Macedonian airports surge in 2012

Strong start for Skopje and Ohrid
Skopje and Ohrid airports have continued their impressive growth in 2012. The two Macedonian airports handled 64.394 passengers in January, an increase of 24%. The figures were aided by 923 flights operated to and from the airports, thus representing an increase of 17% compared to the same month last year. The two airports experienced particularly strong growth during the holiday New Year season. Skopje Alexander the Great Airport handled 5.458 passengers in the first two days of 2012, representing an increase of 140% on last year. Similarly, Ohrid Airport recorded a boost of 86% during the two days by handling 643 passengers.

In 2011, Skopje Airport welcomed 759.928 passengers, while Ohrid saw 74.345 passengers pass through its doors. As a result, Macedonia recorded the eighth biggest passenger increase by country in Europe in 2011. The only country in the former Yugoslavia ahead of Macedonia was Serbia, by one place, while others fell behind. Estonia saw the biggest increase in passengers in 2011, while Slovenia and Slovakia were the rare ones to detract. Macedonia was ahead of much larger markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Spain and France.

Confirmed new arrivals to Skopje Airport this summer will be B&H Airlines from Sarajevo and Jetairfly from Brussels. Ohrid will also enjoy Jetairfly flights, while Jat Airways resumes its seasonal service from Belgrade. Sky Express, which operated flights from Moscow to Ohrid last year, has since gone bankrupt.


  1. Anonymous14:04

    Very nice to hear that. Ohrid is beautiful place and such a nice place to visit, could do even better.

    Alex London

  2. Anonymous14:22

    Very good news for Macedonia! i would like to read more news like this about macedonia

  3. PRAGuc14:29

    Too bad for skyexpress... But all of these so called "Low cost" russian airlines, have been everything but lowcost, first of all you have to have new airplanes to be cost efficient, and the russian ones have been quite old from the lowcost perspective (Jat tehnika serviced SkyExpress planes).. And thats why Avianova and Skyexpress filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

  4. Anonymous15:30

    The most boring entries on this blog, Macedonia and Sarajevo airport...

  5. Anonymous16:05

    Good news for Macedonia, but I'm afraid it's not going to last with both Malev and Czech Airlines being out of the market. Get ready for price increases at SKP.

  6. Anonymous16:31

    So basically it's Adria, Austrian Airlines and Jat Airways left in Skopje now? I mean from serious airlines offering flights to Europe...

  7. Anonymous17:58

    You forgot Wizzair! ; )

    You know that the A320 based in BEG also is used for Services to/from SKP?!

    Unfortunately Wizzair concentrates too much in direct competition with Ryanair at markets like Hungary and Lithuania. : (

    A waste of time and money as i think because Ryanair is so cheap.Wizz is more competition for airlines like BA or Easyshit.

    Wizz should concentrate on SKP and BEG because they
    could easily take all those pax who used to fly with CSA and MALEV.

    1. Anonymous18:10

      your wrong. Wizz air uses its aribus 320 3 times per day and sometimes 4 times, so how is there space for SKP flights. I can see that your not that familiar with aviation.

    2. Anonymous19:22

      I would rather say lack of information than not being familiar with aviation...
      Yes, Wizz has high utilisation of a/c in Belgrade, thus there is no option to fly to/from SKP.

  8. Anonymous21:21

    Is it possible to fly

    And i am really not that familiar with how to run an airline. ; )

    My point of view is more that of a customer...

    So,where is the aircraft based which serves SKP?

  9. Anonymous22:28

    Wizz has several aircrafts based in Luton so one is uset to fly to SKP. The one from Venice might be the one based in BUD or some other airport. BEG a/c is used to the maximum, from the end of march other a/c is gonna be used for flights to EIN.

    1. Anonymous23:25

      EIN based aircraft is going to be used on BEG-EIN route.

      Alex London

    2. as far as i know, the SKP-Treviso plane is based in SOF

    3. GVA_Cointrin11:43

      No Wizz a/c are base in Western Europe. Fact.

    4. GVA_Cointrin11:44


  10. Anonymous23:52

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    When i send my the end we are expected to
    type in two words to prove that we are not robots
    ...i couldnt send my text!

    The second word was in Arabic(?) script...
    i could not type in the word!
    I had to cancel my whole text.

    Maybe you can change something.
    Thank you..

  11. Anonymous01:58

    You can reload those words using that circular arrow, until you find words you can read.

  12. Anonymous03:29

    It i tried it again and it is easy!
    Thank you...

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