Croatia Airlines to launch new flights

Croatia Airlines to launch new flights from Dubrovnik and Zadar
Croatia Airlines is planning ahead for the next summer season, in 2012. The airline will introduce new flights from secondary hubs in Dubrovnik and Zadar. A new service from Dubrovnik to Munich will be inaugurated on April 16 with two weekly flights. Services will operate with a Dash 8. However, the airline will suspend its flights from Dubrovnik to both Vienna and Istanbul. On the other hand, the Croatian national carrier is launching flights from Zadar to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on May 1. The flights will operate with an Airbus A319, once per week. The airline has also confirmed that it will resume its seasonal service from Zagreb to Athens which operated over the 2011 summer season. Flight details for the Dubrovnik - Munich route can be found here while information regarding the service from Zadar to Paris can be found by clicking on this link. Croatia Airlines can expect strong competition from other airlines at its secondary hubs throughout the country with many airlines announcing new services to Croatian cities from the 2012 summer season.

There is no news whether Croatia Airlines will resume its seasonal flights from Dubrovnik to Belgrade which were launched over the summer for the first time. The airline’s CEO, Srećko Šmunović, announced in June that the carrier plans to extend its Dubrovnik - Belgrade flights to an all year round service, while flights from Split to the Serbian capital would be introduced during the summer of 2012.

Meanwhile, the airline has announced that it has managed to reduce its losses. Croatia Airlines recorded a loss of 5.2 million Euros for the first nine months of the year. At the same time last year losses amounted to 14.5 million Euros. Croatia Airlines has seen a record year in passenger numbers.


  1. Anonymous11:37

    Good job OU :) It is impressive how they minimized losses by a good amount, but they still have losses. Does JAT ever release a financial statement? I have seen them on their website for the past years, but not for this year so far.

  2. Very positive result for OU. Does anyone know if this is looking to be a record breaking year for the airline in terms of pax numbers?

  3. Anonymous13:26

    OU will also fly 3 rather than 2 times on the line Zadar-Zurich.

  4. Q400

    OU is expected to exceed its recodord number of 1.87 mil passangers (2008), and should be closer to 2 mil pax this year.

  5. Anonymous13:35


    OU is expected to exceed its recodord number of 1.87 mil passangers (2008), and should be closer to 2 mil pax this year.

  6. Dubrovnik Airport recorded 109.129 pax in October totalling 1,303.829 so far this year!

    It should top the year with 1.370.000 pax...

  7. Anonymous13:41

    Sorry for the off topic but what's up with the Jat flight JU109 Sarajevo - Nis - Belgrade today?

  8. Anonymous14:21

    excellent OU! JP could learn from you! Don't forget to add DBV-LJU-DBV on summer table!!!

  9. Anonymous14:54

    Excellent for Croatia :) Next year they will be on positive zero. But behind not so good financial results their greatest value are satisfied passengers, great inflight service and polite cabin crew.

  10. OU - oh yes. our nice little Croatian company that is so cute, transports so many pax, yet is lossing money.

    They have some restructuring to do.
    The other day I had dinner with friends, and we met this woman who used to work for OU as a hostess. Stuff she told us was shocking. One of her colleagues accumulated over 50 bottles of wine in her wine cellar - expensive wine. All from OU's planes. And she didn't even work for more than 6 months. Some other girl had a fetich on duty free items etc.

    When you hear this, you wonder what else may go on in that company.
    And that very same staff personnel demanded a 25% increase in wages earlier this spring !

  11. Stefan15:23

    Great news for OU. I gope they to fly DBV-BEG next summer as well.

    @ Anonymous 1.41: It was foggy in BEG so the plane went to INI.

  12. Anonymous16:44

    You know what is interesting?

    None of the exYU airports make it on the list of 100 Busiest Airports in Europe. Bari is the 100th.

    What a shame!

  13. VisitBengaluru!18:53

    A lot of people who visit Belgrade in summer either go further to
    the Croatian coastline by bus or
    would fly there if there would be good connections !

    It would be in the interest of Croatian tourism to attract those
    foreigners by offering them daily flights !

    Either from Split or from Dubrovnik
    and at least daily with small aircraft like E 170 !

    Not to forget the Serbian
    tourists .
    This both routes could be an cashcow for that airline doing
    so...even if it would be only for
    summer !
    I hope we will see it next year !

    Btw..I know people who go nearly every year to EXIT festival in Novisad,there are 20.000 foreigners who visit there every year...
    most of them go after the festival to the Croatian and Montenegrin coast by bus !

  14. Anonymous22:04


  15. Purger23:36

    Aproximatly 1.900.000 pax! Some 17-18% more than last year.

    Anonymous 2:54
    Offitial plan is to be on green on 2013, no 2012, but this year was not as good as it was planed, so that can be 2014.

    I work for HSPP (Hrvatski sindikat prometnih pilota) as consultor. They dod not ask for any rise at all. That apsolutly is not true!!!

  16. Smokiman23:45

    What percentage of pax from Pleso use OU? At BEG Jat carries about a third of the total pax. I imagine it is a similar figure at ZAG.

  17. Purger01:10

    around 62%


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