Adria to Split

Adria soon to Split as government plans to save Tehnika
Adria Airways will be operating charter flights out of Split this summer. The Slovenian carrier will operate a one weekly service from Split to the city of Lulea, on Sweden’s northern coast. Adria will launch the service on May 12 with a CRJ900. Flights will operate until September 29. Dubrovnik Airline was supposed to operate the route to Luela as it was selected by the tour operator last year, however, the airline ceased operations at the end of 2011. Flight details for the Lulea service can be found here. Adria Airways operated charter flights out Split to Kristiansand in Norway last summer, although the service is not set to resume this summer season.

Meanwhile, the new Slovenian government is planning to provide a cash injection to Adria Airways Tehnika, which was left reeling after the collapse of its second largest customer Spanair. According to the “Finance” portal, the Slovenian government will provide between two and three million Euros to the maintenance company owned by Ljubljana Airport and the government run asset management firm PDP.

Recently, employees at Adria Tehnika agreed to a 20% reduction in salaries as the company battles with debt, made worse by Spanair’s bankruptcy. Tehnika is hoping to replace Spanair through new contracts with Wizz Air and Air Berlin. The company was previously an Adria Airways subsidiary but was separated from the airline as a part of the carrier’s financial restructuring process.


  1. Anonymous10:43

    I guess that the cash injection will come in the form of a loan since direct cash injections are not allowed.

  2. Anonymous11:11

    I say Croatia Airlines and Adria merge and remain separate airlines.

    Adria can help Croatia Airlines to expand the summer network of flights coming in and out of Croatia. A Croatian flag should be added on each of their planes during those seasonal months. Adria's planes can come in handy during the spring and summer months.

    1. Anonymous12:28

      c'mon, why would Adria have to put croatian flag on their planes?! you don't want to destroy Adria's logo with un ugly croatian flag :) and anyway, soon, croatia airlines will be gone for good!

    2. Anonymous12:33

      LoL actually neither airline might be around for much longer :D

    3. Anonymous15:24

      I disagree with you; these two airlines have nothing in common, especially since CA is much superior to Adria at the moment. Better fuel efficiency planes, better network, better market, highest number of passengers in former YU.
      I understand that this is not to the liking of many people here but please do not put CA into the same category with the rest of airlines of the ex-YU.
      If CA went on sale tomorrow there would be buyers unlike JAT or Adria.

    4. Anonymous17:05

      surely croatia airlines has better financial&passanger results at the moment,it's a fact.also part of the fleet is more fuel efficient (but of shorter range).but market is very similar and network is the same, exept croatian domestic network.however this might change once croatia enters EU, as they recieve special funds from the govorment, which can mean only that domestic network isn't profitable at all!however i'm not sure if the EU will allow that once they croatia is a memeber.
      otherwise first part of the article is not important, it's only about a minor charter flight from which nobody benefits, not Adria, not SPU airport, not croatian tourism.

  3. Anonymous11:18

    Why is there a need for a Croatian flag on Slovenian aircraft? By summer 2012 both of them are going to be EU members so Croatia won't be independent anymore, like Slovenia hasn't been since 2004.

  4. Anonymous11:41

    "I guess that the cash injection will come in the form of a loan since direct cash injections are not allowed."
    Who says that?
    It is a maintenance company!

    1. Anonymous11:57

      So what? it distorts fair competition and as such is incompatible for state funding.

      And the Lisbon Treaty says that.

    2. Anonymous14:25

      Well it is not pure cash injection it is capital investment. Effect is the same but at the end, capital can be sold, but pure injection cant be - unless it is some kind of a loan.
      The same was with Adria, and it even was not necessary to be approved by the EU as it was capital investment. Till today, EU did not send any letters about it =) so it must be ok.

      And my overall thought
      fuck the Lisbon Treaty
      unemployment is slo is without this kind of talk high, so if EU has something againbst it, lets it care for 200+ workers without work after Adria Tehnika colleps without quite a small amount of injection compared to other companies which got 100M +

    3. Anonymous14:54

      Adria got a loan from banks, which means that the money has to be paid back eventually. This means that Adria had sunk deeper into the red. If I am not mistaken so far Adria owes €150.000.000 to various banks.

      That is why EU has not sent any letters to Ljubljana. Now, the thing is if Adria can not finance itself it will be difficult in the future to get any financial assistance from the banks.

  5. Anonymous13:39

    So they will have also flights from Ljubljana to Split I guess?

  6. cino18:02

    At first i thought merger of Adria and CTN would be a good idea.
    But know i get more and more impression that it would be recipe for disaster.

    Adria is a failed airline which only would suck blood
    (money) from CTN as it already does with the Slovenian taxpayers.

    CTN is now the best airline in former Y.
    If it want to be also in future it has to shy away from Adria which only would pull them deep down the river!

  7. Anonymous19:16

    ah it's always so funny to read all the childlish comments on this forum...all the airlines and airports from former YU are very inferior to european ones and it will remain so..or it will become even is about their standards..i mean it's good to be patriotic when we know the limits but it's wise not to loose touch with reality..besides at the moment we are in a very unpreditictible period (specially so for aviation industry!) so we have no idea how things can turn out..phenomenons like FR might be very soon gone for good, considering constant growth of petrol prices..big airlines "eating" small ones and (current) very strong competition on european market by ME airlines (Ethiad,Emirates, Qatar,...)...

  8. Kumrovec20:41

    Again there is a self declared expert !
    You think airlines and airports from ex Yu are unimportant ?

    Not Croatia !

    Croatia will come in Eu next year and will
    see a boom in economy and especially aviation !

    Zagreb will double its passengers and leave
    Belgrade behind !

    Your visions mey apply to the rest of ex Yu !

    But Croatia is totally different !

    All airlines that pull out from Belgrade know that there is no future..
    aviation will concentrate in future more and more to Croatia !

    croatia was, is and always will be the leading part of this region of Europe !

    1. Anonymous21:47

      Sugar, what did you smoke?

    2. Anonymous21:52

      Honey, what did you smoke???

    3. Anonymous01:54

      Darling, honestly, why do you think croatia is so important?is it becuase you print your flag on all the back side of your chocholates?!sure you've got beaches, but keep in mind, we're in 2012, competition is fierce, and croatia does not offera god balance betwween price and standard of turist offer..people remeber they do your coastal landscape..but also here you've got a strong competitition, Greece, Italy, only because your VERY seasonal tourism (unlike Italy&Greece, becuase they can offer a lot more!!!!) you think zagreb will be able to offer a well established intercontinetal flights?!! my dear, first you need high concentration of local population with a normal income, good infrastructure, and A LOT of sights (which croatia hasn't got exept of beaches and maybe dubrovnik whick can be seen in max.2hrs), and you can expect an all year intercontintal flights from Zag?! get real, those 5 charters from Tokio doesn't mean anything!besides those charters are routed to other parts of ex Yu like LJU, DBV , etc..

  9. Anonymous22:14

    @ Kumrovec

    Hahaha, what about the Serbian economy when it strengthens? Don't forget Serbia has a larger population Croatia even without kosovo. tourism yes in Croatia is huge but also a big player in Serbia, especially if a successor to JAT is created and Srbija is made the transit center of Europe..

    Don't forget the EU chose to build the control center for all of Balkans in belgrade...:)

    Plus, have you not forgotten in january, Belgrade had 20% pax growth, while Zagreb had negative growth? These are the facts.

    And how is Adria getting money from the government when that is illegal? Haha.

    1. Anonymous01:20

      Serbians and economy ?
      Those two things have nothing in common !

      Give Serbs money or an economy and they will ruin it as soon as possible !

      Whatever Serbs do that fails

  10. Anonymous23:05

    Once this new Terminal is completed, Zagreb will be the regional hub without a doubt. There will be a major increase in flights to Zagreb, especially during the spring and summer months. Especially if Croatia Airlines leases a few 767's or 777's for direct flights to North America. The interest for Croatia as a tourist destination is rapidly growing here..

    Now you will have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt promoting Croatia in American media just as Beyonce and many others have been doing lately. I think within 3-5 years there will be at least 2 million Americans vacationing in Croatia each year! Time for Croatia Airlines to fly to the USA!

  11. Doot23:19

    "and Srbija is made the transit center of Europe.."


    how/why do you think that can happen?

  12. Anonymous23:45

    How can that happen?
    Take a lot of drugs and then hallucinate...

  13. Anonymous23:50

    Typical stupid Serb comment "Srbija is made the transit center of Europe"

  14. Anonymous00:08

    But Srbija IS center of transsexuality
    in Europe !
    ; )

  15. Doot00:09

    @ last anonymous.

    In fairness, Alex is just an enthusiastic teenager from Cleveland.

    1. Edin05:27

      maybe, but he is not a hater of other people and races, its true that aleks is little to enthusiastic but you hate serbs and that is obvious.
      Plz admin dont delete this since i am not trying to offend anyone its just truth.

    2. Anonymous06:27

      Exactly, Doot only shows up to comment when it's something against Serbs, or to mock them or to mock someone on this forum.
      I guess that his bitterness comes from being unhappy in his life.

  16. Anonymous03:50

    I was replying to Kumrovec because he said how croatia is the leading part of the region..

    my point is why would the EU decide to make belgrade the regional control for air traffic? someone please explain...

    @ Doot, dont judge, many people, it looks like you too according to many people lack enthusiasm,... it is a good thing to have ;)

  17. Anonymous05:56

    At present Croatian airports are handling approximately 45% of Ex Yu aviation travelers and CTN transferring 40% of passengers. This present share will increase drastically in next few years. This is a fact and others have to just cope with it.

    1. Anonymous06:28

      You are forgetting that as of this year the Croatian government will not be able to subsidize Croatia Airlines. Unless they are ready to magically restructure and become a functional airline do not expect them to be around for much longer.

    2. Anonymous07:37

      I cannot disagree with you. If CTN cannot function with profit they should be "kaput". Simple like that. In the same time I believe they can restructure and become functional airline.

  18. Anonymous06:30

    People, entry into the European Union does not mean much for air traffic. Look at countries like Slovakia or Lithuania where both countries lost their national carriers upon joining the European Union. Also some other countries such as Estonia for example stagnated until the arrival of Ryanair recently.
    So it's a myth that accession to the European Union means increased passenger numbers.

    Only route which might seem higher passenger numbers is Brussels, that is pretty much it.

    1. Anonymous07:48

      Croatia is in every sense different and cannot be compared with countries you have mentioned. Entry to EU will be reflected on Croatia different way than on Estonia, Slovakia or later on on Serbia and BIH. None of these will experience any increase in number of travelers.

    2. Anonymous08:49

      So Serbia won't experience an increase in numbers once they join EU? Why assume for? Fuck I'm sorry for the use of rude words but assumption is my number 1 hate.

      Just remember, Belgrade alone is experiencing the highest increase in numbers throughout of all EX-YU and even some neighbouring countries

    3. Belgrade is experiencing high growth as a result of visa abolishment AND as the only airport in a country of 7.3 million people. It is normal and is to be expected for this airport to grow.
      How much this growth will go on is a good question, in other words what is the ceiling for this growth?
      What are the real potential of this airport and the country in in the near future? This the question that none of here on this forum can easily answer, but can only speculate.
      People here keep describing BG as the night life hub, and maybe to some it is, but to Europeans it is not because the statistics of foreign visitors to BG show that only a tiny number of West Europeans visit the city. I would also like to know how many of them are actually Serbs with foreign passports.
      I am not saying this to offend anyone, I am just stating current reality and also drawing upon 'good old time' of Yugoslavia when BG was a capital of a much larger country and the economy in BG was better than today and it still DID NOT attract many Western tourists.
      What can be done in order to improve that? What can Belgrade offer to tourists or improve upon? What kind of (if any) advertisement is being used to attract foreign visitors to the city and the country?

      As a Croat who has lived abroad for many years (and, I must admit, who finds Alex Nikolic charming because he is an idealist - Alex I would like to meet you) I am also very critical of Zagreb and Croatian tourism. But my criticism and my anger at the tourist workers on the Adriatic does not stop hordes of tourists who visit the coast every year. Sometimes I get so mean and wish that fewer tourists would come so that Dalmatians can 'learn their lesson' but my anger is futile, those tourists come regardless of my personal opinion. ;-)
      same thing goes for BG but in a different direction. People from Belgrade can think of it as a nightlife center of the Balkans, and in some respects maybe it is, but still, this opinion is not bringing Westerners in. The lack of/type of advertisement and decades long Western public perception is what is causing the current numbers of visitors to Belgrade or Croatia. Our opinion is not.
      I hope you understand what I mean.

  19. Anonymous09:24

    People, people!Cool your heads and think for once. Enough of political/nationalistic crap. Belgrade this, Zagreb that, rest of the YU thisthat. Get yourself together, neither CTN or JAT, niether ZAG or BEG will see transatlantic flights. and get over with it. All the big player are in the western Europe and alliances. yes CTN is in SA, but that doesnt mean anything.
    to one of the anonymus about BEG becoming a reginatl ATC center, so what? what does that have to do with BEG airport or JAT? It has been chosen because Belgrade is metropolitan city right in the heart of the Balkans.