easyJet to suspend Dortmund - Zagreb

easyjet dumps Dortmund service
The low cost airline easyJet will suspend its flights from Dortmund to Zagreb from May 20, leaving the no frills carrier only with services from London Gatwick to the Croatian capital. The flights from Dortmund in western Germany operated twice per week over the winter and will increase to three weekly flights from March 25 until their suspension two months later. It follows a decision made by easyJet in December last year to terminate flights from Paris to both Zagreb and Ljubljana. Germany has the most flights and seat capacity out of Zagreb.

It will be the second time Zagreb has lost a link to Dortmund. Previously, in 2010, Wizz Air scheduled flights from Dortmund to Zagreb but cancelled the route. The news will be warmly welcomed by Croatia Airlines which has previously accused Zagreb Airport of giving special waivers to low cost airlines operating to the airport. It even threatened to suspend routes on which it competed with low cost airlines. In late 2010 Tonči Peović, the head of Zagreb Airport, told the press that he offered easyJet to operate flights to Zagreb out of six different cities, although the airline settled only for Paris and London and later introduced Dortmund. easyJet will maintain five weekly flights between London Gatwick and Zagreb over the coming summer.

Despite pulling out on the Dortmund - Zagreb service, easyJet will launch several seasonal flights to both Dubrovnik and Split. They include flights to Dubrovnik from Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Geneva, Paris and London as well as flights to Split from Amsterdam, Berlin, Bristol, Geneva, London, Milan, Paris and Rome.


  1. Anonymous09:40

    Every news about ZAG is a route cancellation or passenger decline...

    (...or about wh**ing with Lufthansa.)

  2. GVA_Cointrin09:52

    Another one bites the dust.

  3. Anonymous09:54

    Amazing, now our fares will go up again!

  4. Introduction of easyJet was good as it actually sped up the process of OU restructuring its pricing policy. OU needs to cut down its overhead (mostly the "Kolektivni ugovori" with ridiculous rights + stealing from management and employees themselves).
    That way, OU will be competetive and stands a chance.

  5. frequentflyer10:14

    Always sad to see a new route prove unsuccessful. But the usual questions (which are almost never asked in the exYU) must be:

    Who was this route targeted at? The numerous Croat workers keeping the German economy ticking over in NR-W? Or Zagrebians for a 'weekend away' (instead of -say- Paris, London or Vienna??)? Business links? Or perhaps diaspora connecting in DTM (highly unlikely BTW)? As a rival to services operating from DUS? Was an LCC service (which requires a high LF to negate yield) the right move? Or have high oil prices played a part? Were the frequencies too high/low to keep loads stable? Maybe the deal from ZAG too good *not* to pass up, despite the fact the route was doomed?

    OUs ultimate gesture to the ZAG authorities for the 'unfair' subsidies: re-open the route seasonally to DUS and make sure this time its profitable!

  6. Anonymous11:33

    Belgrade Dortmund with Wizz is always full. Sad to see that.

    1. Anonymous11:38

      Sad to see Zagreb cancellation not full Wizz.

    2. Anonymous15:35

      I took a full wizz just last night. Felt much better afterwards

    3. PRAGuc17:14

      ^ ahahahahhaha do jaja...
      Anyways, its a pitty. Frankly what I regret the most is when some carriers exotic to this region leave (like airBaltic, Aerosvit from BEG..)..
      Its just very funny for example the price of ZAG-VIE flight.. soooo overpriced... Maybe if Niki came to ZAG, they would be forced to reduce the price.

  7. Anonymous18:01

    Easyjet is a strange airline.

    That Dubrovnik is a hit and Zagreb fails...
    maybe theyre aiming totally on foreign tourists and give a s..t about customers who originate from Croatia?!

    The French dont like Zagreb...lets drop Paris.
    The German dont like Zagreb..lets drop Dortmund.

    But they like Dubrovnik...lets increase the route!

    Who cares what our Croatian customers want...oh they even fly with us?

    No wonder they never came till Belgrade...

  8. Anonymous19:03

    The great majority of pax at ZAG are foreigners anyway.

  9. Anonymous19:06

    Aerosvit might return to Belgrade from the summer season - hopefully with a smarter pricing policy (BEG-KBP was 700EUR one way and like 400 return trip). Same for AirBaltic, if they don't go under. Belgrade has good connections overall, but what to do if airlines are going down all around: Malev, CSA...

  10. Air Baltic should come back to Belgrade.

    And Easyjet should try to attract passengers from Croatia also.They easily could make ZAG-AMS,
    ZAG-Barcelona or ZAG-Berlin a success!

    But i have the impression they do not care that much.

    That majority of pax at ZAG are foreigners?

    Definitely not true!

  11. Anonymous21:56

    I was in BEG yesterday (from FRA in strike) and the part of the terminal @ gates A1 and A3 to A6/7 are under (re)construction. Jat landed @ A8 or A9 and it took some time to walk to passport control. Anyone knows when it will be finished so that they do not land @ the end of the terminal.

  12. Anonymous22:04

    Aerosvit still has the office in Belgrade.

  13. Anonymous00:47

    Nobody will miss Easyjet in Zagreb

  14. Anonymous01:10

    Easyjet will neither cry for Zagreb!

  15. Anonymous22:28

    This is totally unclear to me. We were using these flights regularly in the last year (more than 20 flights within 9 months), and it was full each time we travelled with it. Why did they cancel it? I am really really said because of that.


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