Cargo centre for Morava Airport

Cargo centre to accompany new terminal
The United States has agreed to partially finance the construction of a cargo centre at Serbia’s newest airport in Kraljevo. The agreement between the United States and nearby towns, which are all set to benefit from the new project, should be signed in December. Morava Airport lies between three larger cities - Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Čačak, all of which are industrial towns and would profit from a nearby cargo centre. Furthermore, it is believed that a cargo centre will make the entire airport project more viable.

Although a promotional flight between Belgrade and Kraljevo was carried out in October, construction work is ongoing on the airport’s passenger terminal which stretches over 5.000 square metres. The new control tower has been completed while the runway lengthening is scheduled to begin in January in order to accommodate larger jets. A total of 34 million Euros has been invested into the project. Since all of the construction work is meeting its projected deadlines, the airport is set to open in time for the 2012 summer season, at the end of March. A total of 150 people will be employed while all necessary equipment will be provided by Belgrade Airport.

The local authorities have said that the new airport will be able to attract airlines from both Turkey and Germany next summer. Kraljevo is located in central Serbia, 125 kilometres from Belgrade and Priština, 185 kilometres from Sarajevo and 200 kilometres from Skopje. According to the Serbian government the airport has a catchment of 2 million people and with the new cargo centre in the works is also likely to attract cargo traffic.


  1. Anonymous09:57

    Makes sense!

  2. Anonymous10:03

    Distance between Kraljevo and SKP is 350km and PRN is 200km. But roads are bad.

  3. Anonymous11:43

    jaooo...dobre stale! ehehehe jebote ;)

  4. Purger12:30

    Stupid! Even BEG cargo traffic is modest, and if Morava will attract 10% of BEG cargo (what I doubt) that would be just approximately 720 tones per year what is not enough for normal cargo center.

    One of most stupid stories in exYU is that every little airport thing thay can become "cargo airport". Last one was Tuzla with same story.

  5. Anonymous14:21

    It's interesing that the US will finance part of this cargo center while Turkey invested part of he money into the actual passenger terminal.

  6. Anonymous14:27

    If that is the case, do US and Turkey have something in mind?

  7. Anonymous14:56

    if Lufthansa launches flights like a daily one to Munich that would make sense or frankfurt, attracting transit pax and some diaspora and even business, I would definitely use Morava airport during the summer when I go instead of BEG since Morava is closer to my town, and I know many other people as well that would switch to kraljevo airport instead of BEG, or maybe for low price with new regional airplane JAT can fly Beograd - kraljevo so they have some O&D, transit, and even business...

    This past summer when I went I know the roads weren't too bad, but there weren't enough road signs for people who do not know how to get around. idk if the airport would attract a rent a car place by it, or if there are any in kraljevo maybe people can take a bus or cab from the airport to the city then rent a car.

  8. Anonymous15:48

    OT but LH begin MUC-PUY in May, another success for Croatian airports

  9. Anonymous20:16

    How many ACFT does JAT fly these days? Are they all owned by JAT or rented?

  10. Anonymous20:28

    BEG cargo traffic is 10 times smaller than the one of BUD. Is BEG so underdeveloped in cargo traffic (while being perfectly positioned) or BUD is just that great? What are the reasons behind it?

    Another question off-topic: why was the entire fleet of JAT's 727 scrapped few years ago? Were they really in such a bad shape or it was a controversial decision?

  11. Anonymous20:29

    OF course there is no need for a cargo centre there. Just a new money-laundering scheme.

  12. JU520 BEGLAX22:39

    The 727 were just too old and fuel burn not economical anymore. Also no one buys them anymore. Even most places Afria, Asia, South America, Russia, Airline would not buy them anymore.

    A 727 is today around 40 years old and on lots of airport you pay today noice taxes, so another reason not to use them anymore.
    It s a pitty, it was a great plane and I spent many hours flying on them in Yugoslavia and the US.

  13. Anonymous23:02

    Would it make any sense of Aeroflot sending an A330 daily codeshared with Jat into Belgrade instead of the two narrow bodies both ways, departing at inconvenient times? Planes are very full on SVO-BEG with ~300 passengers daily.

  14. Anonymous01:22

    They leave BEG at about the same time, but SU morning service ex SVO is timed to serve Asian arrivals, white JU is an late afternoon / early evening flight, targeting people who had a working day in Moscow. It would be nice to se a wide body daily, but a shame to lose a double daily. I always prefer to have more options as to when to fly.

  15. Anonymous05:25

    If not Aeroflot or JAT increasing frequencies next summer, i see Nordavia or Norwind airlines launching moscow - belgrade flights, even possibly moscow - nis flights, i dont know about kraljevo...

    then i see Nordavia or Rossiya launching st. petersburg - belgrade flights, possibly JAT...

    also, has the visa abolishment took place already between Serbia and Ukraine? when that happens i see a link again between beg and kiev...

    JAT with a new and larger fleet could open many new destinations

  16. Anonymous05:26

    not to mention starting flights from NIS or/ and Kraljevo, and later on Uzice

  17. Anonymous07:38

    I am looking for Webcam of the Belgrade Airport.

    Cannot find any on their site.

    Does any Webcam exists, at all?
    Please assist.

  18. AleksNikolicUSA08:54

    There should be airbus 380 twice daily from Morova and Belgrade, maybe later Uzice.

    There's lots of Serbs in Chicago, so maybe with a code-share with American airlines, I could see it happening.

  19. Anonymous15:01

    @ last comment, ha ha real fucking funny now grow some balls and put a name on ur comment, don't try to be me. and I've never said that smart ass.. joj ljudi


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