Sarajevo on the rise

Passenger boost for Sarajevo Airport
Sarajevo Airport has started the year off on a positive note by handling 33.063 passengers, an increase of 9.1% compared to the same month last year when it saw 30.292 passengers pass through its doors. The number of operated flights to and from the Bosnian capital stayed almost the same with 371 operations compared to 376 in January last year. B&H Airlines remains the dominant carrier at the airport with a 33% share of all scheduled arrivals and departures followed by Croatia Airlines and Austrian with a 17.5% share each.

Numbers at Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main airport could suffer in February due to many cancellations and diversions throughout the month, which are still ongoing, due to thick fog and record snow fall. This summer the airport will benefit from new services to be introduced by B&H Airlines as well as the resumption of seasonal summer flights from Oslo and Stockholm (to be operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle) and Stuttgart (by Germanwings).

Proposed future look of Sarajevo Airport terminal
This year there are plans for the much awaited expansion of Sarajevo Airport to begin. The head of the airport, Ivica Veličan, said last year that the 32 million Euro project should commence in 2012 with 7.000 square metres to added to the terminal building, a new apron to be built and existing jetways to be overhauled. “The expansion of the terminal building will allow better quality service for our passengers and will improve our country’s image”, Veličan said.


  1. Anonymous14:22

    Why hasn’t SJJ seen the big jump in passengers like Skopje and Belgrade after the visa abolition?

    1. Anonymous15:53

      Few airlines that operate flights to/from the airport compared to the other two, as well as a lack of low-cost options.

    2. Anonymous12:24

      I agree with Vladimir, Sarajevo and the region could do better with tourism simmer & winter(especially). Wish FR could start flights from England, London STN and East Midlands (EMA), the second one as a huge Bosnian diaspora live in that area, even once a week would make a significant difference, also Swedene, NYO for example, etc. The similar could be done with BNX and OMO.

      Alex London

  2. Anonymous16:34

    Off topic: CSA B735 emergency landing in SKP. Failed flaps.

  3. Anonymous05:22

    I love Sarajevo Airport and the new look, looks great. Hopefully B&H airlines get another aircraft for there new destinations and Sarajevo Airport adds more airline companies!

  4. Anonymous11:41

    Zasto uvijek se pisu off topic's ? Nikad ni jedan komentar vezan za temu...


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