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Airports of Montenegro helps out family and friends
The CEO of Airport’s of Montenegro, which runs both Podgorica and Tivat airports, Milovan Djuričković, has employed half of his family and fellow party members at the airport in another show of corruption and political nepotism in the aviation industry in the EX-YU region.

Djuričković has employed his son to the position of vice Head of Security and his daughter’s husband at the airport’s Finance Department. Another three of the CEO’s cousins have also been employed at the airport since he took over at the helm of the company, one of which is the head of the Technical Division. Furthermore, Djuričković has extended a warm hand to fellow members of the governing Social Democratic Party of Montenegro. Ivana Brajović, wife of the Minister of the Interior, Dragan Brajović, recently found employment at Podgorica Airport while Hazera Rastoder, wife of Deputy Speaker of Parliament, has been awarded with a position at the airport’s Archives Department. Hazera previously worked at a newspaper stand. Over the 2011 summer season, thirty out of the total seventy seasonal workers at Podgorica Airport were members and activists of the capital city branch of the Social Democratic Party. The same party is in charge of the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs.

Djuričković has not found the latest revelations as worthy of a comment. The CEO of Airport’s of Montenegro recently spoke out against attempts to privatise the company. The Montenegrin daily “Dan” considers that Djuričković has already completed the privatisation himself by employing family and party members. By the end of October, Montenegro’s two airports handled a combined total of 1.152.586 passengers, an increase of 7.2% compared to the same period last year.


  1. Peter from Sydney09:53

    Absolutely disgusting and quite scary! No wonder the Balkans are falling apart!

  2. Anonymous11:05

    SkyWork's Belgrade route a success! Glad to see the airline do well in Serbia. Let's hope that in summer they can make it at least three times per week

  3. Stefan11:09

    "Hazera previously worked at a newspaper stand." lol this made my day.

    More seriouly though, this is disgusting and is a major problem in all ex-YU states.

  4. Anonymous12:33

    What a c*nt. Should be in jail.

  5. Anonymous12:45

    Flydubai will add 4 additional flights before and after New Year's Eve because regular flights are nearly sold out ! (dates 27th and 28th DEC, 03rd and 4th JAN).

  6. Anonymous13:05

    Oh come on who wouldnt help out family and friends, this is perfectly normal to me.

  7. Anonymous13:17

    Ja rekoh da su Crnogorci polini da rade i tako i tako heheh!

  8. Anonymous14:17

    Ok I hope this blogspot will not turn into a political one!Its already so nationalistic so adding politics in it it will be like putting oil in the fire:-))
    Btw. these problems are typical for all ex-yu countries but when I recall myself how small is Montenegro its normal-everybody is a relative there-700 000 people!!
    Btw. off topic:

    JetAir Fly starts a new route
    twice weekly from May 4th!Its part of TUI holiday package for belgium tourists but tickets will be also put on sale.

  9. Anonymous17:54

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  10. Anonymous18:23

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Anonymous21:32

    Dear admin could you please
    offer some news about Flydubai in the next days !
    It would nice to hear some official information because we have problem to differentiate between facts and rumours !
    Anonymous 12:45 ,
    you know something about 30th
    december ?
    Ive heard that 30th december is also an additional flight...
    but i am not sure ?

  12. Anonymous13:10

    One word....SRAMOTA!

  13. There is nepotism in the ex-YU? I never would have guessed.

    You would think that these countries emerged directly form a monarchy so that powerful positions are passed down through the family.

    I think nepotism is the primary cause for the failure not just of ex-YU airlines, but also for other companies and especially governments. This is a far greater threat to the success of the ex-Yu countries than any potential ethnic bickering.


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