Ryanair in Zadar expansion

Ryanair strengthens Zadar offer
Europe’s largest low cost airline, Ryanair, has announced the opening of several new seasonal routes to Zadar, thus serving the city from a total of eleven destinations in 2012. New flights to Zadar will be launched from its newest base Karlsruhe near Baden-Baden in Germany from March 28, Billund in Denmark from March 24, Marseille in France as of March 26 and East Midlands near Nottingham in the United Kingdom from July 2. Flight details can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted links.

Zadar Airport was one of Croatia’s star performers in 2010 with passenger numbers sharply increasing, primarily thanks to the Irish no frills carrier. This year the pace of growth has slowed. By the end of October Zadar handled a total of 259.952 passengers, an increase of 3% compared to the same period last year. Along with the new routes, Ryanair operates seasonal flights to Zadar from Brussels (South Charleroi), Frankfurt (Hahn), London (Stansted), Dublin, Oslo (Ryyge), Stockholm (Skavsta) and Dusseldorf (Weeze).

During the 2012 summer season Zadar will also see Lufthansa introducing flights from Berlin and Dusseldorf while Croatia Airlines will launch new flights from Zadar to Paris.


  1. Anonymous14:12

    So we will see a big increase for ZAD next year which is great. But ZAD needs an alternative because Ryanair can screw us over in a few years time. Also wondering what will happen o ZAD now that Kalmeta will no longer be in charge of transport.

  2. Anonymous14:51

    Wonderful, now we will have even more backpackers...

  3. Anonymous19:09

    Any airport that gets into bed with FR is asking for trouble. Whilst it is good to see OU and LH also expanding they have to be careful as they could easily demand more, not receive it and bugger off.
    Ideally a few more routes are now needed, Norwegian would be a good airline to target and also a route to FCO or MXP in the summer would be good. Once in the EU a twice weekly FRA service might be feasible.

  4. Anonymous21:06

    I am kind of tired of these negative comments about Ryanair and everything in general, just moan, moan and nothing else. Yes, it is true, Ryanair is terrible in so many things (costumer services, staff, general conditions on board, etc.), but you get what you pay for, as simple as that!!! If you go to 2 star hotel you certainly do not expect 5 star service, do you??????!!!!! Zadar Airpot has been put on the Europe's airport map again, not only thanks to Ryanair, but it certainly deserves a few nice words for bringing tourist, making of one dead airport a busy one, and most importantly, making flying affordable and safe!!!! I have flown with them so many times, you simply follow their instructions about check in, terms conditions, etc. which I have always done and no problems! RJK was in a deep S... last year, and this summer was a success. Yes, they do have their dodgy conditions, and they do get subsidized, but at least they do not sell after that subsidiarity tickets for enormous amounts like other airlines( eg. Adria on BNX route, fully subsidized and on top of that ludicrously priced tickets!!!!!) Well done Zadar, 10 destinations with FR only next summer, it will be a busy one! Great

  5. Anonymous21:33

    Split and Dubrovnik will receive a number of flights from Spain next summer,Vueling and Iberia, how about Ryanair from Barcelona to Zadar?


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