B&H to resume Amsterdam flights

B&H back at Schiphol
B&H Airlines will resume flights to Amsterdam on December 15, just over a month after the service was suspended along with Copenhagen. Services to Amsterdam will operate three times per week. The equipment to be used on the service will vary. As it currently stands, two flights are planned to operate with an Airbus A319 and one service will be operated by an ATR72. While flights on the A319 will take just over two hours, those travelling on the ATR will endure a journey of three and a half hours. The resumption will coincide with the relaunch of the carrier’s Sarajevo - Copenhagen service which will now operate via Banja Luka. Those flights are set to begin on December 1. To find out more about the Sarajevo - Amsterdam service, click here.

Meanwhile, in the past three months, B&H carried 38.691 passengers, a decrease of 29.9% compared to the same months last year. However, it should be noted that the airline more than halved the number of operated flights compared to the same period last year, which naturally resulted in the passenger decline. By the end of September, the airline welcomed 104.000 passengers onboard, a decrease of only 4.7% despite the fact that the number of flights were slashed by 38%. It remains to be seen how the rest of the year will play out and whether the negative trend will be halted. B&H recorded its best year on record in terms of passenger numbers last year when it handled 138.241 passengers.


  1. Anonymous09:40

    Could it be that TK tried to route passengers to NA via Istanbul and then when they saw how stupid it is they decided to reinstate flights to Amsterdam?

    And wow... the joy of flying to Amsterdam in an Atr for 3:30!

  2. Anonymous10:02

    Bravo braco Bosnjaci! Ima vas na tisuce po svijetu, ko i nas (nazalost), triba da imate veliku zrakoplovnu kompaniju!

    Pozdrav iz Zagreba svim Bosnjacima, Hrvatima i Slovencima :)

  3. Peter from Sydney10:10

    Absolutely amateur hour at JA! Where's the business and consumer confidence when you cancel a route only to reinstate it a month later! Dumb, dumb, dumb!

  4. Anonymous11:18

    I find it a bit offencive how the 2nd Anonymous will pozdrav only Bosnians, Croatians and Slovenes. If you're not going to say it to all of us then don't even say it at all. This is an EX-YU aviation forum, not just those 3.

    Ps. I'm not saying this to be rude, I'm just saying it would be nicer if you could say it to all of us..

    Pozdrav svima iz Alstralija

  5. @last anonymous
    just ignore these kind of provocations ;)

    Sorry for this, but I have to ask - what did happen with Bulgaria Airs' SOF-BEG route? There was pompous announcements about the route start, but nothing happened :(
    I ask because I plan to travel to Varna next april, but there are no connections at all if you want to travel from BEG.
    Only Austrian and Malev are operating to VAR on a regular basis, but the sectors BEG-XXX-VAR are only bookable separately and the prices are insane of course :)
    On the other hand, if you want to travel from SOF to VAR, the return ticket all tax included is only 60EUR. It would be really convenient if there was BEG-SOF direct air route :)
    Bus ride to Sofia last approx. 10 hours, and there is no train connection because of some rail problems...
    Any solutions? :)


  6. Anonymous13:45

    Take a train from Belgrade to Budapest and then fly on Malev :P

  7. Anonymous13:53

    Any US flights from SJJ?

  8. Anonymous14:04

    @ Third Anonymous

    Ovo je 'EX' - yu aviation news, 'EX' ne znaci sada...

  9. Monarch is flying from Birmingham,Manchester and LGW to Dubrovnik next summer


  10. Anonymous16:22

    @ Second to last anonymous.

    Yeah, it is 'EX' however on this forum it is considered as one as it's gathered infromation from the very similar nations of the former yugoslavia. Whether you like it or not, Serbs and Macedonias are also your brothers. It's people like you that led to the break up in the first place and that led to nothing but having thousands of people dead and even more missplaced for what? Nothing but a shitter life being 'independent'.

  11. Anonymous16:44

    Sorry but live in Crotia if far than it was in Yugoslavia. Our BNP and standard is much bigger. I thing Slovenian even more.

  12. I kakve to veze ima sa avijacijom!? Objasnjenje?

  13. PRAGuc17:03

    Nema apsolutno nikakve, zar je pa imalo nekada (čast izuzecima).
    Pozdrav svoj braći Azerbejdžancima, Gvajancima, Singapurćanima i Togoancima.

    Koje ste vi budale opterećene, majke mi.

  14. 3h30 minutes to Amsterdam is awful in any propeller aircraft. The airline should at least consider user the A319 and making a stop-over in Brussels (or somewhere in Germany) to support load factors. Likewise, flip-flopping with the routes casts doubt and drives down the number of customers.

    I take offense to Anonymous#2 and all who sympathize with his crap. If you want to fart around around with nationalistic chauvinism, go ahead and create your own aviation blog that will attract like-minded thinkers. Likewise, I invite my Croatian colleagues to denounce the post made by Anonymous#2.

  15. Anonymous19:09

    I hope there will be flights from Belgrade to Tirana with some promo fare. I have someone special to visit there!

  16. Amsterdam - Sarajevo, you can do it 2 times a day with Ausitrin via Vienna + cheaper & safer :)

  17. Safer: makes no sense at all. Shall we look at statistics?

    Cheaper: Sometimes, however last time I did AMS-SJJ, BH Airlines was cheapest.

    Research before you bluntly make statements!


  18. And still, 2 times a day or 2/3 times a weak.. easy choice..


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