Lufthansa strengthens Croatia presence

New flights to Zageb, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik
The German national carrier Lufthansa will be introducing several new services to Croatia next summer season. From its new base at Berlin Brandenburg Airport the airline will launch flights to Zagreb, Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik. Additionally, Lufthansa will also inaugurate new flights from Frankfurt to Dubrovnik. It marks one of the biggest expansions undertaken by Lufthansa on the Croatian market. Germany continues to be the lead country market out of Croatia.

Services from Berlin to Zagreb will commence on June 3, 2012 when the new airport opens its doors. Flights will operate four times per week with an Airbus A319. Flight details can be found here. Lufthansa, together with its low cost subsidiary Germanwings, will cement its position as the second busiest airline operating out of the Croatian capital after Croatia Airlines. Besides the addition of Berlin, the two airlines offer flights from Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne. As a result of Lufthansa’s new Berlin flights, Germanwings will terminate its service from Berlin’s Schonefeld Airport.

The German national carrier will also operate flights from Berlin to Dubrovnik and Zadar once per week from June 9 and a three weekly service to Split starting June 7. The airline will complete its expansion with a one weekly flight from Frankfurt to Dubrovnik, operated by an Embraer E190 jet.


  1. Purger09:13

    "Besides the addition of Berlin, the two airlines offer flights from Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne."

    ...and Stuttgart!

  2. JU520 BEGLAX10:17

    terrific news and an honour for the croatian airports to be among the first to have direct flights to the capital's new airport...

  3. Anonymous11:17

    Bravo Njemci! Uvijek ste uz nas i bili kroz povijest, pa i jos sad! Nasa draga braca...! Ovo je veoma fina vijest!

    Pozdrav svim Bosnjacima, Hrvatima i Slovencima!

  4. LH172111:44

    Da, nemci su bas tu da vam daju pare :). To je biznis, manje ce imati Croatial Airlines.

    Pozdrav svim normalnim ljudima bez obzira na nacionalnost.

  5. @LH1721 - true to some extent.
    However, OU/CTN definitely needs to restructure all-around.
    Yesterday at the Business Aviation 2011 forum you could have heard from their top management and a government representative how CTN's model of business is focused on "sustainable principles" - delievring high service value, while branding Croatia. CTN according to them is a "traditional airline company".
    Fine, but that was up to now. Nowdays, larger eat smaller. Unless the company finds a model to re-adjust in hard times, it will go bankrupt, and in best case bought.
    Those people don't give off impression they are willing to even consider changing/re-inventing CTN. Instead, they have seemed to be holding on to a protectionist attitude all these years: don't like LCCs, yet are not restructuring with bunch of money flowing out of the company.
    To me, it seems like top managment and the portion of govn't officials that are connected to CTN are mostly concerned about enjoying their status and benefits in this tax payer sponsored enterprise.

    More serious crisis will force them to change.

  6. Zvonimir12:13

    These news are very interesting but it looks like something is progressing to a future slow integration, it means I feel that Lufthansa, after Croatia joining to EU, will move towards a buy-out.
    Greetings to all ex-Yu bloggers.

  7. Anonymous12:13

    Plus also DUS-ZAD by LH, all good for tourism.

  8. Anonymous13:48

    Evo zore, evo dana...! Evo Jure i Hansaaaaaa ;)

  9. just got home from the Oliver Dragojevic concert at the Sydney opera house. Was awesome!

    Any additional flights to the region is welcomed news.

    Pozdravim svi australsa i pijanci! :)

  10. Purger16:51

    Dear Peter Maric:
    Croatia is going into reconstruction, which will be finished till March 2012. Plan to go to green goes almost as planed, and by which next year they planed to be on zero. In same time movements that are done, and that they plan to be done in near future are good. I speak with Tatalovic and I can tell you they have vision, and will to do something. If they will force at least 50% of what they plan they will be in green next year. I am happy that they incorporate some of my ideas and they will incorporate even more of them. You can see progress, and I hope that will go on as planed next year and in years after that!

  11. There are also rumours about Lufthansa starting a daily Frankfurt-Sarajevo line with overnight stay in Sarajevo..

    The slot requests are there, now let's wait and see cause I couldn't find anything in the reservationsystems yet..


  12. Tupolev16017:32

    Does anybody knows what happened with the Fly Dubai plane to Belgrade today? It seems it got re-routed via Sofia and now it's waiting in Belgrade for several hours already. An incident?

  13. Anonymous17:33

    Well its offtopic but worth the news :
    Flydubais flight to Belgrade seems to become a total mess !
    Instead landing in Belgrade it landed in Sofia .Then arriving in Belgrade at 14.33 ...two and a half hour too late !
    And it seems as the flight back to Dubai does not happen...

  14. Anonymous18:05

    Gratulation to Turkish airlines, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines !
    Flydubais flight back to Dubai is now officially cancelled !

    I hope the passengers get an UAE airline Flydubai should do the best to make their customers feel comfortable !

    First flights to North America ,now Dubai..hmmm...seems like there is happening a lot of s..t nowadays .
    Sabotage ?

  15. FlyingJack19:37

    FZ has cancelled its flight to DXB but plane is @ BEG. It is likely that the same crew was flying both inbound and outbound flight and that total flying time if the plane departed BEG including an unexpected landing to SOF on the way from DXB would have exceed maximum time in the air that the same crew is allowed to stay. No conspiracy or sabotage

  16. The moderator seriously needs to remove the anonymous comment with Evo Jure. These lyrics form a Ustasa song have no business on an aviation blog.,_evo_dana

  17. VisitBengaluru!20:17

    Pitty for passengers who booked hotel rooms or have connecting flights !
    I hope Flydubai is compensating them for this !
    There will be reasonable reasons for the cancellation but even if Flydubai is not guilty of the situation
    it makes a bad impression if the first and opening flight ends in
    something like this !
    It is not the only flight cancelled today .I assume weather was very bad today !
    Let us hope this was only an exception and everything goes the right way from saturday on !

  18. Anonymous21:07

    FZ returning flight to will start most probably tomorrow at around 8 am. Yes, maximum allowed crew duty time was exceeded today. Pity, 164 passengers were on board, the plane at a taxiway.

  19. CESSNAoverCETINJE21:51

    Crew duty time was exceeded today?
    Okay dont airlines have better organisation and planning to handle
    this? They have to cancel a whole flight because of this?
    This is no professionalism at all ...will this now happen every time
    a flight is delayed?

  20. The flight was delayed for about 3 hours. 5.30 hours on the DXB-BEG sector, plus 5.15 hours on the BEG-DXB sector = 13.45 hours total.
    What are the odds for every flight to be delayed that much?

  21. CESSNAoverCETINJE22:23

    ..Yes and flying back to Dubai was planned for 13.00 and now it is delayed to probably 8.00 next morning! This is a delay of
    19 hours !
    And the cancellation was caused by the previous delay !
    this is embarassing!
    But maybe I have too big


    I dont understand you. Whats your problem? If you were in Belgrade today in the morning, you would clearly know what the weather was like. I bet the visibility was under 100m, or maybe even less. If plane arrived ar 14.23h, then the ETD was at approx. at 15.00h. Obviously the crew wasnt able to preform the return leg, so the flight had to be cancelled but not further delayed. The flight diversion and cancellation was due to weather conditions but not because of crew wishes to visit Sofia just because they never have visited the city before. C'mon...!?

  23. Anonymous23:45

    @CESSNAoverCETINJE another person clueless about the aviation world, yet comes on here spouting nonsense

  24. Anonymous00:11

    Flydubai cancellation had nothing to do with the weather. All other planes landed normally today. The only flights that were cancelled were those operated by small planes, mostly ATRs which don’t have the necessary technology to use the CAT IIIb landing system. There must have been a lot of pissed people who were hoping to get on that flight today. Interesting how the media is all hush hush about it. If Jat’s inaugural flight was cancelled it would be front page news.

  25. Anonymous00:14

    An example that weather wasn’t the problem is JUs flight from Paphos last night which landed on time sometime between 2 and 3 AM in the thickest fog. Fog was bad today during the morning. Although there was fog throughout the day it wasn’t that bad.

  26. Seriously? Ok, enlighten me than. Please.

  27. Anyway, the flight is definitely scheduled for 8 am.

  28. JATBEGMEL07:37

    anybody got any information for an airline called SkyBosnia?

    I saw a A319 (???) parked at DXB gate C7 yesterday, registration E7-SKA, painted in a nice orange livery :) i tried to take a photo of it with my phone but it was 3am and saw it quickly...

  29. JATBEGMEL07:47

    the beautiful fly dubai doesnt compensate for this, rather they give u vouchers u can use with.......wait for it.....only fly dubai :) how amazing isnt it? :) i fly DXB-BEG in a few days and have chosen OS over FZ, at least i know i will be sure to get my flight, extremely short connecting time in VIE, the luxury of taking luggage with me without paying for it, and OS worked out to be cheaper in the end (FZ is around 60 euros more expensive than OS, JAT was as well cheaper than FlyDubai)!

  30. CESSNAoverCETINJE17:50

    What arrogant pricks here call me clueless about aviation!!!

    What do i have to know as a normal passenger about aviation !
    We are expected to come early enough to catch up our flight...then i stand there with my husband and the kids idiots at a bus station somewhere in the wilderness!

    It would have been better to cancel the shit service immediately ..but no we have to wait till 17:30 ...then we get info that it will not further get delayed.

    Not embarassing enough ...some arrogant pricks now making fun of our situation ...if i would know
    so much about aviation i would have flown the plane by myself!!!!!

  31. Anonymous03:08


    if flydubai gets things rolling in BEG and everything is well, will you consider flying with them in the future?

  32. Anonymous20:32


    Can you explain me the math behind your claim that FZ is more expensive than JU and OS? I'm really interested to know.

  33. Anonymous05:38

    Topic is Lufthansa's presence in Croatia.

    It is pathetic how Serbs would like to come closer to Croatia's level of aviation and traveling industry.

    In overall ex yu aviation industry Serbia's share is pretty much insignificant.


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