Free skies between US and Montenegro

Unlimited flights between United States and Montenegro made possible
The United States and Montenegro have signed an Open Skies air services agreement that will liberalise the two countries' bilateral aviation relationship. Representatives of the two governments inked the relevant documents on November 28 in Podgorica and on December 5 in Washington. The agreement allows the airlines from both countries to fly to, from and beyond the other’s territory, without restriction on how often carriers fly, the kind of aircraft they use and the prices they charge. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner said at a daily press briefing recently, "This agreement will strengthen and expand our strong trade and tourism links to Montenegro, benefiting US and Montenegrin businesses and travellers by expanding opportunities for air services".

As a result of the Open Skies agreement, Montenegro Airlines, the only commercial carrier based in Montenegro has been granted unlimited flying rights to the United States. However, Montenegro Airlines does not have the aircraft, finances or network to support transatlantic flights at this moment. Unfortunately, the number of incoming tourists from the United States to Montenegro is still low. All of these factors suggest that there will be no flights between the Unites States and Montenegro anytime soon, although, this agreement has done away with any possible bureaucratic procedures if room for such flights opens in the future.

The latest attempt to set up flights between the United States and the former Yugoslavia failed in 2011 when a US tour operator suspended its planned services to Zagreb and Belgrade over the summer, an hour before the first passengers were supposed to board, as the designated airline was grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration. Priština Airport was the last to serve flights from the United States, several years ago from New York. In, August Macedonia and the United States signed the Open Skies agreement as well.


  1. Anonymous09:15

    Any flights to JFK with YM?

  2. Anonymous10:19

    Yes, they are changing their Embraer order in order to get 1 Embraer E-195LR and launch flights to JFK from Podgorica via LGW and KEF.

    With such a move Montenegro Airlines plans on turning Podgorica into a regional hub and attract large number of American tourists to the country.

  3. what regional hub ? give me a break. I hope that was a sarcastic remark.

    every capital of ex yu republic wants to be "regional".
    Hardly anyone will do that.
    If so - only Belgrade and Zagreb have a long term shot at doing so.
    And perhaps we'll never have a "real" hub, but mostly 2 parallel big airports as neither one of those two can possibly be overly dominating over the other - in a long run.

    Montenegro takes on between 1 and 2 mil tourists yearly, Croatia roughly around 11 mil.
    Podgorica and Tivat airports together handle only 10-15% more than Split, Dub, Ljubljanja or Pristina.

    Tourists to Montenegro will be flying probably to Dubrovnik in order to do a short tour before going to Montenegro. No one wants to miss seeing Dubrovnik if they're already making such a long trip.

    So get over yourself. Montenegro is a nice cute perspective country that has important role in fulfilling the overall Adriatic experience, but let's be real.

    It offers Budva, Kotor and Sv. Stefan - that's it. Capacity is miniscule compared to what's there to see throughout ex yu region, especially in Croatia.

  4. Anonymous10:43

    Why is everybody so offensive when a certain administrative move is done between certain ex-yu country for possible intercontinental flights in case it's not Serbia or Croatia?!of course the market is too small for direct flights MNE-US, but it is nothing wrong if they sign an agreement.and maybe that could be a step to make few charter flights from US to MNE done easier?!

  5. Anonymous10:47


    I thought that the use of the E195LR via LGW and KEF was enough to prove that I was being sarcastic ;)

  6. Anonymous10:48

    Petar, Croatia already has established it's coast as a tourist "trade mark", while Montenegro is only starting to do so, so it has a possibility!i agree, croation coast is nice, but so is montenegrin, and even if croatia has more coast then Montenegro it doesn't mean that Montenegro cannot become a tourist boom!Maybe croatia has dubrovnik (which is nice, but what can you do there more then one day!?), and Montenegro surely has very friendly people!

  7. Anonymous11:48

    LOL Montenegro has friendly people? When did they import them?
    I was unfortunate enough to go there a couple of year ago and I stayed in Przno.
    Montenegro is a true shit-hole with a bunch of lazy people and trash all around. During the peak summer season there is no water and half of the roads are closed due to some work...
    Disgusting and definetly both a waste of time and money.

  8. anonymous and E195LR - sorry I thought you talked about some code sharing deal in a way that OU does code share flights with SAS on US via Copenhagen etc.

    more about Montenegro...

    Dear friends from Crna Gora - you guys have a beautiful country and although there are some nice efforts forming (with some nice people)- I think you still have ways to go.

    I was in Budva in July of 2010. and I have never seen so much "rotten" behavior towards tourists.

    ex 1) I took a flight Zagreb - Podgorica. At the Podgorica airport you had no other transportation options but taxi. No cab driver wanted to give me a lift to the Podgorica bus station. What they had offered was a 100 euro cab ride directly to Budva... Perhaps if I was traveling with 2 or 3 other people, but not when I am by myself.
    Finally some cab driver agreed and a short ride to bus station turned out 20 euros... not so nice either, but than again much better tahn 100 euro to Budva.
    The bus ride from Podgorica to Budva was only 6 euros.

    ex 2) This was now in Budva...

    I waited with my 2 friends (joined me later during this vacation) at a bus stop to grab a bus from centre towards Sv. Stefan. While we waited, at least 10 private cars pulled over to the stop and nagged about taking us to Sv. Stefan by their private car. wtf ?

    ex 3) At the beach, we see a flyer of some decent restaurant that's offering special menue with popular prices. Ok so we say and go and attempt to grab some lunch. At the restaurant they refused to show us the special menue, but pushed for some other one where food was x 3 more expensive. We finally got the special, ordered quite a lot...
    all of a sudden our food appears at the same time: soup, main course, dessert, salad - so f-ing crowded at the table ! Not to mention they tried to cheat us over for additional 15 euros...

    4) the apartment at which we stayed - the owner flipped and started cussing for we used towels on a bottom of our bathroom (for shower water). Screamed and asked if this is how we behave in "Lijepa vaša..."


    Luckily there were nice places, other nice restuarants and friendly people.

    However, way too many "incidents" which point to the fact that Montenegro is "prava ciganlija od zemlje" without proper infrastructure and service.

    Croatia has many problems, but nothing like this... get over yourselves and start working.

  9. Anonymous13:51

    as said, montenegro still has a lot to do, to improve their standards.however, the attitude of croatian tourist workers often isn't much better..i wish all the italians, germans, etc would understand what local people say about them, turning from "super friendly" to very arogant and nationalistic when they start to talk in their language.and also in croatia, way too much ripping off tourists, way to expencive for what croatia offers!of course, you can find bad people all over the globe, but in general croatian tourist workers will have to do a lot on professionalsim, good manners, etc

  10. Anonymous15:13

    Off topic: Tirana-Sarajevo flights?

  11. Kate milford18:05

    So...people in Croatia talk bad about tourists in Croatia and this straight in their face probably?
    How good that these Germans or Englishmen dont understand your language!¨
    Maybe thats the reason Croats dont want to see Serbian or Bosnian tourists at their coast...
    its too difficult to talk rubbish about them...they would understand it!

  12. Anonymous20:51

    Delta starts 2 weekly flights JFK-TIV-TGD as of 12th June.
    Service will be operated by a B752.

  13. Anonymous21:09

    ha ha very funny

  14. Anonymous21:16

    They're not using the A380?! How come? Oh, right, DL doesn't operate A380.

  15. Anonymous21:23

    Tickets start from 800US$

  16. JU520 BEGLAX21:50

    where we miss widebodies in BEG and ZAG so hardly, other seems to have an overflow.......
    btw EK operates another 3 flights to LGW (77W and 772)

    Emirates Adds 4th Daily A380 Service to London Heathrow in S12
    Posted: 15 Dec 2011 05:15 AM PST
    Update at 1315GMT 15DEC11
    As per 15DEC11 GDS timetable and inventory display, Emirates from 25MAR12 is introducing 4th Daily Airbus A380 flight on Dubai – London Heathrow service.
    The airline in recent weeks announced it’ll add 3rd Daily A380 flight to Heathrow starting 24JAN12.
    For the moment, the airline is to operate 4 Daily A380 and 1 Daily Boeing 777-300 for Summer schedule:

    EK007 DXB0230 – 0700LHR 773 D
    EK001 DXB0745 – 1215LHR 388 D
    EK029 DXB0940 – 1420LHR 388 D
    EK003 DXB1415 – 1840LHR 388 D
    EK005 DXB1545 – 2015LHR 388 D
    EK008 LHR0840 – 1830DXB 773 D
    EK002 LHR1415 – 0005+1DXB 388 D
    EK030 LHR1700 – 0250+1DXB 388 D
    EK004 LHR2040 – 0630+1DXB 388 D
    EK006 LHR2215 – 0805+1DXB 388 D

  17. karevent22:03

    Yes, EK goes also from daily
    to twice daily in Venice and
    Hamburg !
    And maybe soon from twice daily to 6 daily who knows ?

    Instead of exploring new destinations or new markets..they only add frequencies !

    Emirates is maybe a good airline but wait for ten years.....
    they seem to have their heads wher the air is especially thin .

    Remind me on Malaysia Airlines in the early Nineties...they ordered sixty(60) Boeing 744 then !
    Only 20 they bought in the end...

  18. Anonymous00:25


    on RTS they just said there will soon be more flights to vienna, zurich, and munich from beograd... and that the business lounge is open, along with the construction of the 2nd floor taking place.... along with them saying how good this year has been compared to last

  19. Anonymous07:42

    I am sorry but Delta's B757-200 do not have the range.
    Since Milo Djunakovic has signed a free trade agreement for cigarettes and parfumes with the US, Delta Air Lines will be sending in their B777-200 with lie-flat beds.
    They will cooperate with Montenegro Airlines so that they use their extensive regional market to feed the flights.

  20. Anonymous05:12

    There are rumors going around that Belgrade is really actively looking for an airline to establish links from BEG to Chicago and NYC and the airport is talking with US, European, and Asian carriers. can someone confirm this


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