Busy times for Skopje Airport

Good start for Macedonian airports
Skopje Airport has started the year off by posting strong passenger growth in the first days of 2012. The airport managed to handle 5.458 passengers in the first two days of the year, up 140% compared to the same period last year. Despite not having any scheduled flights over the winter, Ohrid Airport managed 643 passengers, up from 345 last year, representing an increase of 86%. Combined, Macedonia’s two airports welcomed 6.101 passengers, up from 2.613 a year ago.

The 2011 end of year result for Skopje Alexander the Great Airport is expected to be released soon and it will be a question of whether the airport has finally managed to top 800.000 passengers. With strong results recorded throughout the year, it is expected that it could well do so. In 2011, Macedonia’s main hub handled 716.000 passengers. With no scheduled airline based in the city, airport authorities will look to attract as many carriers as possible this coming summer. State subsidies for low cost airlines, which are set to kick in later on in the year, will help towards achieving such a goal.

In the first week of 2012, the airport also published its redesigned web page to correspond with its new terminal opened in September last year.


  1. yes, the new webpage with the summer timetable from last year,

    the only airport in EX-YU with TurboFOLK music in the duty free shops

    selo moe skopsko


  2. Anonymous11:22

    Are you serious about the turbo folk music :D :D

  3. Anonymous11:25

    I can't help laughing every time I read the name of the airport.

  4. Anonymous11:51

    @ Vladimir Gojkovic

    me too! But God forbid someone make a sensible comment about the name, it is grounds for immediate dismissal or counter attack.
    To use the name of historic person which does not belong to Slavic Macedonian history is ludicrous to everyone but the people living in Skopje...

  5. Anonymous14:08

    Just to be perfectly clear, I'm hugely ashamed by the "Constantine the Great" name for the airport in Nis, too, my remark has nothing to do with nationalism.

  6. yep, they had turbofolk (not very loud though, but still disgusting) in both their duty free shops on the 1st floor where the gates are. i even asked the women working there wTF is that but they said its not their music and have to endure it too, lol

    and for the previous two: cool down a bit ok?

  7. @vlado
    lol, ok it wasnt clear from your first post ;)

    ALex... is actually a cool name for the airport but very very loaded, lol

  8. Anonymous15:03


    What's the problem with the name of the airport in Nis? He was born there but the Serbs have not stated a single time the Constantine the Great was a Serb.
    That is the main difference.

  9. Anonymous17:12

    Turbo folk music at aitport, I cant believe, thats hilarious!

  10. AndersMydgaerd/Lund17:17

    Hmmm....people in the Balkans hate their TurboFolk ?
    Maybe the same people who prefer
    Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber !
    But this American shit music is not better !
    To hate everything own and to hail and glorify everything foreign is not sign of being something better but also of being a provincial idiot !

    Turbofolk is a million times better than situation here in
    Scandinavia ,where every cheesy song is sung in english...
    since decades.

  11. Anonymous20:26

    Bullshits!!!! I'm fed up with all the negativ comments about macedonia ! Some people need to goback to school! You are all jealous of the new airport. This small country is changing faster. Thanks tav :)

  12. Anonymous21:09

    Maybe the airport name should be Erdogan International. It would stick much better to the reality and culture of the country;-)

  13. Anonymous21:46

    why there's always so much hatred towards Macedonia every single time a good news gets posted???

  14. Anonymous21:54

    no idea, lasy anonymous, probably beacuse people from ex yu are not froendly towards each other, i guess so.

  15. Anonymous00:52

    So much hatred against Macedonia
    only ?
    In Ex Yu everybody hates everyone !

    Macedonians are nothing better...

  16. Anonymous13:16

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  17. Doot15:38

    Skopje airport is a fantastic example of PPP. Congrats, Skopje on a fantastic airport and on doing a deal that happens all over the world, but balkans people are somehow suspicious of such arrangements.

    Macedonia is the little country that can!

  18. Evil Serbian16:04

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  19. Evil Serbian16:10

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  20. Doot17:16

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  21. Anonymous19:30

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  22. Daniel form Sweden01:23

    Good Macedonia, keep you head high, its your time now!


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