Jat resuming Tripoli and Malta flights

Jat to Tripoli and Malta soon
Jat Airways will be resuming flights to the Libyan capital Tripoli in March 2012, the first time since services were disrupted earlier in the spring due to a bombing campaign and rebellion uprising. Flights are scheduled to operate twice per week, every Monday and Thursday with a Boeing 737-300 via Malta. The return flight from Tripoli continues on directly to Belgrade, thus forming a triangle service. As a result, Malta will also stage a comeback in Jat’s 2012 summer timetable. The route was suspended simultaneously with the Tripoli flights. Tickets are already on sale. Flights commence on March 26.

Jat Airways was the last European airline togeather with Air Malta to suspend flights to Tripoli on March 17, when it maintained a one weekly service between the Serbian, Maltese and Libyan capitals. The Serbian carrier operated a total of five evacuation flights to Libya before a United Nations no fly zone was implemented across the country.

Flight details for the Belgrade - Tripoli service can be viewed here while more information regarding the Malta sector can be found here. Besides Malta and Tripoli, Jat is also launching flights to Dubai, Split and Pula next summer and will resume seasonal flights to Ohrid and Dubrovnik as well.


  1. Anonymous09:26

    off topic:

    Do you have any more news about that:


    Lufthansa terminated code share with JAT Airways and also ending cooperation with Miles&More.

  2. Anonymous09:55

    No surprise,
    As smbd wrote OS will have 4 daily flights + LH + LX – it's enough for *A

  3. Anonymous10:19

    Great news that Jat is returning to Malta, Tripoli, Dubai, Pula... Just wonder if the fleet can cope with it.
    They should lease some planes for the next summer season definitely.
    Have a nice day everyone!

  4. Anonymous10:19

    This is an old news (20.okt)about Lufthansa and jat:

  5. Anonymous10:20

    With end of codeshare glorious times of Jat as sole operator to DUS and TXL will have an end!
    Lufthansa has big ambitions especially with new airport
    in Berlin.

  6. FlyingJack10:40

    @ EX YU

    Within this article you should have taken more care about JU's alredy published summer 2012 timetable, as it is offering a lot more. I wonder if JU will finally get some addition to its fleet as I doubt that such a significant growth in traffic could be achieved with the current fleet.

    Aside from DXB, MLA and TIP, relaunch, PRG has been in the system for a while with 3 weekly flights, but has been removed. Than already mentioned SPU PUY and DBV. Many destinations will see significant increase. AMS goes daily without stop in BRU on the return leg. BRU is a separate flight going 3 x weekly. MXP goes daily, an increase from the current 4. Than ATH and IST both are going daily. Berlin Brandenburg 5 weekly as of June, STR is back in schedule with 3 weekly and SKG goes 5 times per week in the peak of the season. LCA will be connected with BEG with 9 weekly flights, TLV goes 3 times per week. ZRH 10 p/w Plus speculations on opening LED.

    Too ambitious, I wonder if they have a fleet to follow such an increase or JU is planning some fleet additions that will surprise all of us

  7. Anonymous14:16

    Are there many Serbs in Libya or its just beause of some business relations?How was this flight doing before the cancelation?
    Wish JU gets some new additions like B736, B737 or even B738. I am fed up with flying on A319/A320 and think Boeing is a much better option for JU!!

  8. Zvonko!14:19

    ^ Yes! There were / are many Serbs in Libya because they were simply Gaddafi's bitches! ;)

  9. Anonymous15:15

    Jat will definitely need minimum 2 more jets like 374 for the next season.

  10. Anonymous15:16


    And you're a German/US bitch right?

  11. Anonymous16:58

    Не, Аустријски коњушар.

  12. lilpoop18:03

    Now that JU is free from LH's connecting dictatorship they should try leasing an ex Air Seychelles 763ER or a 762ER and start flights to Toronto, the same aircraft could be used for the DXB flights and would compete well vs Flydubai

  13. Anonymous21:25

    if toronto is in q , why not chicago?

  14. Anonymous23:18

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Anonymous23:19

    it is on wikipedia JAT airways page under fleet and i have heard there are 2 orders of airplanes for JAT on the way but it does not state which one, is this true!?

  16. Anonymous01:08

    Hey lilpoop,Jat will not compete either with Flydubai or Qatar ...

    Everybody now see that theres no demand for flights to either Dubai and Qatar ...30 pax maximum per flight ...what a disaster !

    And especially not to North
    America !
    BEG will never have long haul flights because of TOO LITTLE LOADFACTOR !

  17. Anonymous02:34

    hey last anonymous, chill... they once had them, and there is possibility again as it has been discussed so u are obviously a retarted fuckhead who makes fun of people behind anonymous u pussy. there is interest for Dubai too but u are obviously retarted

  18. Anonymous06:37

    Dubai recorded a loadfactor of 55% to 60% during the low season. That means 69 passengers per flight, naturally this is excluding the flight to Larnaca which usually saw about 20% loadfactor resulting in an average loadfactor of about 80%.

    So please can you elaborate on your statement, as in, where did you get your information?

    I feel that a lot of people on this blog just want to create an illusion that flights out of Belgrade are flying empty- regardless if they are proven wrong over and over again to be wrong.

  19. Anonymous10:33

    JAT Airways is also increasing the number of flights to SVO by 2 nightflights and introducing 2 flights from LGW to BEG. I have no clue how they will manage this with the existing fleet!

  20. Anonymous11:56

    where do you get these kinds of infomration!?

  21. Anonymous12:53

    Yupp, additional three flights per week to Moscow have been loaded.

    JU 134




    Great to see that Jat will enable morning arrival to Belgrade which will be good for Business passengers as well as connections to Montenegro and Vienna (among other places) from Moscow.

    Nice that Jat is finally building its own hub in Belgrade in stead of being the slave of other airlines.

  22. LGW flights are legit as well, I just checked amadeus. It will be on Thursday and Friday evening only.

  23. Anonymous13:19

    eparting 10:00 PM, Fri 27 Jul
    Arrives following day, 1:45 AM, Sat 28 Jul (Total travel time: 2h 45m)
    Select this flight
    Jat Airways
    BOEING 737-300
    10:00 PM London GATWICK, United Kingdom (LGW)
    1:45 AM 28 Jul Belgrade Surcin (BEG)
    Economy Class

  24. Anonymous13:30




  25. Anonymous13:31

    Sorry 22:00-01:45

  26. Anonymous14:05

    yeap, just checked, SVO is bookable via jat.com, but still no LGW flights.
    will ju maintain two additional rotations to LHR during S12 on saturdays and sundays?
    but the fleet will be in question.
    what about LED?

  27. Anonymous14:15

    I guess that 30 pax per flight in flydubai rumor isn't true. A friend who is working at business lounge at BEG says that she sees many more passengers than number 30, arriving and departing on flydubai, so chill. And stop lying to this people! A**holes!
    Kissici, bye

  28. Anonymous14:19

    Па шта ћеш, мукице, натерала их љубомора да лажу...

  29. Anonymous14:30

    Wow 3 LON airports lol :)
    wouldnt it be wiser to introduce ie 2 weekly DUB via MAN instead another LON apt?

  30. Anonymous14:54

    BTW Brussels is to be operated 6 time per week!!! Check for the flights in June.

  31. Anonymous15:04

    ^That’s because Jat signed a deal with Jet Airways for passenger to fly onwards to USA

  32. Anonymous15:09

    Why on earth would Jat do that? Especially when they have a codeshare with KLM in neighbouring Amsterdam.

  33. Anonymous16:07

    I've just checked Belgrade Airport's official statistics for November. Flydubai had 1752 passengers on 12 executed flights which is 73 passengers per flight.

  34. Anonymous16:11

    Eh that's about 40% loadfactor, not bad for the first month of operations. Especially knowing when pretty much all they have to cover is the price of petrol due to the new route discount they have.

  35. Anonymous16:21

    @second last anonymous
    care to share with as the link to that statistics on beg.aero? :)

  36. Anonymous17:12

    according to amadeus.net , there will be double daily aeroflot and jat airways flights next summer and another 4 weekly JAT flights so JAT would fly 18 times p/ week to moscow.

  37. VisitBengaluru!17:13

    Wow,Jat having a deal with Jet Airways ?!

    Thats also very good for Jet Airways as they had some problems with profitability of their flights to/from Brussels !

    What a luck they didnt cancel service...now with additional passengers from Serbia it has even better chance to be profitable !

    I really like to see Indian airlines to cooperate more with Jat ...unfortunately the others like AI and especially Kingfisher Airlines are in a desastrous shape !

    I really wonder what Kingfisher
    will do with their ordered A380...
    probably Airbus will switch the order to an other airline !

  38. Anonymous17:14

    sorry i meant once daily flights by both as already and another sunday, thursday, friday flights so 10 pw..

  39. lilpoopy18:17

    JU will definetly need fleet additions to pull this off. I feel like if TLV goes on any longer with a stop in Larnaca that El Al will step in with direct flights.

    I said JU should fly to Toronto because they currently only have landing rights for Canada but not USA. So if they took advantage of a couple of used (ex air seychelles 762ERs or 763ERs) aircraft from ILFC they could make use of a widebody or two and use them for YYZ, DXB, perhaps SVO and FRA now that Lufty is evil

  40. Anonymous18:47

    "Lufty"is not evil..haha...they only know that they can be more profitable by increasing their own flights to BEG instead of codeshare!

    Thats Lufthansa...they know their business very good!
    And they SHIT money!

    And yes there are no landing rights for JU in the US.

    The US hate Serbia and would do everything to damage us...
    so you still have those sanctions against JU or whatever airline
    registered by us.

  41. Anonymous20:23

    does anybody know Lufthansa summer timetable for BEG? Will they keep the frequencies unchanged and also which type of aircraft thye will use?

  42. Anonymous20:59

    For the time being it will remain as two daily from Frankfurt and three daily from Munich.
    Frankfurt sees B735 in winter and B733 in summer.
    Munich is mostly operated by the E-195 with an occasional replacement.

  43. Anonymous22:15

    Dont forget new Berlin-Brandenburg airport ...Lufthansa will start next year big expansion from there!
    Also Germanwings is a 100% daughter of Lufthansa and till now has little impact on flights to Belgrade.
    But that can change very fast.

  44. Anonymous22:46

    last anonymous are you saying Lufthansa will be launching BEG

  45. Anonymous06:51

    I think he is trying to say that Lufthansa will consider launching flights from its new base in Berlin Brandenburg airport.
    They are launching flights to Croatia which means that they are having the Balkan expansion in mind.

  46. Anonymous13:16

    It would be great if LH introduce BER-BEG route.
    Maybe theyll increase FRA to 3 flights per day w/ smaller a/c then 733/735. CR7/CR9 maybe?
    SU could easily go 2 flights per day, also, w/ cooperation w/ JU.

    The story w/ Jet Airways could be feasible. Flights to NYC and YYZ in cooperation w/ JU could be great deal. We must wait and see.

    And yes. Its the matter of time when some USA carrier launch ORD/NYC to BEG, AC from YYZ and possibly JU to YYZ too. JAT should lease some wide body a/c!!

    Maybe JU plans to get some A320 series a/cs? Dont forget that JAT Tehnika will serve that type of a/cs from June 2012!

  47. Anonymous15:00

    btw-JU is keeping its 2 extra flights to LHR during 2012 summer. So its 11f/w to LON: 1 daily on days 123 and 2 daily on days 4567.
    And with WZZ, BEG will have up to 3 flights per day on Fridays and Sundays to London area.
    I wonder how will that work out.

  48. I think they will get 10th B733 in the air
    with new schedule which serves BRU very early I think it will be easy to fit to 10 B733 and I think all 4 ATRs will be needed.
    Fleet will finally have high utilization!


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