Belgrade dream run continues

Even more passengers lining up at Belgrade Airport
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is continuing to record impressive growth in the new year. Serbia’s main hub welcomed 214.579 passengers, an increase of 20.1% compared to last year’s 178.732. January also saw the end to the decline in the number of flight operations. Since October the airport has been recording a slide in the number of flights being operated to and from Serbia’s capital. Last month, however, Belgrade handled a total of 3.304 flights, an increase of 5.4% compared to last year. The airport’s busiest route is Vienna with 49 weekly flights followed by Podgorica and Frankfurt.

Meanwhile, the airport is continuing construction work on the overhaul of its departures area. Yesterday, Jat Airways moved all of its operations to terminal one. The airline says that all check in procedures will now be carried out at the old terminal due to construction work taking place at the airport. However, some are suggesting that Jat has decided to move because of lower costs at terminal one, which is currently used by Wizz Air and charter airlines. Still the airline insists that it will move back to terminal two after construction work is completed, which it says will take at least a month.

Belgrade Airport was recently left without a customer as Spanair suspended all of its operations. Nevertheless, the airport will hope to materialise on Jat’s summer expansion as well as frequency increases from many airlines. In 2012 the airport hopes to handle more passenger than in its record breaking 1987, when it welcomed 3.3 million travellers.


  1. Anonymous09:17

    Indeed, they have lower costs at terminal one (around 40 EUR instead of more than 80 or even 100 EUR per flight to e.g. Turkey or Tunisia), and the only difference is they do not print boarding passes or baggage tags for you on the computer but you get handwritten forms or earlier prepared labels instead. Good stuff!

  2. Anonymous09:32

    Terminal 2 should apply same
    measures as terminal 1,
    otherwise there will be too much
    disharmony ..everybody wants to switch to terminal 1

  3. Anonymous09:40

    That is because Belgrade airport managment is incapable of running a good business. They are lucky that there is no alternative to BEG otherwise the situation would not have been much different than in Jat.

    On a side note, good for BEG. I am sure that the European handball championship helped.

    Do we know the numbers for any other city in ex-Yu.

  4. Anonymous09:42

    20% increase is because of european handball championship, so, february will be the same or about 3% increase. good luck belgrade! we love u...

  5. Anonymous10:11

    Congratulations to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport!
    What an impressive rise in passengers of 20% in January, February is usually the quietest month of the year, but two digit rise is expected to last, at least til April. From April until the end of the year the figures will surely rise, but not with that huge double digit percentage.
    Anyway, BEG will definitely surpass it highest record so far of 3.3 million in 2012, and it will probably be closer to 3.5 million, which would be slightly more than 10% growth year on year.
    Go BEG, go!

  6. Anonymous10:14

    Flight operations...
    first i thought admin made a mistake but it is internet site of BEG which made mistake !
    there is written 3304 in jan2011
    but it is jan2012 !
    you can see it if you go to statistics of 2011 !
    someone should inform them...

  7. Geronimo10:37

    The fee will be equal within 2 years when the whole airport is refurbished:)!.

  8. Anonymous11:05

    I expect Wizzair to add in ST
    flights to Barcelona.

    JK had good loads so starting
    with 3 days a week should be
    no problem for them.
    They added already 2 flights to
    Malmo when Cimber left.

  9. Anonymous12:39


  10. Vienna & Frankfurt, 2 places where most people from balkan live and thats why fly. Without the diaspora airports on the balkans will be -40% all.

    But on the other hand, it does not mather much, every + is a good one =]

  11. Anonymous14:07

    The European handball championship didnt help that much. Dont fool yourself. I know for a fact, that unfortunately a lot of visitors used BUD airport, as a closest destinations to BEG, which is served with lcc alternatives for many destinations... WZZ had a huge impact on january results...

    I hope that JAT nor WZZ wont open BCN route. Air Europa/Vueling would be perfect, because they offer a network from BCN to other parts of Spain. ie, I searched for hours for a ticket to Gran Canaria/Tenerife north or south. I looked on every site possible - kayak, amadeus, ryanair, easyjet, wizzair. NONE available route from BEG for a reasonably amount of money. From BUD with Iberia the cheapest ticket is 450e!!
    Challenging thing to do. 4 people - 10day stay - for 400e!! Thats 100e per person! But no air links available for reasonably price.
    A French friend of mine went to Canary island for 10 dyas for less then 300e! Why dont we have that opportunity??
    Maybe someone could help me? :)

    1. We will see if the February growth is just as impressive as January to know what impact the handball championships had. Zagreb had growth well over 20% in January 09 when Croatia hosted a similar event.

    2. Anonymous06:54

      Yes just that Belgrade had been recording double digit growth for quite some time now, championship or not.

  12. Anonymous17:39

    Well, those who suggest, suggest wrongly. The construction works at BEG will last for 2 or 3 weeks. Those works are not part of terminal reconstruction but are processed due to main beam reinforcement. Namely, BEG has procured modern X-rays that will be installed. When works are completed the number of X-rays at the centralized security control will be increased to 6. Additionally, as soon as works are completed, JU returns at T2.

    1. Stefan18:06

      That sounds good especially because there are really long queues at security now.

  13. Anonymous18:12

    Are there any new roumors of new airlines arrivnig to BEG? I heard that Qataar is negotiating with SKP and BEG to launch flights. WOuld appreciate feedback!

  14. Anonymous00:12

    No, that is not true! Qatar will start just ZAG via BUD every day flights, from November nonstop.

  15. Anonymous01:03

    What I like about Belgrade airport
    is quick publication of statistical data.

  16. Anonymous01:05

    +1 :)

  17. Purger09:57

    +2 :-)))


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