Sky Srpska anticipates 2012 launch

New hopes for 2012
In October the Banja Luka based Sky Srpska submitted its plan to launch flights in 2012. The plans were submitted to the relevant ministry and the airline’s CEO, Zoran Injac, says Sky Srpska is now waiting to be given the green light by the entity government. If things go according to plan the airline will launch services to Vienna in 2012. “Our research shows that there is a need for flights to Vienna. Furthermore, this market should ideally be catered by two smaller jets of up seventy seats”. The proposed plan outlines that a daily flight from Banja Luka to the Austrian capital should be inaugurated and another three weekly flights to Zurich should also operate.

Sky Srpska was formed in 2007 but no aircraft have ever been neither purchased nor leased. The new plan suggests a single jet should be leased in 2012. Injac adds that a total of 2 million Euros should be invested into the airline on a yearly basis which, according to him, is not a big sum in the aviation industry. An airline based in Banja Luka could revive the city’s airport which is currently only served by B&H Airlines’ flights to Zurich.

Banja Luka Airport previously served as a hub to Air Srpska, which was formed by JAT Yugoslav Airlines. The airline was formed in the summer of 1998 so that JAT pilots and crew could continue working since their company was banned from operating flights to the rest of the continent due to international sanctions. Until 2003 the airline operated flights to Belgrade, Tivat and Zurich. However, Jat Airways ended cooperation with Air Srpska by taking back its two ATR72s provided to the airline and effectively closing it.


  1. Anonymous09:17

    This would make me very proud but I don't believe in this... I would be on the first flight!

  2. Anonymous09:49

    I need to fly with them!

  3. Anonymous10:36

    Why not AT5? Why do they need jets to VIE or ZRH? Stupid!

  4. Anonymous10:53


  5. Anonymous11:26

    Adria Airways in Banja Luka again?
    Where is profitability?
    Adria just got the money and agin playing the same wrong loosers routes?
    Will Adria Airways ever become a real airline?
    In this way Adria can't privatise anb be interesting for anyone ... in this way can be feeded by Slovenian tax payers and subsidised same as now.

  6. JU520 BEGLAX12:00

    anonymous 29NOV 1126H

    you are absolutely right.... my cousin who works at JP confirms that. Same dudes as before killing the company and wasting tax payers money....
    and u re right, no one wants such a company

  7. Anonymous12:14

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL at the news!

  8. Anonymous12:37

    they could do at least 21 flights Banja Luka to Ljubljana! For whole 1 week and then ..... hasta lluego!

  9. Purger12:50

    2 planes for one and half flights per day? That means one plane will be grounded, second one will be in air for some 3-5 hours per day!

    Vienna without code-share with Austrian. Stupid!

    Oh my god, that is stupid as Air Bosna SJJ-BNX-CPH flight!

  10. Anonymous13:00

    So another 2 planes airline and 700 employees?

  11. frequentflyer13:19

    Good on the Srpska government for looking to create employment! The airline is just what the entity needs at this time of European economic crisis!

    Jokes aside, perhaps JP could lease this new airline one or two of its smaller CRJs? At least, it will give some revenue back to Adria, stop the growing fuel costs of using these planes (the sooner they get Q400s the better) and more than cover the losses of the BNX flights...

    @ Purger

    Sounds like what inept JA has been doing with their fleet management!

  12. Siniša13:54

    That's a new balkan marketing strategy:
    Sky Srpska born, survives a couple of months, then dies...
    once again.
    God's sake, what amateurs!

  13. Anonymous14:28

    Jooooo...budala, they can just fly with B&H Airlines :)

    Pozdrav iz Zagreba!

  14. The only things that looks good about this airline is their logo

  15. Anonymous14:47

    Made by company from Zagreb! :-)

  16. Anonymous15:08

    I am predicting that by August Sky Srpska will be flying from Banja Luka to Chicago direct 5 times a week.

    Either that or this airline never gets off the ground.

  17. Well my research shows that there is a need for flights to the USA, but that does not mean they would be profitable. I seriously doubt that any of these managers for any ex-yu airline grasp the concept of return on investment.

    Then again, why would they as their salary seems to not depend on success and profit.

  18. Anonymous16:55

    Do Adria and Jat have the same
    management philosophy ?

    Obviously they have :
    Jat to Dubai: no more flights or yes again next year ...if it doesnt get yes but definitely not !?

    Adria to BL: Of course if...but
    obviously not...oh yes they will fly ...not ! If we get paid by ..oh we dont get money ..then not...oh they have money !
    Or dont have they money ?

    Why not burn taxpayers money to get electricity...
    would make more sense !

  19. Anonymous18:32

    LOL... they can not make profitable that flights from country's capital Sarajevo, so flights from almost a countryside sounds just like a joke

  20. Some interesting 'insiders' info about Jat:

  21. About Adria, EX YU is kinda wrong again.
    As Adria still has not loaded the new summer data, you can not say they will fly this route (again). For now it is just OLD data.
    You can check for your self, that su12 timetbale is the same as su11. All airline copy actual season timetables for years ahead, at least the major routes. The problem is that Adria still do not have a new su12 TT.
    New timetbale will be loaded in December/January as a fleet for the summer still needs to be finalized.
    Take care!

  22. Anonymous22:54

    No pilots, no maintenance, just wet lease or dump with cabin crew?! If it is vision, then it would be as it was last four and half years (Sky Srpska is founded on February 14th 2007 by RS Government Decision)- DOUBLE NOTHING! Live or let die / it is old song, does anybody know someone from Sky Srpska flight crew or their nominated postholders? Zero competence of management. Gone with the wind. I never would give them my money, plane, budget, anything! This is embracing for Republika Srpska and Banja Luka, shame on you!

  23. Anonymous23:02

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Anonymous22:27

    when you click down on the label Sky Srpska and look all news about this, strated from the year 2008, the same, will be this, will be that, only empty words and completely nothing was done ... these funny and apsolutely unpossible dreams from Banja Luka are worthless for aviation site ... because people in aviation see that this is nothing more that political sale of fog ...

  25. Anonymous17:51

    I agree with the previous anonymous, read a lot of that crap already, polytics, nothing more. Bad thing for them is that airport Banja Luka is currently served only by BH Airlines :)))

  26. Anonymous19:52

    It is about time the republic starts off flying to euro destinations. Gothenburg is dying for an airline to Banja luka. It would be profitable, im sure of it. Since there is no airline to RS, passangers are forced to fly to Belgrade insteed. Double time...


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