Adria back to Barcelona and Manchester

Adria and Jat plan for the summer
Adria Airways will be resuming services to Barcelona and Manchester on a seasonal basis this upcoming 2012 summer season, however, ten destinations that were operated last summer won’t make a comeback in the airline’s network. The Slovenian carrier will operate 170 scheduled flights per week to 18 destinations. The only new additions compared to last summer will be the Priština - Verona service and Ljubljana - Luton, which replaces services to Gatwick. The airline will not be resuming flights to Athens, Banja Luka, Dublin, Kiev, Paris, Ohrid, Split, Stockholm, Warsaw and Toulon, which were all featured last year. Adria will once again be operating charter service all summer round to Greece, Malta, Egypt and Turkey, with Greece to see most Adria Airways flights.

Meanwhile, Serbia’s Jat Airways will increase frequencies to many of its destinations as it formulates its preliminary summer timetable. Some highlights include a nonstop service to Brussels, which will now operate separately from the Amsterdam flights. Flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle will operate eleven times per week (up from seven) during the peak summer season, there will be new seasonal flights to London Gatwick Airport while Moscow will see ten weekly flights (up from seven) with an introduction of a late evening service from Belgrade and a morning flight from Moscow. The airline has also made minor readjustments to its new seasonal Pula flights and has moved the service forward by a month from July 2 to June 2.


  1. Anonymous11:04

    Cool! Go Jat!

  2. Anonymous11:22

    Well additional 3 flights to Moscow SVO, additional 4 flights to Paris CDG and the introduction of direct flights to AMS with KLM's codeshare. I think it's quite obvious who Jat feels closer to.

    Nice to see that at least two Balkan airlines - Jat and Tarom- have not given in to the Star Alliance charm.

  3. Anonymous11:38

    hope adria will have good season this summer. jat should consider new destinations. for example instead of 10 flights pw to cdg, would be better to have two flights to nice or marseille pw, and the rest to cdg and 2 flights pw to st. petersburg.

  4. @exyuaviation

    What do you mean with not resuming flights to Paris?

    there up to 10 weekly flights to CDG, loaded in their system

  5. Purger13:31


    1. At least 2 flights per day (morning + evening) to CDG (business, connections...)

    2. After that goal you can expend to other destinations but not with less than 3 frequencies per week.

  6. Anonymous17:46

    Of course Jat feels closer to Skyteam as it is government owned,
    the same as AF,Aeroflot and Tarom.

    But even if AF would stop codesharing with Jat this would not affect the Serbian national carrier all too much.They easily could go double daily.

    The one who should be worried is AF
    because while Jat offers mediocre service for a cheap price and good frequency,the french carrier is simply awful.
    There are a lot of customers who are angry and dissappointed about
    their service in last time.

    This would be the opportunity for Easyjet to come into business.

    They could easily squeeze AF out
    with better service and prices and if they flew out of Orly they also could passengers offer an alternative to Jats CDG service.

  7. Anonymous18:51

    Why Merdidiana fly stopping Priština -Verona? (so Adria instead)
    Is it not profitable?
    Other reason?
    Anyone has a clue?

  8. Anonymous19:13

    Does anybody know AF loads to and from BEG?

  9. CDG flights are the one from the summer 2011 which were not removed from the system as adria is still deceding wheter to cancel them or to resume them.

    LJU-CPH saw some increas comparing to the previous season.

    There are no more PRN-CDG,CPH,DUS,BRU flts.

  10. Anonymous19:29

    AF saw 68500 passengers on 364 flights to/from Belgrade in 2011, most of the time they have been flying A319.

  11. Anonymous19:38

    thanks last anonymous, so that means that 95 passengers per flight. Is that a bad loadfactor?

  12. Anonymous19:40

    Dear last Anonymous,
    you have some very interesting statistics from Air France .
    I assume you also have about other foreign airlines !?
    Could you please give them us !
    Most interesting would be :
    Air Baltic
    I thank you for any response !

  13. Anonymous22:16

    W6 in Belgrade 2011. : 286500 PAX, 1016 flights, average 140.7 PAX, no show 4.8% PAX

  14. My biggest respect for you!
    Do you also have statistic about the other airlines?

    I would be most interested in FZ.

    Btw what did you mean with
    "no show 4.8% PAX" ?

    Thanks alot!

  15. Anonymous22:54

    My goodness, cannot actually believe that Wizzair alone transported
    286 500 passengers. That is amazing! Average LF of 140 passengers would be 78% if I am not mistaken?!! That is really good! Well done Wizzair! I hope they gonna expand their network from BEG and maybe add some flight(s) to/from INI.

  16. Anonymous23:13

    W6 sold 148 seats per flight, but 140.7 PAX/flight appeared at gate.

  17. Anonymous23:15

    Could you please share with us the numbers for flydubai?

  18. Anonymous10:48

    Flydubai LF on route BEG-BEG was around 40% in November and December, while it will reach 60% in January (189 seats configuration).

  19. Anonymous11:43

    Cool, thanks for that. Like I said before, it takes time for a route to develop. This is the best proof, 40% lf during the low season is not bad.
    60% is already decent.


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