Jat sees 2011 growth

More passengers for Jat in 2011
Jat Airways handled 1.219.703 passengers in 2011, an increase of 14% compared to 2010. The Serbian carrier operated a total of 17.946 commercial flights and recorded an average cabin load factor of 70%, up 8 points on 2010. The airline improved most on its Montenegro services with passenger numbers increasing 19%. Numbers were also up on Euro Mediterranean flights by 16%. On the other hand, passenger figures declined by 22% on charter flights, with a significant decrease in the number of these flights operated throughout the year. Its busiest routes continue to be those to London Heathrow, Moscow and Zurich. Financial results are expected to be made public by March.

Jat had constant growth throughout the year although it significantly slowed in December. With the number of operated flights decreasing by 10%, the Serbian carrier recorded passenger growth of only 1%. In the last month of 2011, the airline welcomed 78.054 passengers onboard while its cabin load factor stood at 66%, up by 8 points.

Jat Airways has announced that in 2012 its passengers will continue to see promotional ticket sales, which lasted throughout 2011. The first one has already been launched for January. Furthermore, Jat will be rolling out its new frequent flyer program entitled “Extra Flight Club”. Finally, its independent technical division, Jat Tehnika, will begin servicing Airbus aircraft this year. Then again, it remains to be seen whether long lasting problems such as its old fleet, threaten year old Airbus jet order, political inference and everlasting privatisation process will be resolved in the next twelve months.

You can review all of Jat Airways’ passenger results from 2011 in the table below.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN70.788 3
FEB67.635 24
MAR79.408 20
APR88.597 33
MAY96.466 17
JUN116.105 18
JUL156.508 8
AUG155.163 6
SEP125.431 18
OCT107.624 23
NOV77.751 10
DEC78.054 1


  1. Anonymous10:27

    JAT should open new routes if its possible: Lyon, Barcelona (El Prat), Geneva, St. Petersbourg, Prague and Bologna. It is my opinion that these routes could be reasonable and economicaly effective.

  2. Anonymous10:48

    will they come back to MUC?

  3. Anonymous10:57

    I am prety sure they wont, cause LH has it 3 times per day.

  4. Anonymous18:10

    bla bla bla.... Jat is the biggest family run company in Serbia with no one taking care of safety and training. I feel like living so I will continue to fly Lufthansa, Air France and other REAL airlines... :)

  5. Anonymous19:01

    Safety and training are actually JAT's stronger points, service and fleet aren't. And while I'm perfectly aware where JAT stands on today's market, LH isn't what it used to be ten or fifteen years ago, while Air France is one of Europe's worst flag carriers IMHO. Their intra-EU economy seats are even worse than JAT's.

  6. Anonymous19:15

    I prefer to fly by jat than lh, cause I am from Serbia and I use my countrys flag carrier. Its quite normal and logical. Germans are flying to NY, LA and other destinations not by US airways or Delta, but air berlin or lufthansa.

  7. Anonymous19:23

    I am flying to BRU soon and I was looking at some flights:

    Same period for all airlines:

    W6: €60 (no luggage)
    JU: €144
    MA: €144
    LH: €160
    LX: €184
    OS: €200
    AZ: €204
    JP: €680 or €1,000 LOOOOL WTF

  8. Anonymous20:44

    does anyone have information on sky work bern - belgrade flights? would be appreciated

  9. Anonymous21:37

    i even looked this orbitz.com
    you mentioned some days ago.
    This site is really better than
    i expected and it is also shown
    which aircraft they intend to use
    in summer.

  10. Anonymous21:51

    I bought BEGBRU, FRABEG via Jat call center for 155e. Good price, LH/LX were 250e

  11. BeBe21:55

    How do you get from FRA to BRU ?

  12. Anonymous22:29

    aleks,i dont know the numbers for Skywork flights, althought i think that they are doing well since they send dash 8-400 most of the time.

  13. Anonymous22:43

    Skywork use the dash8 on saturday.
    The tuesday they fly with Fairchild dornier...very rare ac .
    Good lf because very small ac
    very flexible!

  14. Anonymous23:35

    Thalys and ICE in 3 hours :))

    One way BRUFRA is like 180 EUR, like no way!

  15. Anonymous00:00

    yes, Orbitz is a very good sight, i used to book my tickets on there and you could select your seats for all code shared flights, but somehow i found Air Canada a little cheaper and proffesional so I booked with them this year... but once i booked Orbitz for cheap Cleveland - San Diego, California.... good deal , no problems!

    SkyWork: and thats right, plus they announced they will eventually most likely over the summer make it a daily flight! lets hope..

  16. Anonymous01:17

    : )

  17. Anonymous03:37

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Anonymous03:37

    off topic:

    how come Montenegro Airlines flights are not bookable after March 26th from Nis to European cities? they aren't canceling flights are they?

  19. Anonymous10:35

    Maybe YM has a C check during that period. However I guess that they have over capacity in their fleet so...

  20. SuisseOuest14:34

    +1 for GVA (PRG, BCN); if only JAT could lease some new(er) planes... As for SkyWork, it's great they could make this weird Tue/Sat schedule work, it would be amazin if they could fly daily (or friday/monday instead, preferably in the afternoon)...
    @JAT's seats: when they are not broken, they are way more comfortable than the new thin seats in a320 used by LH/LX...
    Cheers from Switzerland!

  21. Anonymous23:53

    Will there be any new routes out of BEG this year( excluding Jat and Norwigian to CPH)?


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