B&H to Dusseldorf, Adria to Luton

B&H back to Dusseldorf as Adria moves from Gatwick to Luton
B&H Airlines will be resuming another destination from the past as it plans to launch services to Dusseldorf on June 2. It comes days after announcing it will inaugurate flights to Vienna, Skopje, Stockholm and Gothenburg this summer as well. Flights will operate twice per week, every Monday and Saturday with an Airbus A319. Details can be viewed here.

B&H Airlines has previously flown between the Bosnian capital and Dusseldorf. Flights were launched on May 18, 2009 and suspended on March 15, 2010 due to poor loads. It will be the airline’s first destination in Germany since discontinuing flights to Frankfurt last year. In Germany, the airline has also flown to Cologne, Berlin and Stuttgart in the past. B&H had its last major network expansion in 2009 when, besides Dusseldorf, it inaugurated flights to Podgorica, Vienna, Prague, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Berlin. Most were cancelled within a year, although many are set to see a comeback this summer.

Meanwhile, Adria Airways, which announced its service launch to London Gatwick Airport a few weeks ago, has now decided to move the flights to London’s Luton Airport instead. The Slovenian carrier said that operations to Luton will allow passengers faster rail connections to central London and notes its close proximity to main motorways. It is believed the airline will move operations to Luton because of lower handling fees. Flights will operate four times per week, every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with tickets to be put on sale next week.


  1. Duchess of Shangay09:48

    LTN...the worst of them all!

    Appalling airport which I am trying to avoid at all costs despite living in north London.

    Nightmatre go get in or out by any transportation mode, rail station "only" bus ride from the main building, rip off on every corner (including charges for hand luggage liquids), parking fee only to drop off passengers...

    Shall I continue?

    Wrong move JP!

  2. Duchess of Shangay09:49

    CORRECTION: Charge if you dont have "hand luggage liquids" plastic bag...

  3. Anonymous10:19

    I live in London and I must agree with Duchess of Shangay on transport thing, London Luton Airport is the only airport of all London's airports (including newly refurbished London Southend Airport in Essex which has a brand new train station right next to the terminal) which doesn't have a terminal train station so you try to imagine how is to get to the terminal building! Yes it may be close to people living in North London, but that is all, traffic at Luton has expanded significantly in the last few years but facilities NOT. The main reason Adria is moving there is simply the PRICE, I am not even going to mention that that there is no any further connection from Luton, so no transit there either. It is OKish airport but for LCC. BTW, all LCC airports charge for those plastic bags (have you tried Stansted? - £1 for one bag!!!!!)

    Alex London

  4. Anonymous10:42

    I can imagine JA switching to ATR soon :)))

  5. Anonymous11:11

    Luton? It's a disgrace!

  6. Anonymous13:01

    Congratulations to JA on making an expansion!!

    As for Adria-a completely bad move, sky-high prices but LCC Airports used. JP is always stuck in the midddle!!

  7. Anonymous13:05

    "Stanstead, Gatwick South, Luton - what, City Who! I'd rather crash in Brighton!" (Pam Ann)
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Duchess of Shangay16:20

    Touch the trolley and than run up to the galley...Than go back to the trolley...Than touch the trolley and make some signs that mean NOTHING at all....

  9. Anonymous16:32

    Love her!

  10. off topic:

    Czech probably cancels SKP


  11. Anonymous18:17

    Pam Ann is just briliant!! I love her. Saw once her live show in London and was BRILLIANT!!!
    Love when she mocks members of the cabin crew present there, especially the U2 one XD

  12. Not sure why B&H just doesn't announce these routes as seasonal instead of cancelling and "inaugurating" them. DUS should definitely be successful for the summer period. Best of luck. As far as Adria is concerned, why Luton? It isn't even possible to fly to Luton from the USA or from many other places either. Are they really targeting just people living in London? Wouldn't it be better to choose an airport where at least you have a chance of getting transit passengers?

  13. As you already said JP should also aim at transit passengers.
    In the end Lufthansa will be the only one who profits in this case.

    As member of Star alliance JP
    could stay in Heathrow and connect its passengers via United/Continental Airlines with so many cities in the US and Canada.

    Now all the people who flew via London to Slovenia have to switch to Munich or Frankfurt.
    With out them JPs service to London has no much future i think...

  14. Anonymous00:41

    ^ you f'coffee, first row.. vienna ;-) 13th of april ;-) Jedva cekam ;)

  15. Anonymous02:05

    I have first row in Vienna :)

  16. Anonymous04:12

    Bh made a good choice by choosing Dussedorf as their new destination.
    On the other hand Adria made a big mistake by choosing London. Thats the basic point of news in my opinion

  17. Why would you aim to get transit pax at LHR, yes there are few *A members but they also fly to ZRH VIE BRU FRA MUC where Adria has 4-2 daily flights which allow good connections.
    Flights to LHR would not be more than 4 times a week.
    And London is primary meant as final destination and is run with Slovenian and UK turist agencies
    Luton was accepted by them.
    This will allow cheaper ticket which you can already buy for 88€+10€ reservation costs return.
    This will also allow cheaper tickets to PRN,SKP,TIA,SJJ,TGD.

  18. Anonymous13:12


    there are 3 weekly Wizz flights SKP-Luton, dont count on many transit pax here

  19. I see, well prices a just a bit higher than with WZZ so hopefully other destinations will have some conn. pax.

  20. Anonymous17:54

    Thank god those times are gone
    we had to use Adria or other
    stopover airlines to reach London
    or Northern Italy....
    or better saying thank Wizzair!


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