Impressive growth for Macedonian airports

Numbers up as airline subsidies are approved for next year
Skopje is enjoying a significant increase in the number of passengers since it opened the doors to its new terminal in September. Last month, Macedonia’s main hub welcomed 56.180 passengers, an increase of 17.1% compared to the same month last year. The strong growth was followed up by an increase in the number of flights being operated to Alexander the Great Airport, up 15.4% on November 2010. Ohrid Airport, on the other hand, welcomed 1.332 passengers. Combined, the two handled 57.512 passengers, up from 50.541 passengers last November.

So far this year, Skopje and Ohrid airports have handled a combined total of 765.309 passengers. Therefore, they have already exceeded 2010s end of year result when they saw 756.088 passengers through their doors. In recent years the two airports have recorded rapid passenger growth, despite the demise of Macedonia’s national carrier MAT Macedonian Airlines.

Meanwhile, the Macedonian government has approved plans to attract new airlines by offering subsidies of up to five million Euros within the next three years. The choice of airlines that will receive the financial support will depend on several criteria such as frequencies, number of destinations as well as projected passenger numbers. A total of 1.4 million Euros in subsidies will be offered next year, increasing to 1.5 in 2013 and 2.2 million in 2014. Macedonia is currently served by two scheduled low cost airlines: Wizz Air and Pegasus Airlines.


  1. Anonymous11:17

    This is how it's done. True business. We all should look and learn from the Macedonians. Svaka chast.

  2. Anonymous17:23

    What is happning with Qatar Airways flights to ZAG and BEG?

  3. Anonymous17:27

    Pored ove aviokompanije, za Beograd je najavio letove i "Qatar Airways" koji će uskoro početi da leti za Beograd avionima tipa A320, rečeno je u toj kompaniji.

    Is this true and when?

  4. Anonymous17:48

    jeboga zivot ovde vise niko nekomentarise!
    This site will disappear!!!

  5. Anonymous19:45

    Bravo Makedonija! Ovajjjj I head in 2012 Croatia airlines will launch Dubrovnik and Zagreb to Belgrade, it says on a new report I found on google news. Is this true?

  6. crown20:18

    Congrats to Macedonia!
    All in all a good year for Ex Yu aviation.
    Skopje, Belgrade and Pristina are doing very good and Zagreb and Ljubljana are also not doing so bad as some say.

  7. Anonymous02:39

    Looks like emptiness!

  8. Nicolas12:07

    I've landed on the new airport last month. I have to say that it looks so grateful, just like it's name - Alexander the Great! Well done Macedonians!


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