Spanair suspends Belgrade and Zagreb

Spanair ceases all operations
At midnight Spanair, Spain’s second largest airline, ceased operations after the carrier failed to find a buyer. On Friday, Qatar Airways had walked away from talks to take over the money losing airline after months of negotiations. The government of Spain's Catalonia region is Spanair's main shareholder, while Spanair's former owner, Scandinavian airline SAS, still owns an 11.9% stake. However, the Catalan government says it can no longer finance the airline.

Spanair has ceased all operations, suspending with it scheduled flights to Belgrade and its planned seasonal summer service to Zagreb and Dubrovnik. During this winter season, Spanair operated three weekly flights between Barcelona and Belgrade and on Friday morning announced it would increase the service to four times per week during the summer. Furthermore, the airline has also operated seasonal flights from Madrid to the Serbian capital in the past. Zagreb Airport will also be at a loss as Spanair operated seasonal flights to the Croatian capital from its Barcelona base. Last summer, Spanair also operated flights from Barcelona and Madrid to Dubrovnik. As Star Alliance partners, Spanair and Croatia Airlines code shared on each others' flights.

As a result, Jat Airways is now likely to resume seasonal summer flights to Girona while Iberia and Vueling Airlines will be operating flights from several Spanish cities to Dubrovnik and Split. Croatia Airlines should resume seasonal summer flights from Zagreb to Barcelona.


  1. Anonymous09:08

    This summer Iberia and Vueling are flying to Split from Madrid/Barcelona for the first time...

  2. Anonymous11:01

    Is not Air Europa the secpond largest airline in Spain, with long range planes and all?!?

  3. New times for Adria flts from PRN in summer12:

    JP 156 PRN MUC 5:30 7:30 6
    JP 157 MUC PRN 8:45 10:40 6
    JP 156 PRN MUC 12:55 14:55 1357
    JP 157 MUC PRN 16:20 18:15 1357

    JP 114 PRN FRA 6:05 8:40 123457
    JP 115 FRA PRN 9:20 11:50 123457

    FRA see a big increas.

  4. Anonymous11:27

    Hmmm I was just looking at prices for Dubrovnik, last year JU and OU were charging €140 return. This year Jat is charging €113 and without competing with OU.
    Congrats on BEG lowering their fares last year. Thanks to them the flights are €27 cheaper!

  5. Anonymous11:34

    Not good news.

    I am surprised that Easyjet doesn't take that route from ZAG and Wizzair maybe from BEG...? That is just a thought, actually Madrid and Barcelona are so popular I am sure any airline would do great on these routes from both, ZAG & BEG.


  6. Anonymous13:22

    I doubt that JAT will profit from demise of Spanair on the BEG/BCN route. They are totally incapable to react on the market. It is seen with the BEG/PRG route since OK left. There is for sure enough business for 3 weekly AT7 rotations. The only thing that JAT is able to do with it's schedules for ages is copy/paste. No thinking out of the box. I hope Wizzair or Air Europa will open the route. Croatia was more clever and flying to BCN. I am sure they knew from Star Alliance sources that Spanair is about to collapse.

  7. Anonymous14:37

    ^ the problem with JU is that it does not have the aircraft to react

  8. Anonymous16:48

    Nice to see OA sending in their A320 to Belgrade today!

  9. I doubt that Belgrade will see any new LCC flying to Spain this summer.
    Those idiots at Easyjet or Vueling
    i am sure have never heard of Belgrade in their entire life
    and Wizzair would need a second
    plane to replace the service.

    But utilization scheme for every plane is already fixed ,no chance to change them till WT.

  10. Anonymous20:27

    In the news today they show
    police has to protect Check In of Spanair in Palma de Mallorca.
    Angry clients can not fly back and also dont get back their money.

    So what happens with Serbians who are now stuck in Barcelona and Spain?
    They dont get their money back and also there are no other airlines who fly to Serbia...they have to fly via other airports in Europe.

    Ryanair offers flight for 50 Euro
    extra for clients of Spanair...
    maybe Serbs can fly Barcelona-Frankfurt Hahn -Osijek?

  11. Anonymous20:52

    last anonymous, Spanair stopped flying between Barcelona and Belgrade during thew period of january till the end of february!

  12. Anonymous21:01

    OK then a lot of people have very much luck!

    I have heard that only today are 20.000 pax of Spanair who are stuck
    at several airports in Spain...

  13. Svinjska Mast00:37

    "Zagreb is the best airport in the whole Europe", thats what my grandfather tole me. I am not kidding, I know he is funny :)

  14. Livnjak00:54

    Zagreb is not part of Europe.
    It will become European next year.
    Till then Croatia is situated in Africa...

  15. Anonymous10:20

    @svinska Mast

    i have heard the same from older people , they love flying over ZAG because the transfer is so easy :)

  16. Anonymous13:30

    When we are talking about transfer Zagreb Airport is definitely best airport in Europe - you need less than 5 min to transfer on flight DBV-ZAG-LHR for example. Stuff on airport is like your family, always on hands.

  17. Anonymous19:54

    I think somebody would jump in and use the opportunity left by demise of Spanair to launch flights to BEG and ZAG. OU will do so to ZAG.
    They had 3 weekly flights all year around to BEG, always nearly full and price was not that low, 140-180 euro for RT. I am sure Wizz Air, Air Europa, Vueling or somebody else would take the advantage, as Jat is lacking the planes and ideas.:(

  18. ANONYMOUS04:19

    Spanair: Goodbye, and good riddance.


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