Six left in Zagreb terminal race

TAV fails to make the second round
The tender to choose who will partially finance and run Zagreb’s long awaited new terminal is entering its final month. From the original ten offers, a total of six have made it into the second round, although the Croatian government has refused to reveal the names of those companies. Now, Croatian media have reported that the six airports vying to build and run Zagreb’s new terminal are: GMR Infrastructure & Flughafen Munchen (Munich Airport), ADC & HAS Airports (Houston Airport), J&P Avax & Athens International Airport, Flughafen Zurich (Zurich Airport and Turkish airport operator), Seoul Incheon International Airport and the French Riviera Airport Consortium. As a result, the high profile bid submitted by TAV Holdings & TAV Construction from Turkey has been rejected. According to local media reports, TAV is demanding for the tender process to be halted, arguing that corruption has been involved. However, the tender has been successful since it managed to attract ten well established companies. The bid submitted by Houston Airport is believed to be the favourite.

The tender to find a partner to participate in a joint public private partnership with the Croatian government began back in April. The winning bid should be announced during the month. However, since the start of the second round of the process was delayed by almost four weeks it is unknown whether these delays will prolong the second round as well.

Construction of the new terminal is set to start in late 2012. The value of the project is estimated at up to 220 million Euros. The conditions of the tender outline that bidders must not own an airline, must not depend on state financing and are not allowed to be in ownership of any other airport within a 400 kilometre radius from Zagreb. Under these conditions Vienna Airport was disqualified from the race due to its close proximity to Croatia’s capital city.


  1. southern balkan10:57

    hope the TAV rejection is not a political one. but its a good decision. bunch of liars

  2. Less talking more building! :)

    We all know that the Houston group has already won all this other business is just to keep the other groups happy and a waste of time.
    Soul Incheon bid would also be great for Croatia.

  3. Anonymous13:05

    I agree with Q400!!

    I personally also think that Houston and Seoul are the most capable to launch intercontinental flights to Zagreb and make it a european hub which will be strong competitior to VIE, ZRH, LJU, BEG.
    With the two options ahead either the american or the asian tourist markets will be closer to Croatia.

  4. Q400,

    I agree with you on all points.
    However, I wonder to what exent is Korea as both individual tourist market (and transitional in terms of their pax using LDZA as a european hub for all their euro flights) powerful enough...

    I see Delta as a potential carrier who could possibly open direct connection to Croatia. United is in Star Alliance, so they may be told by Lufthansa to keep it to themselves and keep using Frankfurt and Munich.
    American Airlines is using Budapest for their routes to JFK.

    BTW, this Monday I noticed so called flight DL 8506 (Delta) flying to some airport in arizona.
    I later realized this is a classic code sharing deal as the flight was to CDG.

    AND can we explain this - in june at LDZA - hope it wasn't some emergency landing

  5. Peter,

    I think that Delta flight was bringing US soldiers to Croatia who participated in an exercise with the Croatian army.

    My argument for the Korea bid is that it could open more opportunities for investment from Korea into Croatia. They have one of the world’s best ship building industries and have shown interest in Croatia's ship building industries before.

  6. Q400 - good points. didn't think of the other investment scenarios.

    in the end, either one of those 2 partners is better than no partner as it's quite clear what LDZA and government accomplished within last 30 years while they ran the airport.

    Still can't believe that only in 2008 did LDZA beat it's 1979 record of 1.95 mil pax :)

  7. Anonymous16:24

    Korean Air and ASIANA sometimes send their Boeing747 400 to Tel Aviv.
    As routing goes via Siberia,
    Eastern Europe and Balkan downwards,
    I could imagine stopovers in Zagreb with 777.
    On cards it looks crazy but the world is a globe so actually this route is direct !
    Zagreb could also be stopover between Korea and Greece !

  8. Anonymous19:39

    Is there an update on the airport in pristina?

  9. to last anonymous - I would myself like to know how Pristina is doing this year.
    every other airport in the ex yu publishes their results on-line (here on this blogg data just gets recycled), but on pristina's airport site, one can't find such info.

  10. Anonymous21:23

    Of course in Prishtina everything is more than good !
    Only Germanwings opens SIX new destinations this months !
    Could you imagine this happen in BEG or elsewhere...never !

  11. Anonymous22:29

    Oh please, the only reason why Germanwings opened those routes is cuz airBerlin cancelled them.. So basically u got the routes you already had, but with a different carrier..

  12. Anonymous22:56

    @ last anonymous

    Really? These routes are replacing ones left by another carrier. So technically, no new routes. Please do not compare Pristina with Beograd.

  13. Anonymous22:57

    I meant 2nd last.. exactly , and why cant you use a name besides "anonymous" ?

  14. i'd be interested in seeing how will the run for the third busiest ex yu airport turn out.
    Ljubljana, Pristina and Dubrovnik are in the game for that spot.

    While Ljubljana last year recorded 1.388 mil, this year they may not see much growth, perhaps a slight slip.

    Dubrovnik last year had 1.27 mil, but is likely to take it up anywhere from 1.35 to 1.38 mil in 2011.

    And what about Pristina ? Last year they had 1.305... what's the growth rate so far in 2011 ?

    There shouldn't be much change for all the others. Maybe Skopje will get close to 1 mil. or will it ?

  15. Purger23:59

    ...and Split!

  16. Aleanca Kuq e Zi01:14

    Prishtina will be number tree !
    Ljubljana is nothing without transfers from Kosova...those times are done !
    We have now direct flights !
    Dubrovnek and Split maximum 1,3 Mio,
    who want to go there in winter..nobody !

  17. DKinVXO07:17

    @Aleanca Kuq e Zi
    Yes, and who wants to go to PRN at all, except for ethnic albanians and some businessmen? Good airline connections open up for other businesses to flourish, so who knows, SPU and DBV might very well get all year round connections to several european cities.

  18. AirKoryoTU-20407:46

    Seoul - Athens sounds like a good idea with onward connections for sure. But from ICN to ATH it is only 27km diffrence in operational lengths from ICN to ZAG then to go direct to ATH. I think if anything it would operate A330-200HGW over 772 (for KE that is)

  19. @Aleanca Kuq e Zi,
    If you wish to talk this way...I'll throw it out directly.

    Split and Dubrovnik have as a matter of fact far greater long-term potential, being the coastal hubs where increasing number of tourists have been coming. Plus the business elite and general population. Every year there are flights opening up and that will only continue.
    Pristina, on the other hand, is limited on its domestic and surrounding populations.
    Transfers...I doubt it - maybe to some extent Pristina will see an increase in transfer pax.
    Tourists in Kosovo ? - not for some time, while in Croatia they are on a get-go, with still so much more potential ...

  20. Purger09:18

    "who want to go there in winter..nobody"

    Winter time table - Split:
    Antalya - Dubrovnik Airline
    Cologne - Germanwings
    Frankfurt - Croatia
    Munchen - Croatia
    Paris - Croatia
    Rome - Croatia
    Stuttgart - Germanwings
    Zagreb - Croatia

    Frankfurt - Croatia
    Istanbul - Dubrovnik Airline
    London - British
    London - easJet
    Madrid - Dubrovnik Airline
    Manchester - BH
    Paris - Dubrovnik Airline
    Rome - Croatia
    Rome - easyJet
    Zagreb - Croatia

  21. Purger09:20

    SPU - 51 weekly flights (7,3 per day)
    DBV - 45 weekly flights (6,4 per day)

  22. any pictures of there plan with the new terminal?

  23. There is something even better, a nice video of the old and new terminals:


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