Zagreb surpasses two million

Croatian airports record growth in September
Last week Zagreb surpassed the two million passengers mark, an impressive 48 days ahead of last year. The passenger was travelling from Zagreb to Istanbul on a Turkish Airlines flight. In September, Zagreb saw 240.805 passengers, an increase of 12.6% compared to last year.

Elsewhere in Croatia, Dubrovnik and Split both recorded a passenger increase compared to September 2010. The two have handled a total of 2.307.811 passengers this year and during November managed to surpass the end of year result from last year. Pula also recorded a passenger increase with the airport seeing almost 8% more passengers this year compared to last. With 886 passengers at Mali Lošinj this September, the airport grew 82.3%.

On the other hand, Zadar is continuing to record a passenger slump. Numbers fell by 3.5%, although so far this year the airport has seen growth of some 3%. Osijek handled 2.475 passengers, which is down on last September. Osijek Airport won’t see any scheduled flights until the end of the year, meaning its figures will significantly decline from now until March 2012.

Below you can review the performance of Croatia’s airports in September 2011. OveSeptember 2010. The statistics have been provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

AirportPassengers SEP 2011Passengers SEP 2010Change (%)
Zagreb240.805213.876 12.6
Dubrovnik203.360187.630 8.4
Pula55.76352.770 5.7
Split182.459171.066 6.7
Zadar36.92838.266 3.5
Osijek2.4752.821 12.8
Rijeka13.5579.870 37.4
Mali Lošinj886486 82.3


  1. Anonymous10:31

    Tako je Zagreb, tako je LIJEPA NASA DOMOVINO! Samo vise od Beograda hahaha...! Samo triba da se jos ulozi nekoliko miljuna Kuna za novu zracnu luku, ali i to ce biti, bozijom voljom!

    Pozdrav svim Hrvatima, Bosnjacima i Slovencima!

  2. Anonymous10:46

    Jadan si!

  3. Anonymous11:44

    ^ Anonymous above me...

    Nije jadan...i treba da se je dobro za nas. Onda ce mo naprdovati vise i bolje!

    Pozdrav iz Novog Beograda! :)

  4. Anonymous11:45



  5. Yes - bring it on ! I agree with the 2nd to last anonymous. I am a Croat from Zagreb, and I am thinking the following:
    I want Zagreb to be on top but only if all the others are at their best too, including Belgrade :)
    peace out

  6. Anonymous12:05

    Fully support all good will comments.

    If everyone around me is well and prosperous, I will be too.
    In case of misery, same applies.

    Of course, everyone, independently, should develop all his potentials and compete, as best as he can.

    New ZG airport IGH ASAP

  7. BSL-BEG12:09


    Fly Dubai cancelled the flight for today:путници/летови/доласци.335.html

    Does anybody know why?

    Pozdrav svim EX-Jugoslovenima!

    Zajedno smo jaci!

  8. Anonymous12:12

    Bravo za Zagreb, nadam se da ce i Sarajevo vremenom postati poseceniji aerodrom. Ne treba se takmiciti, vec sve prepustiti vremenu. Kakve veze ima koji aerodrom ima veci broj putnika, u smislu srpski ili hrvatski, to nista ne znaci, pa treba da saradjujemo jer smo prve komsije. Blam me je dok citam takve komentare, a kamoli da se osvrcem na njih. Srdacan pozdrav iz Beograda za sve dobre ljude, a ima ih..

  9. I wrote this under another article but I think the gist applies here too in regards to who is better in ex YU.

    This answer was to an ongoing argument why there are no big players present here who would commence intercontinental flights.

    Here is my response:

    Let's look at the situation as it is now; there are only two major hubs in former YU, Zagreb and Belgrade with extensive European networks.
    Now, how many flights do we have, for example, from Nis to ZG or to BEG? Or from Ohrid, Mostar, Podgorica, Banja Luka, Osijek, etc., to those 2 cities?
    How come we have 3 buses from Nis to Zagreb every day but not a single flight? Could some of these people take the plane instead? Or, how many people would travel from Nis to some European destination (that Belgrade doesn't cover) through Zagreb?
    I am using Nis as a good example how little or not at all exYU airlines cooperate. If they were better organized and if they developed a better inner exYU network the big players would might really come, such as United, Delta, Emirates, Quantas, etc.
    The exYU market is extremely fragmented and disorganized so the big players only see a small potential instead of the big picture. Why the hell do we have so many airports which are not utilized?
    Why rely on low cost airlines and beg them to come to those airports (while making major concession to them instead of using our own resources)?
    I cannot see a reason why Croatia Airlines does not send Dash to Ohrid or Banja Luka or Nis?
    Time those flights with links to Fra, Lon, Paris, Madrid, and other major centers and 'voila' - everybody profits.

    Just a thought....

  10. Anonymous13:00

    Toooooo Zagreb...pozdrav braci iz 'ljute' Bosanske Krajine! :D

  11. Anonymous13:52

    Stovana braca,

    I vama pozdrav iz suncanog Zagreba! :)

  12. Anonymous14:00

    @ Damien

    spot on! Couldn't agree more!

    Greetings from London

  13. @BSL-BEG

    FlyDubai flights are not due to begin before 10 November, so it must be a mistake.


    My thoughts exactly!!! There are so many opportunities with regional airports, but it seems there's no one to take advantage of those opportunities.

  14. Damien,

    Perfect world and this would be the case but people need to be educated in the region with regards to the benefits of air travel and the Ex Yu airlines need to improve their PR operation and come up with some inventive way to sell their product to the 'locals'. I also think that the carriers in the region need to re structure and become a semi low cost carrier. For example sell food onboard, the passengers can then make up their mind if they want to eat or not. Many airlines are moving towards this so it would not be such a shock to the passengers and virgin do it so well here in Australia with good selections on the menu that I look forward to it and I know I’ll get something I enjoy and not what is place in front of me.

    I also think it’s time OU looked at the possibility of smaller Turbo props such as the SAAB 340, Dash 8-200 or aircraft in that class for some of the destinations you mentioned, the Q400 might be a bit too large.

  15. @Q400, thanks for the post, absolutely agree with you. With the current gas prices and exorbitant highway tolls it is actually much cheaper to fly. This could be the new advertising slogan for CA but they seem to be busy with other stuff then attracting new passengers.

    By the way, do you have an idea how much it costs to wet lease an Airbus 330 or Boeing 777?

  16. VisitBengaluru!17:20

    Dear Admin,
    the picture in the right upper corner...
    could you please make that it appears bigger if i click on it !

    It is wonderful !
    Palair had one of the best colour shemes ever !

    And on a DC 10 it is even more impressive !
    Did Palair lease it from Jat ?
    Thanks in advance !

  17. ^ The larger version will be available on Saturday on the EX-YU Facebook page where you can view all the previous vintage photos -!/media/set/?set=a.180574581990899.42482.142924325755925&type=3

  18. Anonymous19:03

    @ people who said Budapest should be transfer point for Balkans,

    I am looking at tickets for next summer from CLE - BEG. The prices total is $1,123 which is REAL cheap compared to others, its AA to JFK, then AA as well to Budapest and Malev to Beograd. Now going there, I would have about 4 hour wait at both JFK and Budapest which isent too much. But coming back, in Budapest I would have 20 hours and in JFK 21 hours. TOO MUCH! I looked for just making the outbound flight to BEG through Budapest and it will not let me, so there is no way. If timing was right on return flight, I would consider the flights. Lufthansa still is real good service at $1,521 even if their food is not the best! United is cheapest $1,800 and plus I would add economy plus seating, another $200. I do not know if it is worth it. Most other airlines are much, much more expensive, or just real low quality. KLM would take me BEG - Amsterdam - DTW - CAK (Akron, near Cleveland) for cheap price like $1,150 , but I hear Detroit is impossible to fly through. LUFTHANSA seems like choice A for now, I would love for them to have extra legroom though, I would pay for it!

  19. Anonymous19:48

    Alex...AA will stop flights to Budapest!
    From 1 december all flights are cancelled!

  20. Anonymous20:01

    and btw SVE NAJ for our neighbors in Croatia :)

    no, for next summer the flights are bookable, ...... its just seasonal flights, every summer AA flies to Budapest, along with Delta I believe

  21. Anonymous21:15

    OK Alex,it is only official for WT
    ...but flights were not so much success(due to competition with Delta as you mentioned).
    AA holds back decision to fly in summer next is not very likely they will !
    Even if only for winter..
    it is a heavy blow for Malev as a feeder!

  22. Anonymous22:11

    True, did AA or DL fly to Budapest last winter? Maybe AA will choose BEG next summer instead, would be nice?

  23. I see Delta as one of the players that may open up to ex-yu market. I have read in his interview with Aeronautica that even ex. CEO of LDZA, Mr. Matkovic had done extensive research regarding the pax flow and accordingly had talked to Delta on opening direct flights from LDZA to U.S. This was probably around 2007-8.

    When you look at it this way... Budapest's Ferihegy benefited in 1992 by getting the direct US flights for the first time ever. That year Yugoslavia completely fell apart, so soon after Zagreb being out of the picture due to war, Belgrade got "disqualified" too due to embargo that started in 1992.

    I see it this way, there is only so much room for some big US airline to connect to in the general "south-eastern european" region. Except Vienna and Prague that are and always will be star tourist hot spots, Budapest as attractive as it is, somehow falls a step shorter than those 2.

    Aside from our current business (un)activity, I believe that Croatia and the rest of ex-yu will collectively have more to offer than Hungary.
    So, in that sense I wouldn't count out the possibility that AA or Delta are re-evaluating Budapest's so-far unpremised position of a regional hub...
    Ex-yu market, as much as it's geared towards feeding western European hubs, is a good market. Lots of those people travelling to Frankfurt, Munich, CDG, or London end up going to the U.S. Who wouldn't want a piece of that market share ?

    Please correct me if I am getting too crazy here, but I see an opportunity, such in which all the ex-yu markets, with the proper collaboration can make these connections happen.
    Perhaps, if pax from places like Mostar, Sarajevo, BAnja Luka, Pula, Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb area "collect" pax with small 20 seater airplanes that Damien mentioned, we could see frequent flights Zagreb-New York.
    On the other hand, if Belgrade manages to get all the connecting flights within Serbia, Macedonia and east BiH, that could yield in another connection to Chicago etc.
    During "low" winter seasons, Belgrade and Zagreb can connect so to help the load factor. Something like: Belgrade-Zagreb-New York, or BG-Zg-Chicago.
    When things get better, each may develop into 2 own seperate connecting hubs that'll have an option to combine when times get tougher which they occasionally will.
    We are talking about 20 mil people market.
    Hungary has 10 mil. + Ex Yu has a potential in tourism. For now the only serious contributers are Croatia and Montenegro, but that can improve and spill over to the rest, and we already see trends of that too...

    I am on a roll tonight... :)

  24. Anonymous22:51

    @ Petar

    You are correct for the most part. The ex-yu has a huge amount of pax traveling to/ from the USA, which would make a decent non-stop market, that is what pisses me off when someone who I will not name keeps saying there is no way for us to receive flights. Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, MANY cities in ex-yu are connected with Lufthansa, JAT, Croatian, Air France, LOT, and suck the pax going to / from the USA to large European destinations and connect from there. With cooperation, they could sustain all year international flights. Belgrade - Zagreb - JFK and ORD for starters would be good, if the airliners will want to make the 2 stops. They could operate all year round as much of the diaspora and other pax travel during the winter season as well. WE JUST NEED an airline to try out these flight, prove that they will be successful! It just seems more likely that BEG will get the flights as they have more pax/ transfer pax than LDZA if flights were to start to one city, but that is to be seen! SVE NAJ TO ALL EX- YU MARKET :)

  25. AleksNikolicUSA - my old blogg friend - true, true, but I still think that rivalry between Zag and Beg (in terms of the 1st city getting the flight) may be closer than you think given that Croatia has an open skies agreement, and is rapidly developing interest from tourists in the US - has an incredibly positive PR - so .... sve naj to Beograd and Serbia također, but bring it on ! :)

  26. my apologies - sve naj to all ex-yu :)

  27. VisitBengaluru!23:23

    My wishes for ST 2012 :

    -Direct flights from regional airports to BEG or ZAG,especially
    those who are underserved now!
    Examples :
    Mostar-ZAG and Mostar-BEG
    Split-ZAG and Split BEG
    Pula-ZAG and Pula-BEG
    Zadar-ZAG and Zadar-BEG
    Rijeka-ZAG and Rijeka-BEG
    Dubrovnik -ZAG and DUB-BEG
    Podgorica BEG and PGC-ZAG
    Ohrid BEG and OHR-ZAG !

    Some of them already exist,
    best would be high frequency
    with small aircraft !
    Even if only for summer !

    A good example for a regional airliner is Egypt Air daughter Egypt Air Express with an "Embraer 170 only" -fleet !

    Before going international we could fix this first : )

  28. @VisitBengaluru - nice wish list.
    even 1/2 of that would be great for ST 2012.

  29. Purger09:12

    Peter: I have read in his interview with Aeronautica that even ex. CEO of LDZA, Mr. Matkovic had done extensive research regarding the pax flow and accordingly had talked to Delta on opening direct flights from LDZA to U.S.

    Thank you to read interview that I wrote in Aeronautika.

  30. Purger - you are welcome. Aeronautika is a good magazine. Just bought the new issue yesterday.


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