Air One to Belgrade

Soon in Belgrade
Alitalia’s low cost subsidiary Air One will launch flights from Milan to the Serbian capital, ending Jat Airways’ monopoly on the service. Flights from Milan Malpensa Airport to Belgrade will launch on September 18 and will operate three times per week with an Airbus A320. Flight details can be found here. Air One’s new service will compete directly against Jat Airways, which plans to operate six weekly flights onboard its Boeing 737-300 this coming summer season. Alitalia will continue to code share on Jat Airways’ services to both Milan and Rome.

Air One does not operate flights to other former Yugoslav republics. Last September the airline scheduled services to Zagreb, however, due to poor ticket sales, the planned flights were cancelled. Air One will expand this summer as it add new destinations to its route network besides Belgrade such as Munich, Sofia, Brussels, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Saint Petersburg, Barcelona, Istanbul, Kiev and London Gatwick.

Air One merged with national carrier Alitalia in January 2009, though it continues to operate as a separate brand. The two use an integrated booking system. Air One operates a fleet of seven Airbus A320s, with a further three arriving soon. Some of its aircraft have a high density cabin layout of up to 180 seats while others have a somewhat smaller capacity.


  1. Anonymous10:07

    Geat news :)

  2. Anonymous10:09

    If AirOne couldn't make Zagreb work i wonder how Qatar can... LOL.

    1. Anonymous10:23

      LOL good point, not to mention the sliding passenger numbers at ZAG.

  3. Anonymous10:22

    I think this will be interesting to follow... There is definetly a market for both. Jat is already inexpensive to Milan, €135 with all taxes and so on.

    The €70 with Air One is just a promotional fare :)

    1. Anonymous10:47

      add 10 euros for TSC and 1 piece of luggage per flight segment and you get the same fare as in JU

    2. Anonymous10:55

      Jat Airways-new name-Air Schupack

    3. Anonymous10:58

      I thought it was reserved long time ago for BH airlines?

    4. Anonymous11:04

      BH - ShatroAir... sounds more realistic hahahha

    5. Anonymous11:29

      Ahahahahaha... I want so badly their 6 Hours flights with ATR via Banja Luka.

  4. Anonymous10:58

    German controllers or whatsoever are in strike starting 3pm. I can see many problems today.

  5. FlyingJack11:04

    At first I was happy to see more airlines and routes out of BEG, but on the second sight, after checking fares this move makes no sense to me. I can't figure out who are they attracting, what type of passengers.

    Starting with € 80 for a return ticket with no luggage or 120 with luggage, that's already equal to JU's lowest fare. Than the next fare level is 308 return and the last 448. For 330 you get Biz class on JU and for 380 to 420 on AZ if taking connection in FCO. After selling all seats for 80/120 who is going to buy tickets with the next fare level, when JU and AZ are offering much better and cheaper product.

    It would make more sense if they were launched VCE BEG flights where no connections exists while demand is significant, rather than entering into direct competition to JU and AZ

    1. Anonymous11:36

      Well it's still early and there are many months before the flight is actually launched. I still refuse to believe that the pricing policy of AirOne could be that retarded.

      Also, we do not know how many seats for €80 there are per flight.

      Let's not forget that Milan attracts passengers from Serbia who tend to be wealthier.
      A lot of passengers on those flights are Serbs who study at Bocconi or who work in well paid industries, for example the fashion one.

    2. Anonymous12:26

      Yes, but rich Serbs probably don't want to pay 300+ euros for low cost that flies at 7:30am. For 300 euros they can probably connect in VIE/MUC/FCO at their own schedule.

  6. frequentflyer12:57

    All the best to this AP/AZ venture. They lost a lot of connecting Balkans passengers when they shut down their MXP base, but passenger beware: these planes are no AZ-style service: its 180-seat LCC all the way...

    It was a shame the flights to ZAG did not work out, too many seats on what would be a successful business route. OU are foolish to not get another Q400 and get this profitable line in operation, remembering the route was cancelled in the days of slow AT4s which take more pax to turn a profit than the present fleet.

  7. Anonymous17:16

    i am just wondering how is it possible in one day to have around 300 people flying to milan from belgrade?!

  8. Anonymous17:25

    Why only from Belgrade? There are people from Zagreb who will come to Belgrade to fly... The croats are already coming in mass when going to Dubai.

    1. Anonymous02:37

      Especially parts of eastern croatia. For example one of my friends from Osijek travels frequently to Vienna, and he says that its cheaper for him to come to Belgrade (cuz the ticket is 99euros), then to fly out of zagreb for 170euros minimum.

  9. Purger17:45

    Hahahahah... someone will take a car and travel 400 km to BEG and to fly to MXP, but will not take car and travel 600 km to Milan instead. Hahahaha...

    "If AirOne couldn't make Zagreb work I wonder how Qatar can... LOL."
    How can you compare destination just 4 hours driving by car (with very modest connections) and line with connections to Middle and Far East, India and huge Croatian Diaspora in Australia.

  10. Anonymous20:11

    Whats with the Adrias Torino-Belgrade flights in the last couple of weeks? Can somebody explain?

    1. Anonymous21:29

      Transporting Fiat workers to and from Torino!

  11. Anonymous21:43

    Air One flights maybe make not sense for people from Belgrade ,
    but has anyone thought about possibility of Italian pax using those flights ?
    Especially if they work for Italian companies ?
    Companies who have as a whole good deals with
    Air One and Alitalia ?

    And dont want to fly suicide with crap aircraft to save some money ?

    Maybe Alitalia sends AirOne testing the ground before they actually step in themselves ?

    Would love to see Alitalia flying there daily !

  12. Anonymous08:13

    Some days ago I flew from Belgrade to Athens on Olympic and out of roughly 55 passengers on the flight 8 were Croats. They were actually heading to Corfu via Athens. Strange that they didn't go with OU and then with Aegean. Guess Star Alliance doesn't really work in this part of the world.

  13. Purger09:07

    For OU Star Alliance does not work in most parts of the world!!!

  14. Anonymous17:32


  15. Purger01:32

    Code-share with 8 of 26 Star members (!!!!!), non out of Europe (!!!!!) Disaster prices on code-share flights, in same LH pay almost nothing on CTN planes...


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