate flights to both Podgorica and Tivat which would in turn boost tourism numbers.

Meanwhile, Zadar Airport in Croatia, which has flourished since Ryanair introduced flights to the city, is expected to get a new direct service from Barcelona next year as Ryanair negotiates with airport officials. The service would accompany the airline’s existing seasonal summer flights from Charleroi, Dublin, Hahn, London, Moss, Stockholm and Weeze. The low cost airline is also expected to commence flights to the Slovenian capital next summer from Dusseldorf and Dublin.


  1. Anonymous09:47

    Expected about TGD...

  2. Anonymous13:42

    Blue-express FCO-SKP


  3. Anonymous16:04

    Meeting of Montenegrin officials and RyanAir management...better name it
    a Mafia convention !
    Worst scum of a people ...they couldnt agree on whom to bribe more !
    Best they should sell Montenegrin airlines to Russian criminals !
    It would fit perfectly in their drug dealing schemes !

  4. Anonymous23:57

    Balkan countries ....
    the worst of the worst.Even the so called "advanced and developed countries" like CG,Croatia and Slovenia ...a perfect mess.
    It is not enough to be "not Serbian"
    ,when will these countries become
    simply "good"? First CG should become a REAL democratic country !
    Their government remind me much on Hisbollah and Hamas...

  5. Purger00:22

    Today I had chip-chat with Croatia Airlines CEO Srecko Šimunovic. Here are some points:

    1. Cuba is definitely off. It was almost 100% sure but at the end price was too high. Business gets company from Asia.

    2. Croatia Airlines would be 45 millions kuna positive in 2011 if price of fuel would not be the highest ever.

    3. This year they transport 280.000 passengers more than last year. That means at the end of the year there would be some 1.900.000 pax.

    4. This year they take extra care of price policy as they recognize that that is the only way how to fight LCC. Result is 280.000 more pax.

  6. Anonymous07:27

    Chip-chat, you said that!

  7. Purger08:44

    It was... but in those chip-chats with glass of wine in one hand, and snack in other you can get lot of interesting information.

    As Mr. Šimunovic very well knows who I am, he thinks twice before say something.

  8. Anonymous15:32

    @Anonymous of 11:57 PM

    CG is a developed country? Since when? Please!

  9. Anonymous11:27

    It's a real shame that ryanair cant fly to podgorica this year. Everyone complains about ryanair but at the end of the day they bring us the best price. I dont care if I dont have a net infront of my seat or cold airplane food for a 2 to 5 hour flight. Anyway great news for Zadar, I really hope they establish flights to Barcalona. Its a shame that Zadar isent connected with southern europe. The Zadar-Bari route was a great idea but uneconomical in the end unfortunatly.


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