Wizz, Ryan and Vueling to Ljubljana

Five new airlines for Ljubljana Airport
After the announcement made last week that several low cost airlines will begin operations to Ljubljana, new details have now been revealed. A total of five new airlines will commence flights to Jože Pučnik Airport by the start of the 2012 summer season. They include Ryanair, Wizz Air, Vueling, IZair and Norwegian Air Shuttle. The new arrivals should replace Adria on several routes the national carrier plans to suspend this coming winter. Talks are underway for Ryanair to begin flights from Dusseldorf and Dublin to Ljubljana while Wizz Air would operate a service from its London Luton base. Furthermore, Vueling should commence flights from Madrid to Ljubljana. Previously, the airline had operated flights to the Slovenian capital out of Barcelona. Talks are ongoing with IZair from Turkey to commence flights from Istanbul while Norwegian Air Shuttle could launch flights from Oslo, a service once operated by Adria.

With the prospect of oncoming competition, Robert Vuga, the Executive Director of Adria Airways says that the national carrier should not be affected. “If the new airlines won’t compete with Adria Airways, then we understand the government and their wish to bring more tourists to Slovenia”. The Government of Slovenia has approved a proposal for subsidies to be given to low cost airlines. Earlier in the year it also approved a 50 million Euro bailout for Adria.

The management of Ljubljana Airport sees the new arrivals as a big opportunity for Slovenian tourism but also as a way to improve its sluggish performance when it comes to passenger numbers this year.


  1. Anonymous09:21

    well, are there only talks underway or is it comfirmed? the title of is somewhat misleading

  2. Anonymous09:46

    Zagreb didnt have a luck with wizz, lets see what will happen with Slovenian capital, and Im wondering how will vueling improve its LJU-MAD line, if Barcelona wasnt good enough. Ryan will have good destination cities, especially for connecting flights to Mediterannean, Morocco, Canary islands and north-east European.

  3. Anonymous09:58

    Why wasn't Wizz Air successful in Zagreb?
    Strange that they managed to make Belgrade and Skopje work but not there.

  4. Anonymous10:50

    Why why why LJU is not getting Windjet or AirItaly to connect Milano and Rome with LJU? There is still improvement to russian markets? Where is Rusline? Instead of Domededovo they could connect LJU with St. Peterburg! Is there a chance after Lybia is recovering to get direct flight to Tripoli?

  5. Anonymous10:55

    Avoiding any direct competition with JP is not strategy at all.

  6. JU520 BEGLAX11:15

    Wasnt Wizzair already in LJU? As far as I remember they flew Charleroi and not sure but Luton.

    JP has tried MAD and BCN. BCN gave them much better figures, eventhough MAD was running the first year quite well.
    Adria tried Rome, I think twice without real success. Oslo was no success for JP.
    I think DUB and especially DUS could work out. But the way Adria promoted it s flights, it was no wonder they were no succees.

    any inside JP Informator, who knows which JP destinations get cut?

  7. Anonymous11:18

    Why wasn't Wizz Air successful in Zagreb?

    I do not now the answer but I have the impression when wizzair was in Zagreb OU had no need to lower the prices, contrary when easyjet came OU prices went down significantly.

    e.g. when wizzair was here I paid 200+ EUR for the tickets with OU to London
    when easyjet came I paid 120- EUR for the tickets with OU

    The schedule of wizzair was not convenient and I heard few times that they did not care about passengers when the flights were delayed or cancelled.

  8. Anonymous11:20

    What is the sense from the Slovenian government to subsidise foreign airlines to start these services? If they are spending loads of money on them, couldn't they give it straight to JP to continue to operate? Shouldn't they fund new routes instead of putting extra flights on existing sectors like IST-LJU? At the same time, JP is happily selling tickets on all routes. So passengers will be later rebooked for loads of money on other carriers. There is something very balcanic going on in the state of Slovenia....

  9. Anonymous12:50

    Wizz was very succesfull in ZAG, flew so many times, planes were packed, the only reason they pulled of from there is BEG base and Easyjet in ZAG, that is all.

    Wizz was in LJU, but they will be doing better as Adria won't be flying to LON, so no competition at all.

    as for FR, 2 star airline, but cheap, so you get what you pay for, and any new destination is welcome.

  10. Anonymous12:55

    Mostly of these new flights (they are talks on so many new flights but not all will materialise) will be not
    subsidised by Slovenian government.
    If JP is leaving the monopoly on the market ... there is -finally- space for others to vome in.
    IF Monopoly -not based on any economy law but on robberry- Jugoslavia style between Ljubljana Airport - Adria - Petrol is finally broken there is space for
    other airlines.
    Why other can and JP not?
    It's easy because others are not working like thefts.

  11. Anonymous14:01

    Wizz was in LJU, with Luton&Charleroi.I'm not sure why they stoped Luton/or why would they start now, cause there's EasyJet with daily flights to Stansted.Wizz was doing good on LJU- Charleroi until SN Brussels (at the time "semi"lowcost, usually they had very good prices) started BRU-LJU, then Wizz pulled out, then SN got into Staralliance, started codesharing with Adria which resulted in only JP with expencive tickets flying LJU-BRU.So it would be good if Wizz reintroduced Charleroi.and start places like Malmo/Rome/Girona/Glasgow...

  12. Anonymous14:22

    well I think that windjet or airitaly could perform with new clients - not JP clients new passegners from italian market that is the primary tourist market that visits slovenia! all workshops in italy we are speechless as by the end of the year the last train connection between Budapest-Ljubljana-Venice will be cutted! NO flights... so? how to welcome all this guests???

  13. Anonymous14:37

    To last Anonymous (question about train):
    Is it true that Budapest-Ljubljana-Venice will be cut from December 2011?
    Where is this news coming from?
    Where can we read about it?
    What about Budapest-Ljubljana by train (by air is already cancelled) still alive next year?

  14. Anonymous16:05

    in june 2011 I tried to purchase the ticket and hungarian and italian railways prolong this connection just till end of timetable 2011. then no connections at all between Italy and Slovenia! you can just find that new metro plan for Trieste will connect Koper - Trieste - Ronchi and Trieste - Opicina - Sezana 2 lines of metro.... to bad for us!

  15. Anonymous16:21

    First of all its a kind of ridiculous thing to expect that LJU will be suddenly connected with 15 cities that didnt work in the last years!!
    JP flew to all of them: Madrid, Oslo, Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham, Bucharest and the LF were very poor by most of them.
    If Slovenia wants to work out these destinations in order to bring tourists they must be offered as charter flights.
    As for Wizz they will make it with their LTN route now the JP is gone!!

    P.S. We havent heard anything about Montenegrin airports for months!!What happens there?

  16. Anonymous18:44

    BTW, LOT eventually decided to continue flying WAW-BEG route during next winter season,days 1,3 and 5.

  17. Anonymous18:46

    Belgrade airport had over 316000 passengers in September, an increase of 15.4%.

  18. Anonymous20:18

    Dubrovnik had 205.936

    Impressive too.

  19. Anonymous23:22

    @ 2nd last anonymous

    how do you know these figures?

  20. Anonymous07:22

    Around December, the morning flight of Austrian Airlines (08:10 departure) is going to be operated by an A319 in stead of the usual Fokker 100!

  21. Anonymous09:52

    OK,you last anonymous,
    but in which place ,city ,country ?

  22. Anonymous13:25

    sorry, Belgrade-Vienna.

  23. Anonymous13:41

    Why Adria not announcing officially
    cuts for winter season -exact destinations- ?
    All last minute :(
    Thay are not serious.
    It's bananna airline


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