Winter season 2011/2012
Adria and Jat Airways

Winter changes
The 2011/2012 winter season begins on October 30, 2011 and will last until March 24, 2012.

As has been previously reported, Adria Airways will suspend services to London, Paris, Stockholm and Warsaw from Ljubljana, flights to Dusseldorf from Priština and the Vienna - Frankfurt service. Despite earlier announcements that it would suspend its service to Toulon, the airline just recently decided to keep the flights throughout the winter. Compared to the 2010/2011 winter season, the airline will cut frequencies to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Zurich from Ljubljana as well as Frankfurt from Priština. Flights to Belgrade, Skopje and Moscow will see a frequency increase, with Belgrade up by two flights on last winter, Skopje up by four and Moscow up by one.

Jat Airways will suspend its long running service to Dubai despite significant passenger numbers on the route over the summer season as well as last winter. Since most passengers on the Dubai flights continue to Australia with Emirates, the airline receives additional compensation from the Dubai based carrier for selling its tickets, which in turn covered the flights' operational costs, making the suspension questionable. Flights to Rome, Larnaca and Tivat will see their frequencies reduced with Jat operating only a one daily service to Tivat, down from two daily last winter season. The airline will resume flights to Paphos in Cyprus from November until the end of February with the service from Belgrade operating via Tel Aviv and the return flight operating nonstop. Athens will see a frequency increase. Flights to the Greek capital will be boosted with three additional services although the airline will reduce capacity by operating the ATR72 instead of the Boeing 737-300.

By clicking on the links below, you can view the 2011/2012 winter season changes in more detail. Next Saturday the winter changes for B&H Airlines, Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines will be published.


  1. seljacina09:16

    I hope JU will come back to Dubai even with FlyDubai coming to Belgrade. The competition would drive down fares on the route even further. Do you think JU might come back to DXB in the summer?

  2. hi ex-yu.

    frequencies to SKP have not been cut, they are up from 7 to 12, compared to last winter schedule, as far as i can remember


  3. Anonymous09:38

    If you visit or you can find only one daily flight from Belgrade to Zurich, there are no additional frequencies. Also, there is only one returning flight from Tel Aviv via Paphos to Belgrade per week. Ex-yu, could you please explain that? Last winter season JAT planned to fly two times per day to Tivat, but executed 60% of that plan.

  4. Your news is totally wrong about Adria!!

    As mentioned, SKP is UP!
    PRN-MUC not cancelled, where have you read this??
    Also TLN is back in the schedule.

    So pleas check fact before writing!

  5. Omissions have been corrected. No harm intended.

  6. Anonymous11:03

    Sky...chill dude

  7. Anonymous11:26

    In the GDS there is no BEG-PFO flight at all.....please verify.

  8. Re: DXB flights
    It's highly unlikely that JU will re-establish DXB flights any time soon. FZ will take over EK transit passengers. The special prorate agreement JU has with EK expires on 31 January. In the meantime EK has made SPA's with other airlines who will carry transit passengers ex BEG to points in Europe. O/D passengers were insignificant on JU flights considering that obtaining UAE visas was quite a hassle unless travelling to/from DXB on EK.

  9. @ last Anonymous

    The PFO flights are in GDS's, but only from PFO to BEG, as flights from BEG to TLV go via LCA.

    19JAN 23FEB ...4... PFO BEG 0130 0305 JU 71 733
    10NOV 15DEC ...4... PFO BEG 0130 0305 JU 71 733

  10. Anonymous12:29

    Hopefully JU will return to DXB in summer 2012 with 3 weekly frequencies, as FZ flies only 4x weekly to BEG. Though with their product, JU can hardly compete with FZ on the route, with brand new planes, IFE, price... But let's wait and see.

  11. Anonymous12:33

    I have no clue if JAT DXB flights were profitable or not, however isn't there now a considerable lack of seats to/ex Cyprus with just 2 1/2 frequencies? Why doesn't JAT stop flying to TLV and operates 3 flights BEG/LCA/BEG and codeshares with CY LCA to TLV?

  12. Anonymous17:25

    "Obtaining UAE visas was quite a hassle"...what does that mean Lento?

    That it was a hassle or still is ?
    And if it still is ? Dont you get visa at he airport without
    problems ?
    Does that mean that we are not allowed to leave airport or even airplane ?

    It would be nonsense to fly to Dubai without easy access to the country itself !

    I hope there is not some sort of discrimination or other stupidities
    like restrictions on movement...
    when it is ...Flydubai can stop immediately with their services !

    I hope someone will inform us about this problems , i dont want to waste my money for flying to somewhere without even being allowed to leave the airport !

  13. Anonymous,

    Usually representative offices of Emirates can issue you a visa for Dubai. You should call their office in Belgrade and check it out with them.

    However, when I went to Dubai I got it through their office in Nicosia and it wasn't a problem at all.

  14. Tamburica18:10

    Has Flydubai an office in Belgrade
    or can I contact them via office of Emirates ? Will Emirates help in this case ...oh my god I am totally confused now ?

  15. Anonymous18:28

    Emirates' office in Belgrade is at the same time Flydubai's representative office. Entering visa for UAE costs 35 euros, though same agencies in Belgrade ask for more money. If you travel as a transfer passenger via Dubai International you don't need any transit visa. Also, you can buy tickets for trips to Australia via Dubai (only one stopover) through or (FZ/EK).

  16. As Nemjee said, if you're flying to/from DXB on EK, you can get a visa through its offices. Otherwise you have to fax through all the documents . If I remember correctly, it takes quite a while to have your visa approved. Here's what Timatic says: VISA ISSUANCE:

  17. Anonymous20:46

    Fax the documents to where,embassy or
    where? Flydubai is not Emirates so we have to go to embassy,but there is no embassy of Arab Emirates in
    We deposit by a sponsor-what is a sponsor? a pre arranged visa can we buy this at booking of flight?

  18. Anonymous21:42

    I think when booking the flight you get a confirmation by fax ,which is also at the same time this "pre arranged Visa ".Then this confirmation fax you show at Dubai airport which will exchange this for the real visa. The sponsor is the person at the airport which controls you when you arrive.
    I hope im right,if not please correct me!

  19. Livnjak21:47

    I thought only guest workers from India and Pakistan and this countries
    need to have all these papers...never thought it would be applied also to Europeans...

  20. seljacina00:11

    Since FZ is not aligned with EK, do you think EK might (eventually) react to Jat's pullout of DXB and start their own flights to BEG? it would have to be a low frequency but you never know..

  21. VisitBengaluru!00:31

    Dear Seljacina ,
    pullout of Jat is a direct reaction to Flydubai - which has much better product than Jat !
    And Flydubai is aligned with

    Problem for Emirates is,that to begin flights you have to use small aircraft to minimize risks of loosing too much money if flights fail!
    So there comes flydubai ,their aircraft is perfect to start with..
    small plane=small risk, big plane=big risk!

    If Flydubai is succesful which i
    am convinced,then maybe Emirates
    start also flights and even code-
    share with Flydubai to Belgrade!

  22. SuisseOuest09:52

    Speaking of Zurich: does anyone know LF on JAT and LX? Iirc, JAT had extra frquencies during summer and planes were full...

  23. Anonymous10:31

    JP should restruct to split on 2 companies.
    New Adria Airways in LJU as national airliner with most network and new low cost company Adria Express with a hub in MBX.

    New Adria Airways should return London destination and in the future it should be the goal to be present at british market with at least 2 flights per day to LJU!!!

    Adria Express should try to get all year flights to BCN, MAD, Lyon, ROM, BGY or MPX, St. Peterburg, Sofia, Tripoli and seasonal: Gothenburg, Dublin, Edinburg, Tel Aviv etc. for MBX!!! lowcost sales philosophie!

  24. Anonymous11:10

    I can't see that many cuttings on Adtia winter schedule except Paris, London and Warsaw (already on-off for some time).Before they is talking on cancel this and that etc.
    at the end nearly same as before.
    reduct what where crisis'

  25. Anonymous11:47

    According to JAT's official statistics for the first nine months of 2011 they recorded Load Factor of some 74%, which is not bad at all. For the same period LX had some 110 passengers per flight using A320 (approx. 50%), A319 (approx. 30%) and F100 (approx. 20%). Speaking about market-share, ratio LX/JAT is approx. 2:1.

  26. Anonymous16:27

    what is LX ?

  27. BSL-BEG01:29

    LX is now Swiss, before it was CROSSAIR!

    Swiss gets more and more to Swissair, with this new logo they have.

    It's very sad that CROSSAIR doesn't exist anymore, now we would have fully
    Embraer Fleet and not the 2nd world war aircrafts of Avro RJ's.


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