Flights to Kraljevo this summer

Charter flights to Morava Airport announced
Construction work on the terminal building at Kraljevo’s Morava Airport is progressing as the government announces that the airport, situated in Central Serbia, will be served by charter flights this summer season. Exterior work on the new 3.000 square meter terminal building is almost complete. The lengthening of the existing runway is expected to take place next month, with all construction work set to be finished by late March. “The first charter flights out of Kraljevo will be taking off in April at the latest”, Rasim Ljajić, Serbia’s Minister of Labour and Social Policy, said yesterday. He stressed the importance of the airport for the region. “No one will invest in this part of Serbia without adequate infrastructure in place”, Ljajić added. It is speculated that the airport will see summer charters to Turkey.

Morava Airport lies between three larger cities, Kraljevo, Čačak and Kragujevac, and has a catchment area of some two million people. A total of 32 million Euros has been invested in the project which has seen the construction of a new control tower, terminal, apron and runway lengthening. The Government of Turkey has invested ten million into the project while the rest has been financed by the Serbian government and Belgrade Airport which will also be providing necessary equipment.


  1. Anonymous11:50

    i recommend flights to belgrade, podgorica, tivat, istanbul, malpensa, vienna and munchen. that would be enough for the beggining :)

  2. Anonymous12:29

    ryanair needs money. why not.

  3. Anonymous12:31

    some offtopic. does anybody know why every single flydubai flight to beg is late? wrongly calculated flying time or just operational chaos/mismanagement?

  4. Anonymous13:10

    JAT will start flights BEG-PUY on June 2, one month earlier than previously announced (July, 2)

  5. Anonymous13:15

    flydubai departs Dubai during the worst rush-hour. It probably has to do with that. Not to mention the potential air space restriction due to congestion from all the airlines operating from/to there.

    In close proximity to Dubai we have Abu Dhabi which is Etihad's base, to the north Doha and Qatar and finally Bahrain with Gulf Air.
    I guess that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are not major players in the region in order to be taken into consideration.

  6. Anonymous16:26

    I bet cargo flights, some charter flights for diaspora in Europe-tourists (kapaonik) and even possibly uzice /zlatibor until their airport opens, and Lufthansa 2-4 weekly to FRA / MUC for intercontinental and european connections. JAT may be able to get some transfer pax too if they intend on starting the flights, which they have not stated.

  7. Doot17:53

    "until their airport opens"


  8. Anonymous18:02

    FlyDubai not really is every
    day too can see they are always too late on time !! : )

    That means they depart always the same time so take in consideration if they say they will depart13.00 it will always and punctually be 14.00or so.
    you get used to it if you fly them more than one time !
    Most important is that you wont miss their connecting flights!

  9. Anonymous18:04

    ...and excuse my bad english !!
    : )

  10. When i think about Kraljevo
    i always have YM flights to Nis
    in mind...

  11. Anonymous19:58

    Dream on flights from Kraljevo. Instead of 30 mil Eur vasted money in building they can buy 2 used 20-30 pax props and everyday connection to BUD,VIE,TGD...

  12. Anonymous21:14

    Wouldn't it be nice to see some FRA/ MUC - BEG flights continue from BEG onto Nis and Kraljevo, later on Uzice, and on return flights stop back at Beograd and fly onto FRA / MUC? If LH can get rights to sell tickets from those cities in Srbija to Beograd and FRA / MUC, I think the line would have much higher capacity compared to now!

  13. Anonymous22:18

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Anonymous22:18

    yes it would be:)

    by the way, is JAT for the summer really flying 11 weekly from BEG - CDG instead of 7 weekly?

    looks like for now Spanair is still flying 3 weekly for the summer, because of their promotional campaign for flights to Beograd for tourists may it be increased?:)

  15. Anonymous22:19

    12* ^

  16. Anonymous23:58

    From what i can figure out are you saying that Paris will be served by Jat 12 tims per week. Am i right?

  17. Anonymous00:18

    Hehe...and Easyjet cancels Paris-Zagreb/Ljubljana while Jat goes nearly double daily and not forget
    AF with dailies.
    Had Easyjet chosen Belgrade they easily could kicked one of the two out the way.
    While Jat offers at least good price and frequencies ,AF only bothers its poor passengers with miserable service for worse price...the most despised big carrier in the moment.

  18. Anonymous00:37

    Easyjet made a bad choice. DOes anybody know AF loads to and from BEG? I would higly appreciate a reply!

  19. Anonymous01:28

    Jat adds 4 extra weekly flights every year from June till September on BEG-CDG route - JU 242/243...

  20. Anonymous02:14

    "Wouldn't it be nice to see some FRA/ MUC - BEG flights continue from BEG onto Nis and Kraljevo, later on Uzice, and on return flights stop back at Beograd and fly onto FRA / MUC? If LH can get rights to sell tickets from those cities in Srbija to Beograd and FRA / MUC, I think the line would have much higher capacity compared to now!"

    You really don't know basics of air business today. Model you suggest was "in" some 20 years ago, and today is not profitable for many reasons: plane exploatation INI-BEG-MUC-BEG-INI is less profit than BEG-MUC-BEG-VIE-BEG what is same time of exploatation; airport taxes for stop is to big to be profitable on 2 legs on which first one have just 30-40% of LF because of rest in 2nd leg, there is no chance that anybodey will sell ticket in LH flight INI-BEG becuse of legislative, who will fly on INI-BEG those cities are much too close, it does not work in much reachear countries, but it will work in poor Serbia...

  21. Anonymous00:32

    I hope Pegasus air will start flying from Kraljevo to Istanbul on spring. It would be also nice to have flight from Belgrade. I dont see any other line which would be profitable from Kraljevo in this moment.


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