Numbers down at Ljubljana Airport

Passenger numbers slide as Ljubljana Airport plans for 2012
Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has announced that it will see a decline in passenger numbers this year compared to 2010. As a result, Slovenia’s main airport will record a third consecutive year of sliding passenger figures. In 2010, the airport handled 1.388.651 passengers, which was down on the crisis hit 2009. During last year the airport was closed as construction work was carried out on its runway, which coincided with the closing of European airspace due to the Icelandic volcano ash cloud, all resulting in sliding passenger volumes. The airport cites Adria’s network cuts as the main reason for its underperformance this year. However, Ljubljana Airport’s problems began well before Adria’s financial troubles escalated. This entire year the airport has only seen passenger growth in the month of April.

On the other hand, the airport has managed to see an increase in profits. Due to Adria’s plan to lease part of its fleet and cut frequencies on some of its routes next summer, Ljubljana Airport expects lower traffic volumes and revenues in 2012, its report states. Still, the airport says that Adria’s decline should be substituted by foreign airlines and charter flights.

Finally, a total of 13.1 million Euros will be invested into Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport next year. Almost 11 million Euros will be spent on construction projects and the rest on equipment. All of the planned investments will be financed through the airport’s own means. The construction of the much anticipated new terminal is set to begin next year, with work set to be completed by 2015.


  1. sorry, unrelated.

    Check out the new site for LDZA - aired this morning...

  2. Anonymous09:50

    Damn! Nice small airport!

  3. JU520 BEGLAX11:07

    thanks Petar

    looks nice....

    both and Zagreb have good websites... and the new one of OU is also very nice...

    where LJU airport, you can write them an email, you don t even get a reply

  4. Anonymous13:33

    Apology for OT.

    New LDZA site looks better than before, but..
    Just a glance;
    Cannot review arrival / departure times for complete day, i.e. since morning start, weather data poor (temp and humidity only), blue color only - obviously prepared by the same team as for CTN.
    Croatian language spelling mistakes, like "inzinjer", etc.
    It requires additional review and clearing out errors.
    Disappointed, simple saying.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX14:23


    What I miss is also that the airline which operates a flight gets marked or highlighted.

    flights to MUC have 5 flight nbrs, of course we will know, it s either OU or LH, but the rest of the public might get confused.

    also the webcam is not ideally positioned.

    ever checked the livestream at

  6. Anonymous00:22

    And Lufthansa has great new iPad app.

  7. Anonymous08:53

    The best site is that of Belgrade. In their schedule, they have it for the whole day, for the previous day and for tomorrow.
    It marks the gate used and the aircraft model. Can't beat that.

  8. Anonymous13:28

    Ref. LDZA new site.

    In addition to shortcomings already described, there is only one of existing four taxi companies listed (socialist Radio Taxi). Smells on corruption.

    So called, "News" totally outdated.

    Not willingly, have to agree, BEG site is better, except no webcam?

  9. Anonymous18:38

    Well,but LDZA webpage looks very beautiful...classy design !

    Those are so right.
    I hope they dont want to differ themselves from BEG page ?

    But even BEG is not perfect...
    photo gallery and news section are a joke !

  10. Anonymous20:38

    Why they are "throwing away" 13 mil euro? Is it really this a priority in Slovenia public transport infrastructure?

    Paradox is that people from Slovenia ... are flying more and more ...e.g. leisure not only Ryanair.
    flight of Alitalia for USA has once 75 and other time 40 pax -ok it was a promo but anyway- with Slovenia individual travellers (not groups), it's not unusually to see 25 pax with Slovenia passport on the same flight on Emirates from Venice to Dubai and further to Bangkok etc. (again not groups but single travellers)... it's popular for Slovenians to fly "as far as possible". Yes in 2011.


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