Adria withstands tough times

Passengers still loyal to Adria
Adria Airways, which experienced financial problems last year and endured negative press in 2011, has managed to see only a slight decrease in passenger numbers when compared to 2010. Last year, Adria Airways welcomed a total of 1.163.016 passengers, a decrease of only 0.6% compared to 2010. Despite a significant downturn in passenger numbers in November and December, figures were aided by an outstanding performance in April and nearly the same passenger numbers recorded in the first half of 2011 compared to 2010. The Slovenian national carrier saw its average cabin load factor stand at 63%, a decrease of three points. In November, the airline recorded one of the lowest load factors amongst European national carriers as its figures dipped below 60%, to only 58%.

However, there are still tough times ahead for Adria. Even though it will launch a new service from Priština to Verona this Saturday and seasonal flights to London, Barcelona and Manchester in the summer, the airline will significantly cut down on its summer network and capacity compared to last year, which is likely to be followed by fewer passenger numbers. The airline is currently deciding whether to resume services to Paris which were suspended over the winter period. However, as the low cost easyJet bids farewell to the route, a new opportunity has been given to Adria to restart the flights and hopefully make a profit, having to compete only against Air France this time around.

Adria Airways ended 2011 as the third busiest national airline in the former Yugoslavia. It was behind Croatia Airlines which handled 1.880.000, recording an increase of 15%, and Jat Airways which welcomed 1.219.703 passengers onboard and recorded an increase of 14% compared to 2011. The Serbian carrier had the best average cabin occupancy on its flights, standing at 70%, followed by Croatia Airlines at 67% and Adria at 63%. Apart from Croatia Airlines and Jat, all the other national EX-YU carriers saw their passenger figures decline in 2011 compared to 2010.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    Adria will also start full charter flights between Turin and Belgrade next week, for FIAT workers. Once the airport in Kragujevac will open, the flight will likely switch from Belgrade to Kragujevac.

  2. Anonymous09:12

    What airport in Kragujevac? You mean Kraljevo?

    So Adria didn't learn anything from its experience when it transported Turkish truck drivers? Wonderful.

  3. Anonymous09:40

    Yes, sorry. Kraljevo!

  4. Anonymous11:20

    Im sorry about adria, but I like that company because slovenians made it by themselves even they were in comunist country few decades ago, so respect. Hope thay will have more luck in 2012. Dont forget that slovenia is surrounded by countries from which there are many cheap flights (Trieste, Zagreb, Klagenfurt).

  5. Anonymous11:34

    I heard some rumors about Pegasus eying on Kraljevo.

  6. Anonymous11:39

    anonymous4#:you forgot to mention also Venice, Treviso, Graz...probably LJU has the most competition from surrounding airports in all the the numbers aren't that bad actually (+considering the size of slovene popolation). but i have to agree, all the best to Adria in 2012!!!

  7. Anonymous12:15

    Why Meridiana FLy stopping Verona - Pristina? (and Adria coming "in")
    Is it not profitable or other reason?
    How long Verona - Pristina till end of March with Adria only?

    I don't think Adria is a serious company anymore .. they are making routes in-out last moment, changes, cancellations no planning (e.g. Banja Luka, London Airports, Verona - Priština etc. etc.).

  8. Anonymous12:31

    OT: please, how can I get some informations about statistics of WIZZ for 2011. in BEG. Please, I want to know that just to make some calculations about Wizzair in Serbia. Thanx a lot for any info. Regards from Belgrade.

  9. Purger18:51

    Today I was in meeting with vice-minister for traffic and here is basic information:

    1. Ex government made positive decision for concession contract with French candidate for concession.
    2. New government is not sure, they made new commission for evaluation concession and ask all subjects to send as much documents that they could make good decision.

  10. Anonymous20:12

    JP how about selling shares to TAP? some projects making together on routes to LIS, OPO, FAO from LJU?

  11. sort of a topic...but not really

    Does anyone know did Ljubljana perform in 2011 in terms of the overall pax traffic ?

    Or Pristina ?

    It is quite annoying that those 2 aren't publishing the data... Ljubljana does it on a yearly basis. Pristina seems not to publish it at all on its web. in fact the latest news on Pristina's web dates back from May.

  12. Anonymous22:15

    JP are flying PRN-VRN as a stop gap measure for a toup op as IG pulled out, it's guaranteed money so a good way to make money in the off season.

  13. Anonymous22:22

    There were some statistics infos for Wizz in Belgrade in 2011., some 286000 passengers, check EX-YU one week earlier.

  14. Anonymous22:26

    first anonymous, can u give me some more information about the charter flights by Adria like frequencies and stuff?

  15. JU520 BEGLAX04:13

    JP 953 30JAN CRJ2 S5-AAI
    48 pax booked
    ETD TRN 1700
    ETA BEG 1850

    same flight on 06FEB again with S5-AAG (CRJ2)

    found no return flights BEG-TRN

  16. Anonymous10:40

    about JP selling some of their shares to's an interesting idea but i'm affraid TAP is doing very bad lately...i'd love to see another company buying JP, maybe AF/KLM- JP would of course remain as a feeder, just for the other airlines, but at least it would be another alliance, since star alliance is too strong in the region you think other big guys like AF/KLM, BA/IB,etc are also traeting smaller members in the same shity way LH does?any thoughts about non star a. airline buying JP?thanks

  17. Anonymous14:32

    TAP is actually doing very well. Due to its net profit in 2010 privatization of the airline will be under way in 2012 as part of Portugal's €78 billion bailout agreed by the EU and the IMF. They are selling some quality goods.


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