Employees unhappy with CEO proposal

Krešimir Kučko taking over
Croatia Airlines employees are fuming over the government’s candidate for the carrier’s new CEO. The Croatian government has proposed for Krešimir Kučko to take over the reins at the airline. Kučko is currently serving as the airline’s representative for the Benelux region, based in Brussels. He has previously been the airline’s representative in Switzerland and the Netherlands. However, employees have doubts in their colleague’s ability to lead the carrier and turn it into a profitable business. Furthermore, they note that Kučko was recently ordered by the airline’s Ethics Committee to apologise to a female co-worker, although it wasn’t disclosed as to why he was ordered to do so.

“I have nothing to say. I was just informed about my naming. I’m currently in Belgium because I work for Croatia Airlines abroad”, Kučko told the “Poslovni” portal. Speaking about his ordered apology Kučko says it was all a misunderstanding, “I don’t know how it was presented in Croatia because I haven’t lived there for the past seven years. I have been working at Croatia Airlines for the past twenty years”, the CEO in waiting says. Furthermore, he explains that he doesn’t understand colleagues who are against his naming noting that he has worked with the national carrier from the very beginning and on the very first commercial agreements. “Even if Richard Branson were to be named CEO some employees wouldn’t be happy”, Kučko concludes.

The Croatian government has suggested for the entire managerial team headed by Srećko Šimunović to be replaced. It was previously in favour of Boško Matković, former Zagreb Airport CEO, to take over. However, in the end it decided to go with a different candidate. Speaking on television this week, Matković said there are valid arguments for the formation of a single national carrier for all the countries of the former Yugoslavia but warned that such scenario is highly unlikely due to the political climate in the region


  1. Anonymous09:11

    Im flying to Zagreb from copenhagen every year with Croatia Airlines to visit my relatives in republic of srpska, instead of using the low cost Carrier Norwegian. They are very professional in the cabin and very easy to use the internet checkin, and the staff are very natural with giving a helping hand if its something that is not solved. I wish the new CEO Good luck and wish that he appreciate his flighcrew! / Philswe

  2. Anonymous09:37

    What are the competences of this Kucka?

  3. Anonymous09:52

    None, same management, same directors will stay on position, on same way we will have huge prices for "paprenjaci", wine, food etc... Nothing change!

  4. Anonymous09:58

    Boško Matković would be a better choice. I was watching his interview on TV recently (slightly uninformed person giving vague answers but O.K.) and I also followed his work as an APT CEO for years (mainly positive).

  5. Anonymous17:54

    It might be childish but I just couldn’t stop laughing when I read the name lol

  6. Anonymous20:34

    March is ending. What are possible figures for ex-yu airlines and airports ? Will ZAG eventually be positive ? Will BEG surpass 10% growth ?

  7. Anonymous23:10

    OT: I was on JU 312 from Belgrade to Vienna scheduled for 16:50 today. As we left the gate and headed for takeoff, one passenger alerted the stewardess: "I just saw one of the tires fall off our plane." We stopped, a flight crew member got off the plane. Sure enough, one of the front tires completely fell off and rolled off of the ATR. We were transported back to the terminal and JAT got us to Vienna tonight on a Boeing.

    What kind of an airline flies ATRs that are literally falling apart?

    1. Anonymous23:25

      are you kidding or this really happened?

    2. Anonymous01:28

      Should happen something more seriously eg. broke down a wing, burn into fire in order JAT and Government to realise that these oldies with 24 years and 3 daily rotations are worn out and unsafe..Disaster!!
      Boeing, Airbus, Boeing, Boeing, Airbus, next summer, this summer, next tender, this government, that government, lease, buy, Mishko, Srechko, Aeroflot, AirBaltic..A never ending 10 years old story..

    3. Anonymous03:54

      This could be an avoided crash. On BEG website flight just figures as delayed (not cancelled) with a/c type changed. I don't know whether you remember in Dec. 2009 when a Beg-Ist flight had emergency landing in Sof cause of engine explosion, it was even on Wikipedia incidents list but now it disapeared from everywhere. If Miskovic takes Jat then that would be the end of it. Jat is jus in the same state as Serbia is, it can't be better, only worse.

    4. Anonymous04:04


      Remember? I had a person on-board who confirmed an engine was in flames.

  8. Anonymous23:45

    I've never seen this few comments on this blog as this week, is like is really dying, all the news are boring and already known off... Great job Ex-Yu team however.

  9. Anonymous06:50

    Main problem of this blog is that it is actually Serbian Aviation Industry blog and not Ex-Yu. This is also main reason, why this blog is boring and dying out. There is no topic that could be normally discussed without "news" from Serbia or JAT.

    1. Anonymous09:30

      Are you on something? Yesterday's news was about Croatia Airlines and today about Montenegro (again).
      Maybe Serbia is discussed the most because there is the most news. If you have a problem go and launch your own blog.

  10. Anonymous11:37

    Yes, you are right, I am on something.
    Croatian Aviation Industry (CA & airports passengers) makes almost 50% of Ex Yu aviation. On this blog 50% of topics and 100% off topics are related to Serbian aviation matters. Change a name of the blog to Serbian Aviation and "mirna Bosna"

  11. During March, 9 posts were related to Croatia, 7 to Serbia, 6 to Bosnia, 5 to Slovenia and 3 each to Montenegro and Macedonia. Some months there will be more news from some countries and sometimes there will be less. It depends on the news that comes in and what’s happening at the airlines/airports. As for the blog “dying”, March 2012 has seen the most unique visits since it went online in June 2008 with over 36.000 visits.

  12. Anonymous02:53

    I'm from Croatia and I think the blog is excellent, keep going! And even if it was true that CA and Cro-Airports make almost 50% of the Ex-Yu aviation traffic/PAX etc., a news from BH Airlines or the Skopje Airport is still a news, isn't it?


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