Jat Tehnika in Airbus deal

Jat Tehnika to maintain Airbus jets from 2012
Jat Airways’ technical division, Jat Tehnika, will begin servicing Airbus aircraft next year. The deal between the European aircraft manufacturer and Jat Tehnika was signed on December 5. Airbus will train over 300 employees at the Belgrade based company from February 2012. At the same time, work will begin on the upgrade of “Hanger 2” at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport which will be used for servicing Airbus jets. As a result, Tehnika will be able to carry out line and spot maintenance on Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321 models. The company already has existing licenses to service ATR42 and 72 models as well as Boeing jets. The maintenance of Airbus aircraft will begin in July 2012.

Jat Tehnika outlines that the deal is significant not only because it will boost business but it will also allow Jat Airways to purchase Airbus jets if it wishes to without additional costs of maintaining the aircraft outside the country. Jat Tehnika currently holds contracts with British low cost airline Jet2.com, Transaero and UTair Aviation while Jat Airways accounts for more than half of its business. Jat Tehnika, which was separated from Jat Airways in 2005, is wholly owned by the Serbian government and employs some 1.000 people.

Meanwhile, Jat Airways’ acting CEO, Vadimir Ognjenović has been promoted to the post of CEO, despite government promises that the management would be professionalised and chosen upon merit rather than party lines. Ognjenović became Jat’s acting CEO in December last year.


  1. Anonymous09:34

    Wonderful, another idiotic Jat CEO

  2. Anonymous09:39

    Jat Tehnika was completely dependant on Jat Airways for two decades. This development is more than promising.

  3. Anonymous11:42

    Why idiotic, the guy is a quantum leap comparing to his predecessors - managed to make a less unfavorable agreement with Jat Tehnika, showing success in communicating with various factions within the company (causing many strikes and flight disruptions in the past), and most importantly, the first one realizing that in a showdown environment on the BEG market lower prices are a necessity, helping the company to survive and receive significant positive feedback from the public.

    Of course, partocracy is a cancer of the Serbian society, but taking into account the circumstances, Mr. Ognjenovic has shown his merit.

  4. Aero12:17

    Yesterday, on Dec 15th - 3 millionth passenger at BEG !

  5. So little more than 3.1 M can be expected for BEG this year, or 16% YoY growth, nice...

  6. Anonymous13:01

    Please it was not Ognjenovic that has managed to do all that but a few competent people in the managment that used his weakness to finally surface.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX13:13

    Good for BEG. Bravo !!

    What LH Technics in SOF can do, or Bombardier/Adria in LJU, can be also done by JAT Technics in Belgrade. Finally a global has taken notice of their long established good performance

  8. Anonymous13:53

    actually Adria does also A320 family (besides Bombardier)

  9. Peter from Sydney14:07

    That JAT jet in the picture looks sparkling new. Which one is it?

  10. SuisseOuest14:38

    hey, if Mr Ognjenovic can keep politicians happy and let competent middle management do their job, we should not complain too much...
    Congrats to BEG, I'm looking forward to landing there in a week :)

  11. Anonymous14:54

    That picture sums up ex-yu aviation companies. 4 guys get paid for two guys to do the work while the other two stand/sit around.

    OT: John Travolta landed his 707-138 at ZAG the other day.

  12. Anonymous14:55

    This is the plane:

  13. Anonymous16:33


    Exactly, airline's CEO is there to try to bring coherence between the factions, minimise political pressure on the company and try to have as much competent people in middle management as possible.

    It is still far from ideal, but results tell for themselves. If only politicians allowed real downsizing and hiring of additional quality people, Jat would have been a far more optimized airline.

  14. BSL-BEG17:02

    I hope JAT Tehnika can do Line Maintenance on customer aircrafts who are flying with Airbus. Wizzair, TK, LH, OE, LX, SU, AF, AZ...

  15. BEG2IAH01:19

    Avion na slici (ocigledno B734) je najverovatnije YU-AOS koji je JU "vratio" u junu 2010, odleteo je iz Beograda u Kembl u avgustu, a isecen je vec u oktobru 2010.

  16. Anonymous01:19

    Did u hear of this stupidity that our government wants to make a flight to Vienna go via Banja luka.... what an idiotic bunch of ppl...
    Instead of doing a flight via a SERBIAN airport like Kraljevo or Niš (or not even that, cuz iam not sure its possible due to code share agreement with austrian airlines, they are sucking up to republikosrbljanci or whatever...
    More brain, less politics!

  17. Well that remark segregating Serbs in Serbia and Rep.Srpska is just disgusting, after all it was not their will to have to be separated from Serbia.

    But putting politics aside, if that would to be an additional flight, with say AT72, it may make sense, as 5th freedom fights would probably the only way for JU to fly BNX-VIE segment (concerning traffic rights).

    That O&D is probably one of the few from Banja Luka making sense concerning potential passenger demand.

    Of course, that stopover is a big disadvantage for attracting passengers from BEG, having in mind Austrian and Niki (and Jat on other flights also) flying BEG-VIE directly...


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