B&H to Skopje and Vienna

B&H expanding network for 2012 summer season
B&H Airlines is spreading its wings this summer. After announcing that it will resume seasonal summer flights to Stockholm and Gothenburg, the Bosnian carrier will now also resume two destinations from the past - Skopje and Vienna. Flights to Vienna were terminated last year along with Frankfurt to the dismay of many loyal passengers. B&H Airlines plans to operate up to 5 weekly flights to Vienna with the regional ATR72. As a result, a ticket pricing war between B&H and its rival Austrian has now begun, with Austrian lowering fares over night. Austrian profited from B&H’s pull out on the Vienna service and it currently operates two daily flights to the Bosnian capital. However, it remains to be seen whether B&H will make the Sarajevo - Vienna route work this time around. In 2011 the airline suspended the flight citing poor loads. Flight details for the service to Vienna can be found here.

The national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina will also expand regionally by launching five weekly services to Skopje. Flights will also operate with the ATR72. The airline has previously flown to the Macedonian capital nonstop as well as via Podgorica. Details can be viewed here.

During the 2012 summer season, B&H Airlines will operate flights to Amsterdam, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Vienna, Skopje, Istanbul, Banja Luka, Copenhagen and Zurich. However, the airline is still formulating its summer timetable, leaving the possibility for other new routes to be announced. Both flights to Skopje and Vienna will be launched on March 25.


  1. Anonymous09:47

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  2. Since you seem to have to add some insult to Sarajevo. I've been to both Banja Luka and Sarajevo and thought Sarajevo was 10x more amazing than BNX. (What the relevance of this information is remains unclear to me but oke)

    @ExYuAviation,SKP will be 5! weekly you forgot to add:
    SJJ-SKP 1915-2030 6 (SAT)
    SKP-SJJ 0745-0900 7 (SUN)


  3. JU520 BEGLAX11:05

    it s probably about with what expectation you visit a place...and how the weather is...


    here are the passenger figures for the first Verona flights of JP:

    28JAN (inaugural flights)
    PRN-VRN 112 pax
    VRN-PRN 114 pax

    PRN-VRN 112 pax
    VRN-PRN 110 pax

    Operated with A319

  4. interesting,

    regarding the demand, i would say there is a market but its not easy.

    However SKP-SJJ 135€ with B&H is a competitive prize,

    there are 10 weekly busses from Skopje to BIH and cost between 90-100€ return,
    but i guess this info will never get through to those travelling by bus.

    alright, BH is the next company staying overnight at SKP but 13 hours (!!!) parking seems incredibly long

    good luck without offering connecting flights at all, seriously

    (not sure youve got the times right, when i search for fares im seeing two daily flights on monday, which is crazy if correct, im seeing JA602,603,604 and 605 )

    btw what a useless webpage , but hey you can download the IATA certificate pdf!

    PS. what is that BEIJING flight today at SJJ ?

  5. regarding JP and Verona

    not sure if this was posted here:

    "The Priština – Verona route was until recently operated by meridiana fly and it is understood that a travel organisation that was contracted to acquire seats on each flight approached Adria to maintain the link for the remainder of the Northern Winter schedule."

  6. Zrak11:30

    Well we, Bosnians are happy that you at least liked one of our Bosnian cities.

    Anyways back to the topic.

    Would be interesting to understand what the logic behind SKP is. Unless they have by now learned how to cater to transit passengers it is going to be hard to keep this route profitable. I doubt that there is point to point market like there might be with Vienna.


    Imo Skopje is too far for bus. You also have to travel through risky countries with political issues and during winter, snow and cold might be an issue.

  7. Anonymous11:59

    Why Meridiana pull out Priština - Verona?
    Is it not profitable?
    Priština - Verona with Adria is not bookable for Summer Schedule 2012?
    Is it staying just for 2 months?
    it looks to me a charter flight sold as regular?
    Anyone knows more?
    Excuse for out of topic.

  8. Anonymous13:05

    I'm sorry, risky countries? If you are refering to Serbia and/or Montenegro, where is it risky exactly? Please stop with the nationalism.

  9. frequentflyer13:22

    This is exactly the sort of fleet utilisation I alluded to in my posting a few days back.

    Short routes (both are within 500km of SJJ, so ideal for AT7 use), to destinations which should work and be successful for JA. Marketing remains the elusive challenge for this odd organisation, if only people knew who they were and what they did, chances are they'd actually have passengers on seats...

    Let's hope they make something of it. Does this mean that there is are almost at *one* full usage of an AT7 now given only ZRH was confirmed for AT7 use?

    @ Anonymous #1
    Posts like that are exactly why this forum needs to have registration to stop irrelevant, nationalistic garbage...

  10. Stefan13:32

    @frequentfluer: according to my calculation each BH aircraft now does two flights per day, which is still low if you ask me.

  11. Zrak14:33


    Actually I would rather avoid this kind of discussion but I'll give you an answer.

    I am alluding at border between Kosovo and Serbia which is where most bus traffic between southern former Yugoslavia and Bosnia passes through as they usually connect through Novi Pazar.

    I believe that you are deceiving yourself if you do not think that violence on Serbia/Kosovo border or situation in Mitrovica is dangerous. I would say that both Kosovars and Serbs would agree on this assessment although they might have different opinion on the cause of violence.

    Concluding that I would rather avoid this area is not nationalism it is simply being concerned with my own safety.

  12. Anonymous14:50

    I really dont understand the logic behind 5 weekly SKP!Which customers do they want to acqire-ethnic, business, leisure, transit?!Isnt much profitable to them to send the Atr to FRA or FCO in summer season-opportunity cost?
    I know that we have quite few Bosniaks who didnt return to Bosnia after the war but I really doubt they will make the 5 weekly route profitable.Without agressive marketing and transfer pax this route hasnt got any big chance.I think this route has a slight of political note since Turks are running BH and Turks are running SKP so both sides want to enhance cooperation as much as possible.
    Does somebody know how long is free of charge parking at SKP?

  13. Anonymous14:55

    Btw. off topic:

    New route Geneva-Skopje starting 30.06 operated by Hello

  14. Anonymous15:01

    Ovo je dobra vijesti, ne!? Kad ce za Zagreb letjeti za nasu zracna luku? Bio bih presreten! A za kaj nebi?

    Pozdrav braci BOSNJACIMA...vi ste nasi a i mi smo vasi! ;)

  15. svacijianiciji15:18

    ^ iseljenici... leave them to teach us all about nationalism ;)

  16. Anonymous15:22

    Jat started selling its flights from Belgrade to Pula, Split and Dubrovnik.
    Both Pula and Split will be operated twice per week and a return flight will cost €112.
    Dubrovnik will be operated three times per week and a ticket costs €103.

    So I guess that roumours that Jat will not be returning to Croatia were wrong.
    Now, let's see what OU is planning.

  17. Great news. Finally flights to other that IST. I hope they are successfully marketed this time around. Code sharing would do wonders for this airline as it would make it much easier for transiting passengers.

    BTW Banja Luka and Sarajevo are both great cities, not sure what the nasty comments were about.

  18. JU520 BEGLAX16:30

    JAT Airways S12 Operation Changes as of 18JAN12
    Posted: 18 Jan 2012 01:40 AM PST
    Update at 0940GMT 18JAN12
    As per 18JAN12 GDS timetable and inventory display, JAT Airways has slightly modified its planned Summer 2012 operations.
    Latest changes are listed below:

    Belgrade – London Gatwick Operation for the NEW 2 weekly service is revised. Service to operate from 15JUN12 to 14SEP12 only, schedule remains unchanged
    JU212 BEG1810 – 2015LGW 733 45
    JU213 LGW2115 – 0100+1BEG 733 4
    JU213 LGW2125 – 0110+1BEG 733 5
    Belgrade – Pula 02JUL12 – 05SEP12 Service resumes with twice weekly service. Note the operational day has been revised from Day 13 to Day 16 (Note JU741 is only displaying Day 1 service available)
    JU740 BEG1300 – 1430PUY AT7 6
    JU740 BEG1420 – 1550PUY AT7 1
    JU741 PUY1625 – 1755BEG AT7 1
    Previously Reported Changes:
    Belgrade – Amsterdam Service operates nonstop in both direction, replaces 1-stop via Brussels on inbound (S11 was nonstop both direction 3 times a week, inbound via BRU 4 times a week)
    JU262 BEG0820 – 1050AMS 733 D
    JU263 AMS1150 – 1405BEG 733 D
    Belgrade – Berlin Increases from 4 weekly in S11 to 5 weekly in S12. Service operates to Tegel until 30MAY12
    JU354 BEG0830 – 1020BER 733 25
    JU354 BEG1610 – 1800BER 733 7
    JU354 BEG1615 – 1805BER 733 13
    JU355 BER1110 – 1255BEG 733 25
    JU355 BER1850 – 2035BEG 733 137
    Belgrade – Brussels Service operates nonstop in both direction, replaces 1-stop via Amsterdam on outbound
    JU270 BEG0555 – 0820BRU 733 x156
    JU270 BEG0800 – 1025BRU 733 1
    JU270 BEG1455 – 1720BRU 733 5
    JU271 BRU0905 – 1110BEG 733 x156
    JU271 BRU1115 – 1320BEG 733 1
    JU271 BRU1810 – 2015BEG 733 5
    Belgrade – Copenhagen Service increases from 3 weekly in S11 to 5 weekly in S12. Service operates nonstop in both direction from 10JUN12 to 14SEP12
    JU370 BEG0820 – 1035CPH 733 1
    JU370 BEG1230 – 1445CPH 733 7
    JU370 BEG1430 – 1645CPH 733 5
    JU370 BEG1515 – 1730CPH 733 24
    JU371 CPH1125 – 1335BEG 733 1
    JU371 CPH1535 – 1745BEG 733 7
    JU371 CPH1735 – 1945BEG 733 5
    JU371 CPH1820 – 2030BEG 733 24
    Belgrade – Istanbul Increases from 5 weekly in S11 to Daily in S12
    JU420 BEG0935 – 1215IST 733 357
    JU420 BEG1615 – 1855IST 733 x357
    JU421 IST1305 – 1340BEG 733 357
    JU421 IST1945 – 2020BEG 733 x357
    Belgrade – Larnaca 16MAY12 – 14SEP12 Overall service operates 5 times a week during this period.
    JU068 BEG0935 – 1305LCA 733 35
    JU069 LCA1355 – 1535BEG 733 35
    2 weekly Belgrade – Larnaca – Tel Aviv is increasing to 3 weekly from 15MAY12 to 11SEP12
    Belgrade – Milan Malpensa Increases from 4 weekly in S11 to 6 weekly in S12
    JU416 BEG1600 – 1750MXP 733 x56
    JU416 BEG1700 – 1850MXP 733 5
    JU417 MXP1840 – 2020BEG 733 x56
    JU417 MXP1940 – 2120BEG 733 5
    Belgrade – Moscow Sheremetyevo Increases from Daily to 10 weekly
    JU134 BEG0810 – 1300SVO 733 4
    JU132 BEG1310 – 1800SVO 733 D
    JU134 BEG2125 – 0215+1SVO 733 57
    JU135 SVO0555 – 0700BEG 733 16
    JU135 SVO1355 – 1500BEG 733 4
    JU133 SVO1850 – 1955BEG 733 D
    Belgrade – Rome Increases from 5 weekly in S11 to Daily in S12
    JU404 BEG0700 – 0830FCO 733 D
    JU405 FCO0920 – 1055BEG 733 D
    Belgrade – Split 03JUL12 – 27SEP12 Service resumption with twice weekly service
    JU730 BEG1420 – 1550SPU AT7 24
    JU731 SPU1625 – 1755BEG AT7 24
    Belgrade – Stockholm Service increases from 4 weekly in S11 to 5 weekly in S12. From 12JUN12 to 28AUG12, service operates nonstop in both direction
    JU380 BEG0820 – 1100ARN 733 2
    JU380 BEG1350 – 1630ARN 733 4
    JU380 BEG1400 – 1640ARN 733 35
    JU380 BEG1425 – 1705ARN 733 7
    JU381 ARN1150 – 1425BEG 733 2
    JU381 ARN1720 – 1955BEG 733 4
    JU381 ARN1730 – 2005BEG 733 35
    JU381 ARN1755 – 2030BEG 733 7
    Belgrade – Thessaloniki Increases from 3 weekly in S11 to 4 weekly in S12
    JU444 BEG0815 – 1045SKG AT7 34
    JU444 BEG1630 – 1900SKG AT7 5
    JU444 BEG2135 – 0005+1SKG AT7 7
    JU445 SKG0645 – 0715BEG AT7 1
    JU445 SKG1120 – 1150BEG AT7 34
    JU445 SKG1935 – 2005BEG AT7 5

  19. Anonymous16:51

    Banja Luka and Sarajevo are both great cities!

  20. Anonymous18:12

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  21. Any info about the prices from vienna-sarajevo?

    I flew Amsterdam vienna sarajevo in oktober, 148 euro both ways. Eurolines bus was 152 euro's lol .

    But still, if the prices between b&h/austrian are not huge, most poeple will take austrian. Quite and fast a320 from the slow and noisy atr72.

  22. Sharon/NYC18:57

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  23. Anonymous19:17

    as living in Skopje I cannot see the reasons behind the introduction of those flights..there may be something related with the Turks managing the Bosnian carrier and also managing the Skopje Airport. but who knows..
    Anyway 3 weekly flights, with some agressive marketing campaign in both countries will be perfect, a loadfactor of 75% might be easily achieved :)

  24. Anonymous19:28

    BH Airlines will connect Skopje with Sarajevo (non stop), Banja Luka, Amsterdam, Vienna, Zurich and Istanbul with a transfer in Sarajevo.

    Therefore the macedonians, will have the oportunity to travel to 5 other destinations beside sarajevo with BH Airlines!

    new times has come ;)

  25. Anonymous19:39

    The exit for the Bosnian carrier is definitely CSing but who would really CS with them. Sarajevo is such a small market that point to point traffic even to Istanbul is not enough to keep it profitable. 600K passengers is so low. It really is difficult to run an airline in such a small market without subsidization.
    They have CS wıth TK for IST but would OS do it for Vienna? Obviously not. Maybe FlyNiki would sit on the table. They have a huge network especially after Air Berlin's acquisition it could even be more interesting.

  26. Anonymous21:42

    @2nd last anonymous, why would someone from Skopje go to Sarajevo to fly to Istanbul when there is a low cost airline flying SKP-IST route. Also there are direct flights to Vienna and Zurich and I doubt there are many flying to from Skopje to Banja Luka.

  27. Anonymous00:10

    its good to see that BH is expending somehow :)
    Are those rumours true that Air Berlin might come to BEg?

  28. Anonymous00:14

    Air Berlin is already in Belgrade !

  29. Anonymous08:53

    Air Berlin is present in Belgrade through Niki. They operate almost double daily flights out of Vienna on Dash-8 aircraft. They are wearing the Air Berlin livery.

  30. Anonymous20:35

    Today BHA announced at their Facebook profile that there will be SJJ - DUS flight starting from 26.03.


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