Record year for Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines busiest airline in the former Yugoslavia
As was widely expected, Croatia Airlines strengthened its position as the busiest carrier in the former Yugoslavia in 2011. The Croatian carrier welcomed the highest number of passengers since it began operations in 1991. Croatia Airlines handled 1.880.000 passengers, an increase of 15% compared to 2010, a press release from the carrier says. The Zagreb based airline also improved on its average cabin occupancy index, which stood at 67%, an increase five points on 2010.

The airline recorded even growth on both its domestic and international operations. A total of 1.370.000 passengers used Croatia Airline on international flights while 507.000 opted for the carrier on domestic services. Croatia Airlines operated a total of 27.598 flights, representing an increase of 8% in 2010. The increase in the number of passengers was also driven by a reduction in ticket prices and a record year in the tourism industry. Croatia Airlines will have increased competition during the summer of 2012 from low cost airlines, however, it no longer has to worry about its rival Dubrovnik Airline which ceased operations late last year.

Meanwhile, the management of the carrier has rejected all proposals made by the union of Croatia Airlines pilots, in a report they delivered to their employer. The airline says the proposed business changes have no financial viability. Croatia Airlines pilots have requested for the government to sack the airline’s entire management saying that the Croatian carrier is being mismanaged and controlled by Lufthansa.


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  2. Anonymous09:35

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  3. Anonymous09:47

    Congrats to OU. Congrats to Croats on the referendum results.
    Entering EU will only additionally boost the results!

  4. Anonymous09:49

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  5. Anonymous10:19

    Very glad to see these numbers. Hoping for an even better 2012 :)

  6. Anonymous10:45

    Did any airlines announce anything new for their flights to Zagreb?

  7. It is amazing that total idiots can use the internet. He is probably the only one with a computer in his village.
    Please erase the second anonymous.
    As for Croatia Airlines, the next year will be make it or brake since there will be NO MORE government assistance.
    Greetings from ZAG

  8. JU520 BEGLAX12:08

    what cooperation JP/OU are now foreseen for S12 schedule?

  9. Anonymous12:55

    Well done OU and lets all hope these results will be even better in 2012 and especially 2013.

  10. Anonymous13:05

    Congratulations to Croatia Airline, best ex yu airline company. Wish you all the best in EU!

  11. yeah - congrats to Croatia Airlines too.

    to anonymous 10:45 AM - these are roughly new linnes that I've read about:

    Zagreb - Athens - direct in 2012
    Zagreb - Moscow - NEW
    Zagreb - Antalya (charter)- NEW
    Zagreb - Istambul - increased freq.

    Doha - Budapest - Zagreb - NEW
    Doha - Zagreb - EXPECTED... in Sept

    That's all as far as I know.

    Anyone else ? Please fill in...

  12. Anonymous13:32

    Name of the city is Istanbul, not Istambul!

  13. Anonymous14:05

    I almost drop dead when I saw "Carigrad" in Ljubljana Airport! :))))

  14. JU520 BEGLAX14:22


    JP back to CDG in S11?

    ADRIA Moves London Service from Gatwick to Luton: S12 Operation Changes as of 23JAN12
    Posted: 23 Jan 2012 01:05 AM PST
    Update at 0905GMT 23JAN12
    As per 23JAN12 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to ADRIA’s Summer 2012 operation as follows.
    Additional changes remain possible:

    Ljubljana – Barcelona Reduces from 3 to 2 weekly
    Ljubljana – Istanbul Reduces from 10 weekly to Daily
    Ljubljana – Kiev Summer service Cancelled
    Ljubljana – London Luton 4 weekly service with A319, replacing previously planned service to Gatwick
    JP454 LJU0735 – 0845LTN 319 356
    JP454 LJU1835 – 1945LTN 319 7
    JP455 LTN0945 – 1250LJU 319 356
    JP455 LTN2045 – 2350LJU 319 7
    Ljubljana – Moscow Sheremetyevo Reduces from 9 to 8 weekly
    Ljubljana – Ohrid Summer service Cancelled
    Ljubljana – Paris CDG Service resumes with 11 weekly flights
    Ljubljana – Skopje Reduces from 14 to 11 weekly
    Ljubljana – Stockholm Summer service Cancelled
    Ljubljana – Tel Aviv Service Cancelled
    Ljubljana – Tirana Reduces from 11 weekly to Daily
    Ljubljana – Toulon Summer service Cancelled
    Ljubljana – Vienna Increases from 15 weekly in W11 to 18 weekly in S12 (14 weekly in S11)
    Ljubljana – Zurich Service increases from 17 weekly in W11 to 20 weekly in S12
    Pristina – Munich Reduces from Daily to 5 weekly (Daily in S11 and W11)

    congrats to OU and congrats to Croatia for the EU referendum. Eventhough being EU member does not mean to have no Balkans habits anymore. See Slovenia...

  15. JU520 BEGLAX14:26

    Planned OK service PRG-SKP in S12 cancelled.

    PRG-LJU reducing from 12 weekly to 10 weekly flights

  16. Anonymous14:38

    Off topic.:) Sorry! May ask one question JU520 BEGLAX ... What was Jats flight number to LAX? NYC? Chicago.:) Thanks,greetings.

  17. Anonymous16:38

    2013 OU will go down when Croatia is in f**k EU, because then EU Airlines have the rights to fly everywhere from Zagreb and if a Low-cost carrier comes and opens a little HUB then Croatia won't make it.
    Good luck

    pozdrav iz zagreb

  18. Anonymous17:09

    Maybe Croatia Airlines goes
    belly up,
    but who cares if you have alternatives in form of LCC...
    think about Easyjet or Wizzair!

    Strange that Croatia first has to become EU-member to get something like airport which is not dominated by any airline.

    Whatever..EU-membership in case of Croatia is only an advantage.

  19. JU520 BEGLAX17:50

    anonymous @ 1438h

    JU520 was BEG-ORD-LAX

    other nbrs:

    JU 504 BEG-ZAG-JFK
    JU 508 BEG-LJU-JFK
    JU 538 DBV-BEG-JFK

    532/538/560 were also North America flights

    Australia flights were JU 580
    JU590 was DXB-KUL-SIN

    But it was changing. Especially Summer and Winter Timetable had different amount of flights.
    Summer you had daily flights to New York for example

    JU had also flights to PIT and DTW,CCU,PEK,BKK,BOM

    Seoul,CCS was on the plan. MD-11s were ordered....

  20. Anonymous19:34

    ^They were also about to start Caracas in 1991 but then the shit hit the fan.

  21. JU520 BEGLAX20:03


    JU 566 was BEG-LJU-CLE-ORD


  22. @ JU520BEGLAX and
    @ Anonymous 14:38

    few more corrections :

    flights DBV-BEG-JFK; segments Dbv-beg v.v. were operated by "small plane" DC9/B737/B727. In addition to that there were BEG-DBV-JFK flights with no traffic rights on domestic sectors, completely operated by DC10.
    The same was with BEG-DBV-ORD.
    You also forgot to mention BEG-ZAG-ORD.
    Flights to Montreal were operated to/from YMX, not YUL. You forgot, too, non-stop BEG-JFK operated during summer seasons only, mainly for transit pax from/to Turkey/Eastern Europe/Middle East.
    Flights to/from Australia were under numbers starting JU600, same as North American flights, precisely BEG-ZAG-JFK were starting with JU500. But, yes I agree that flight numbers used to change often, sam as for example stopover flights to Australia, which were not only Dubai and Singapore, but Baghdad, Kuwait, Sharjah, Karachi and Kuala Lumpur as well. There was Johannesburg flight for a short period of time which you forgot to mention, as well as plans to launch Manila, Tokyo, Washington, SanFrancisco, Vancouver and Houston. JAT also had long-haul charters to Cancun, Papeete(Tahiti), Havana, Vancouver, Lusaka and Luanda, the last transporting regularly wounded Angolan civil war soldiers for medical treatment in VMA in BEG, curiosity for these last flights entire male cabin crew.

  23. Anonymous03:49

    Some of the SYD-BEG flights were scheduled to land at SKP first.
    Some of the JFK-BEG flights were scheduled to land at RJK first.

  24. Anonymous11:59

    The document of the union which also was available for download on this website is the business analysis of Croatia Airlines made by the pilot's union. It seems that this document isn't relevant and Croatia Airlines managers rejected all proposals made in this "analysis" marking it as not serious.


  25. Anonymous17:03

    this document was made by a guy who run "zagrebačke mažuretkinje" and has not much to do with airline industry.

    this same guy is mad at zagreb airport for not being allowed to bring in "his girls" to welcome high profile guests such as politicians etc.

    He's nothing but Matković's puppet acting through unions, opposing Peović and concession.

    apparently that same person likes to write analyses on OU - that are irrelevant and not backed up. Unbelievable.

    oh yes - that'd be we know who...

  26. Anonymous00:38

    are you writing about the blogger with nickname PURGER?

  27. Purger02:33

    Yes he is writing about me, but that is so bullshit that I don't want even to replay.

  28. Anonymous10:14

    I am an employee of OU and it is infamous what the HSPP (pilot union) guys did. Unbelievelible that they did not consult anybody in OU but took this self-called aviation expert who has no experience in aviation, has no references, no knowledge and has never worked in aviation sector. They just left now funny with this guy and his "analysis". Our management and certain people in OU have read this document and I can just confirm that this is just crap. It seems that only in Croatia people think that they can write about aviation business without any connection to it.

  29. Anonymous21:01

    last anonymous - I completely agree with you. I was in fact surprised when I found out that this person has no affiliation to the industry (besides helping with the Aeronautika magazine). I thought that he was a real pilot from OU, because to me, when I read that document, it had seemed to make sense - but I am not in the airline industry so it almost fooled me...

  30. Purger00:57

    I worked projects for:
    - Carpatair
    - Trade Air
    - Krila Oluje
    - Hrvatsko ratno zrakoplovstvo
    - Intereuropa cargo company
    - I regularly write for Aeronautika

    That is not enough? Tell me what is credibility of Mr. Šimunović? He worked in INA and was marketing manager in Croatia Airlines. So, that makes him expert?

  31. Purger01:01

    ...and please you know my name, can I please know yours. If not, I will not respond in future!

  32. Anonymous20:19

    you don't need to respond. You've wrote all in your "analysis".

  33. Anonymous21:14

    haha - yes, I agree too.

  34. Anonymous02:03

    Hehe ..what fools!
    I dont have much knowledge about whats going on.
    But one thing is sure...
    when someone accuse another of lack of credibility but staying himself can i take him serious?!

  35. Anonymous10:56

    and you must be the smart-ass as you yourself are anonymous too.

    Purger has been going on "lecturing" everyone on what needs to be done in aviation, and so it is totally expected that people give him some hard time. especially now that he actually "made it big" with his document towards a wider public.

  36. CTNCTN22:24

    I am asking myself if somebody knows anybody beside purger who is an expert both for airport AND airline business?!


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