Record year for Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport overtakes Sarajevo and Podgorica
For Tivat Airport 2011 is shaping up to be its busiest year on record since it opened its doors in 1971. By the end of November, Tivat welcomed 634.226 passengers, an impressive increase of up to 19.2%. The good figures come on top of a strong year for Montenegrin tourism. The airport handled a total of 4.413 flights which is up 11.5% on the same period last year. “We expect to end the year with a total of 645.000 passengers”, Tivat Airport CEO Ranko Bošković says.

With such strong figures, Tivat Airport will end the year ahead of larger airports such as Sarajevo and rival Podgorica. As a result, Tivat should take its place as the seventh busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia in 2011. On the other hand, by the end of November Podgorica Airport handled 572.272 passengers.

Montenegro Airlines was the busiest out if its hub airports this year followed by Jat Airways and the Russian charter airline Moskovia. Turkish Airlines managed fourth, while partner Star Alliance member Austrian only sixth. Belgrade continues to be the most popular destination from Montenegro in 2011, followed by Moscow in second and Vienna in third place.


  1. Anonymous10:59

    TIV is a small but nice APT, recently partially rebuilt and even with a convenient duty-free shop.

    The biggest drawbacks are - it's impossible to use it after dark and the approach is very insecure.

  2. Anonymous12:08

    Congrats to Tivat, the only town in the world without a bus station BUT with an airport!

    Maybe in a few years Tivat and Podgorica put together will have as many passengers as their biggest rival; Dubrovnik!

  3. I believe that half of Tivat passengers come from Russia.This summer I saw Tivat arrival board and more then half planes from ex CCCR.
    Still big room for improvement because there are no low cost carriers to Tivat yet.

  4. Anonymous15:14

    Bravo for Tivat!!
    It is really impressive for an ex-yu country which has 700 000 inhabitants to have 1.1 million pax, but this is also probably due to the specific landscape of Montenegro!
    Btw. SKP growth was 17.7 percent in November which puts it probalby on the sixth place if TIV is 7th but I think you have forgotten one-BEG-ZAG-LJU-PRN-DBV-SPU-SKP-TIV which means SKP is 7th and TIV 8th

  5. Anonymous15:33

    Wow nice numbers and they will only go up with the open skies with the US and the new flights next year!

  6. Great news! Montenegro has a lot of potential. The region has one of the most beautiful beaches in ex YU. It would be nice if they try to diversify their tourist clientele and not depend too much on ex USSR.


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