New airport for Tivat

Major investments planned for airports in Tivat and Podgorica
The Government of Montenegro has proposed the construction of a new airport in Tivat to replace the current one as it is becoming too overcrowded and has long been labelled a risk to the local ecosystem. The proposed site of the new airport is south west of the site. The first phase of the project, according to the new master plan, is projected to be completed by 2017. The cost of the first phase of the project will amount to 22.6 million Euros, while the second and final phase, which would be completed by 2030, would add an extra 76 million Euros to the price tag. The European Investment Bank would provide part of the finances needed while the Montenegrin government has proposed for the rest of the project to be financed through a Public Private Partnership, a technique being used by Zagreb Airport for the construction of its new terminal. During the next three years, Airports of Montenegro, which runs Tivat, expects for passenger number to double at the airport but projects stagnation beyond 2015.

Meanwhile, Podgorica Airport has also been earmarked for major investments. It is planned for the airport to expand its runway, terminal building and apron by 2030. Until 2015 the airport should get 8 new parking spaces for both smaller and middle range aircraft. In the next twenty years it is expected that passenger numbers at Podgorica Airport will more than double.

None of the abovementioned investments have been approved by the government yet but the Ministry of Transport, Sea and Infrastructure believes the master plan is realistic.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    20 years for the number of passanger to double? I highly doubt that. It'll happen within this decade for sure.

  2. Anonymous09:20

    So even Tivat will get a new airport before Zagreb?

    The only problem is what will they do with increased capacity during the winter season. Even their most popular destination, Belgrade, can not handle more than 3 daily flights.

  3. Anonymous10:47

    Svim ljudima Islamske vijeroispovjesti u domovini i van domovine želim sve najbolje, puno zdravlja, sreće i veselja za naš lijepi blagdan, Kurban-Bajram i da ga provedete u miru i blagostanju! BAJRAM ŠERIF MUBAREK OLSUN! Pozdrav svima, pogotovo Bosnjacima, Hrvatima i Slovencima! :)

  4. Anonymous10:58

    I ja, kao Zagorac, cestitam veliki blagdan Kurban-Bajram svim ljudima Islamske vijeroispovjesti u i van domovine! Triba mo se vise voljeti, a manje mrziti! ZDS! :)

  5. Anonymous11:25

    еј смарачи ај оладите мало са поздравима

  6. Anonymous12:22

    Its a pitty that Tivat doesnt have more low cost airlines. I hope they will understand the beauties of Montenegro soon and put Tivat as a destination. Montenegro is very beautiful country and has so much to offer; sea, beautiful mountains, lakes, natural resorts... Regards to all montenegrins, serbians and slovenians.

  7. Anonymous13:19

    @ last Anonymous: you should greet Croats too, after all they gave Boka to Montenegro! Be grateful!

  8. Anonymous13:41

    @ Last Anonymous

    Potpuno se slazem s tobom! A tko se je pitao u ta doba, oduzimaju i grabe a sto ces...ako nesto ucinis, pravac na Goli Otok! Nisi smijo nista, ako uzmu komad zemlje i pripoje drugima od tvoje od domovine, uzmu, ako ne uzmu...nitkome nista! Onda si sritan :)

    Adio! Pozdrav za Bosnjake, Hrvate i Slovence :)

  9. Anonymous14:34

    Skopje-Istambul all tax included 29 euros.Istambul to major EU hubs 55 euros by Pegasus( winter season very nice

  10. pupimonstor18:12

    Noooo don't replace TIV! It's too beautiful of an airport. It's funny how the government "worries" about the ecosystem but the Podgorica mayor doesn't worry about that when he decides to cut down all the trees in the city to make way for huge empty buildings that no one occupies.

  11. Anonymous19:26

    The reason behind all those infrastructure and building projects in Montenegro is not demand ...
    hah,as if anybody there would care about...
    but more to let the construction companies make as much of money
    as possible !

    Those companies are of course owned by relatives or friends of ruling government officials !

  12. Anonymous21:28

    Yep, and money laundering.

    Also, TIV is unique in being one of the rare 4D airports in Europe.

  13. Anonymous04:36

    Does not have anything with aviation...

  14. Anonymous04:40

    @anonymmous schould be gratefull to some others for little presents to your country, too!

  15. Anonymous18:10

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Anonymous20:45

    I don't get it. Why bring lowcost airlines to MNE and build new airports when the Montenegrin tourist ministery has said that its goal is to bring in "premium tourists"? Look at Barcelona wich is overcrowded with tourists, many people there don't want Ryanair flights because of the "clientele" they are bringing.. Same thing as Montenegro said, if they want premium tourists, why bring in low cost airlines then?


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