Jat goes seasonal to Gatwick

Soon at Gatwick
Serbia’s Jat Airways has made changes to its upcoming London Gatwick service. Flights to London’s second busiest airport will be inaugurated on June 15 and will operate on a seasonal summer basis (to September 14) to cope with high passenger demand experienced during the summer months on the existing Belgrade - London Heathrow route. In addition to the two weekly flights to London Gatwick, Jat will also serve London Heathrow nine times per week over the summer. Passengers departing from the Serbian capital will be spoilt for choice as they will also have the option of using Wizz Air’s four weekly service to London’s Luton Airport.

A return ticket with taxes included from Belgrade to both London Gatwick and Heathrow will set passengers back 175 Euros. Flight details for the upcoming service can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, Montenegro Airlines, which also recently announced its seasonal service launch from Tivat to London Gatwick, has now announced it will launch flights from its hub Podgorica to the British capital as well. Services will operate once per week and will launch on March 30 with details available here.


  1. Not sure where you've got 175EUR price. The best deal available on JAT's website is over 200 EUR for either LHR or LGW.

  2. Duchess of Shangay10:49

    "Excellent" news!

    No change for me...I will be still doing LHR-MUC/FRA/VIE-BEG.

    I wont be blackmailed by appalling Wizzair departure times or JAT's shambolic management issues!


  3. Anonymous11:33

    stupied policy... instead to have an beg-man line, they will start gtw. i cant believe. is knowledge on serbian universities bad or managers in jat are without university diploma? or the whole management in jat airways is without brains.. what can we do? nothing..

  4. smarate11:53

    Well just because you need a line to manchester doesnt actually mean that the line is viable. i could say that JATs management is stupid cuz they dont fly thru Beirut to Dubai (or flew to be more precise, as they used to) but thru Larnaca. I just adore these know it all managers here on exyuagiation. Withput you aviation would be a shitty business.

  5. Anonymous12:20

    Well just because you need a line to beirut doesnt actually mean that the line is viable.. look at the statistics about people from these regions who live in manchester and surroundings. without you wiseacre, this blog wouldnt have a sence... so, think about your reaction on comments and watch your business. i know its hard to do, but give yourself a chance.

    1. smarate15:39

      I dont need a line to BEirut, it was a metaphore, and since you are very much into STATISTICS please show me these statistics, smartass. Since you do know them, and you must have analysed them quite well.

  6. Anonymous12:48

    It's laughable how people quite rightly complain about corrupt and useless JAT management but then try and be a manager themselves and suggest pointless routes such as MAN-BEG. LGW was chosen as more airlift was required into London and LHR doesn't have any suitable slots left. A return seat might cost from 175EUR but this can be yielded up as the demand is there for more London capacity

  7. Anonymous12:59

    In everydays LHR JAT flights there are all the time around 15 sits free.

  8. frequentflyer13:06

    If JU believes they will profit from this new service, good on them. LHR slots are difficult to attain (and expensive), Gatwick has excellent land transport options & lots of other connecting airlines.

    My only question, how can they do this when they supposedly don't have enough planes in the fleet to cover the current schedule???

  9. Anonymous16:56

    Was topic of today not already
    topic a week ago?!
    How boring this blog is ...recycling itself.
    Something everybody is interested in, like those fucking loadfactor on those goddamn Easyjet and Flydubai flights we will never get....


  10. @exyuaviation
    Why don't you list the new Adria PRN-VRN route under "New Routes?"

  11. Anonymous17:10

    EasyJet loadfactor is a dramatically interesting thing... Who tf cares about that?

  12. Jat needs 9 733 planes for the su12 period, you can compile the data by yourself if you want.
    And 3 (4th ATR is seldome used) are needed.
    so if YUANH is fixed, it would be more than enaugh to handle all flights, or YUANP can help with few flts per week.

  13. Anonymous18:05

    Flydubai's LF have been increased from 40 % in November to more than 60 % in January on flights Belgrade-Dubai.

  14. Anonymous18:09

    Who the fuck cares about lf of Easyjet?
    Well all those people who live in Croatia,Slovenia or work there or go in vacation there or descend from there!
    Then there you have people who are interested in aviation at a whole
    or in profitability of Easyjet flights in detail!
    same applies to Flydubai to Belgrade.
    This blog is full of rumours,
    no facts at all which is a pity!

  15. Anonymous18:19

    we want facts!
    not rumors!

  16. Anonymous18:37

    JAT is starting to change its timetable for Summer 2012 previosly announced. Besides Belgrade-Gatwick route changes, it will not fly to Dubai and Tripoli. Also, Malta is under question and daily to Istanbul is to much.

  17. Anonymous19:39

    Hello Anonymous 6;09 pm
    where do you get this info
    can you name your source?
    Do you know someone who works at the airport?
    Where have you reed this ?
    thank you

  18. Red Hook21:11

    So people even if lf of FZ was only
    40% ...i have feeling that this is no problem.
    Normally you would expect to see lf going downhill towards february but quite the opposite happened-
    there was an increase.

    I think we will have to wait till April.What i assume is that lf will increase a lot in summer.
    I also dont expect Jat to resume flights to Dubai, not with such competition.
    So i even speculate FZ going daily in summer.

    This would be a good thing because i think that after a year of service we can expect to see that
    those low lf of 40 % was only a
    bad start of something what only can get better but never worse.
    So in the end i think that those direct flights of FZ will become a success.

    Also dont forget that people stick for now with the airlines they are used to.It needs its time before customers give a try to something new.
    I am convinced that the one with patience will in the end always be the winner!

  19. Christine00:31

    Hey Red Hook ,
    i like what you wrote and want to remind everyone that from now on
    FlyDubai has slightly changed its timetable for Belgrade flights .
    The monday flight will switch to tuesday ,all the other three
    flights stay as they were .

    Thank you all ,

  20. srpska sunka00:32

    so Flydubais load facotr for january is aroud 60%? I think that in February it will be around 50% and than after march it will start to rise quickly to 80%.
    What do u think fellows?

  21. Anonymous05:36

    Srpska sunka

    With all due respect,
    FZ will stop flying to BEG before March. Confirmed.

  22. srpska sunka15:48

    where did you hear that lasy anonoymous?
    source plz.

  23. Anonymous15:57

    ^It’s not true since tickets are for sale through the summer.


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