February blues for Adria

Passenger numbers continue to tumble at Adria
Passenger numbers have continued to decline at Adria Airways in February. The Slovenian national carrier handled 58.013 passengers. Compared to the same month last year the airline’s figures have slumped by 5.1%. Back in February 2011 the carrier handled 60.946 passengers. However, it should be noted that this February had an extra day as 2012 is a leap year. Still, there are some encouraging signs as Adria welcomed more passenger in February than it did in January. Since February had two days less than the previous month and is usually the slowest month of the year, the trend is encouraging. In 2011, there were 5.000 passengers less in February than that of January, while this year there were 2.000 passengers more than in the first month of 2012.

The slump in numbers can also be attributed to the suspension of a number of routes. Still, Adria operated several special flights including those from Torino to Belgrade since the airline has signed a contract to carry Fiat employees from Italy to the Zastava-Fiat car manufacturer in Serbia. The airline will hope its new flights to London Luton and seasonal flights to Barcelona, Manchester and Lulea in Sweden will boost passenger numbers while continuing to implement cost cutting measures.

Meanwhile, the crisis hit Adria Airways Tehnika, which has been separated from its parent company Adria Airways, could be reintegrated into the national carrier as the Slovenian government looks for a solution to the aircraft maintenance company’s problems. Tehnika has managed to come to an agreement with aircraft leasing company ILFC for the return of Spanair jets which found themselves in Ljubljana as the Spanish airline collapsed. As has been previously mentioned, Spanair was Adria Tehnika’s second biggest customer.


  1. Anonymous10:55

    OT: admin I mentioned this before and I know you corrected it, but somehow on the right hand side is still showing RJK-BCN

    1. Fixed. There is some problem with the web coding and whenever the route launches section is updated these two flights automatically get mixed up. It shouldn't happen anymore from now on.

  2. LF went up for adria in February against last year and against January too.

  3. Anonymous12:23


    that is because they reduced the routes which were not bringing them a lot of money.

    I wonder how their London Luton route will perform this summer. I guess that the Olympic games will help.

    1. Anonymous14:55

      In reference to the London flights, i wonder how the London Olympics will affect the regions airlines and airports. I predict a downward trend as many tourists MAY change their plans to go to the olympics rather than go to the former Yugo countries

  4. February pax numbers for SKP and OHD are strong: 49,031, +22%

  5. Anonymous13:55

    It was announced, Qatar will operate Doha-Ankara-Belgrade 4 times per week operated by an A320. I wonder if we can book Belgrade-Ankara.

    1. Anonymous14:11

      Flights start in September 2012.

    2. Anonymous17:34

      on Qatar Airways website not possible to book BEG-Ankara

    3. PRAGuc20:05

      Its not possible to book BEG-DOH either, only via Athens or Munich.. So I guess we will have to wait and see, although it would be cool to have a direct link to Ankara too.

    4. Anonymous20:55

      They should split data...want to know the EXACTLY numbers for SKP !

  6. Anonymous14:09

    I am really positively surprised by the Feb results of SKP and OHD having in mind the great trouble that caused the demise of MALEV and its 10 weekly flights.I guess the number of flights is in best case scenario the same but the pax numbers are strongly up-very good sign!
    Will be interesting to see which airline from One World and Sky Team will fill the gap at SKP..
    Btw. without demise of MALEV, JP pax numbers would have been even worse with -10 percent for sure.They are really lucky as one of the strongest competitors in the ex/yu market is gone.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX16:25

    Congratulations to Belgrade !! finally we have QR in ZAG and BEG and now everybody should be happy :-)

  8. Anonymous21:36

    does anybody know when BEG is releasing their traffic figures for February? It has been a long wait for us who have been waiting for a week now! :)

    Looks like at the end of the summer we will see AirOne, Qatar, and hopefully new airlines arriving in BEG with eventually TAP too.?:)

    Regarding Adria, how does the EU let Slovenia inject money to Adria??

    1. Anonymous06:23

      Because they are not injecting cash into it, they are giving it loans which it will have to repay ... well, repay in theory.

  9. Anonymous22:15

    What does Belgrade need useless Qatar flights
    when they will have double daily flights with Turkish Airlines...
    Why should anybody with brain sit BEG-ESB-DOH-PEK
    when he can do this with single stopover in IST?

    The same in Zagreb.
    Why flying double stop with Qatar when having single stopover in IST?

    Dont know what they have in mind when announcing these routes!
    There is so much competition by LH,TK etc.

    They only reason for anybody to fly with Qatar would be if theyre cheap as shit!

    Otherwise i predict nearly empty aircraft..

    1. Anonymous08:08

      ^ Magarac!

      Mr Al-Baker has said on numerous occasions they do not have enough small planes in the fleet. They will arrive, and so will the direct flights.

  10. Anonymous22:36

    Well, I for one am going to use it for my 4 yearly China trips, if the price is right. Why?

    First, there is much competition, but only LH and TK are good product - everything else is average at best, including LX, SU, OS, AZ. Qatar could actually beat them all with their IFE and service. Let's see. Btw, TK still does not offer double daily, so people are actually not using them that much for PEK flights, as it still incurrs 9 hrs layover in IST. Pure hell.

    Then, there is the baggage issue. Huge downside in TKs offer for me is their 20kg Y allowance. I can carry 33kg with QR, and that's even more than EKs 30.

    Finally, LH is kind of my favourite, but is always 200e+ more expensive. If Qatar prices its China service at 500-550, little bit more than SU or TK, I think they will have a pretty good market here. Especially as they are counting on not more than 200-300 pax per week, that's really not very much even for BEG.

  11. Anonymous23:49

    Qatar Airways should make it good the first time.
    If they cant do make it they should not even consider to come..simply as that!

    With nonstop to ZAG and Belgrade they really would offer an alternative for all the rest of airlines who offer transfers to Asia/Australia.

    But now thy add only to all those other
    offers...nothing special...
    nothing LH,Turkish or even Flydubai has a single second to fear.



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